Final MSWA Rankings for Maryland High School Wrestling 2019

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First things first, there were some CRAZY results at the state tournament! From a rankings perspective, some of it was nightmarish! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to honor EVERY WIN. I did my best to be as fair as possible and take everything into consideration. How you finish is more important than early season losses. But losses at counties and regions were very recent so they are a BIG factor.

This leads to one division being stronger than another. It fluctuates from weight to weight, but the bottom line is second place in one division (or any placing) is not automatically equal to that placement in another division. A second place guy in one division may be behind the fourth or fifth guy on the other side. Regular season and county results contribute to this. The Losses don’t just go away. They are still a factor.

I’m not going to get into specifics here, but there were some results that I like to call “illogical wins” that threw some weights into chaos. Other weights played out close to what was expected.

I will address one change here now. At 160, Ngounou slid down to #3. Obviously, it wasn’t because of his state tourney performance. Instead, it was a clerical error on my behalf from early January that forced the change. Dylan Blau beat Garrett Fisk in a dual meet. I had that result on Fisk’s sheet, but forgot to add it to Blau’s. Fisk beat Ngounou in a dual meet. The results are the results. When I was going over things for the final rankings I noticed it. Phillips has beaten Blau 4X, so to make it right I did the proper adjustments. Phillips is No.1, Blau 2, & Ngounou 3.

The ranking criteria is as follows…
1) Head to Head wins (although sometimes it’s not that simple. A may have beaten B, but has losses to other guys that won’t allow me to honor the H2H win. ALL OF YOUR MATCHES COUNT! Not just the wins!)
2) Common Opponents
3) Accomplishments
4) Billy B’s intuition. I watch A LOT of wrestling each year, so I know what guys are the real deal and who is getting by with smoke and mirrors. I reserve the right to make judgement calls that may not reflect the first 3 criteria as necessary.

As far as the state tourney results are concerned, I take them with a grain of salt. Really, placing high there just means you have more elite wrestlers than another team, so it is a factor in the rankings, but NOT the end all, be all, some may think it should be. Plus I have seen 3 different tabulations for the team scores (maybe more?), and all are claiming theirs to be accurate.

1-Mt. St. Joe (40)
2-McDonogh (38)
3-Damascus (33)
4-Spalding (30)
5-Williamsport (28)
6-Glenelg (27)
Tie-Loyola (27)
8-Stephen Decatur (26)
Tie-St. Paul’s (26)
10-Springbrook (24)
11-Southern Garrett (23)
12-Owings Mills (17)
13-Linganore (15)
14-Dunbar (13)
15-St. Mary’s Ryken (11)
16-Bel Air (9)
Tie-Leonardtown (9)
18-Sparrows Point (8)
19-Sherwood (5)
20-Oakland Mills (4)
Tie-South River (4)

1-Mt. St. Joe (20)
2-McDonogh (19)
3-Damascus (18)
4-Southern Garrett (17)
5-Springbrook (16)
6-Williamsport (15)
7-Stephen Decatur (14)
8-Glenelg (13)
9-Spalding (12)
10-Loyola (11)
11-St. Paul’s (10)
12-Bel Air (9)
13-Owings Mills (8)
14-Sparrows Point (7)
15-Dunbar (6)
16-Linganore (5)
17-South River (4)
18-Leonardtown (3)
19-Sherwood (2)
20-Bethesda-Chevy Chase (1)

Others to watch: Winston Churchill, St. Mary’s Ryken, C. Milton Wright, Hereford, Poolesville, Winters Mills, Liberty, Middletown, Boonsboro, Hammond, Oakland Mills, Mountain Ridge, Lackey, Huntingtown, Curley, Manchester Valley, Tuscarora

1-Mt. St. Joe (20)
2-McDonogh (19)
3-Spalding (18)
4-St. Paul’s (17)
5-Loyola (16)
6-Damascus (15)
7-Glenelg (14)
8-Williamsport (13)
9-Stephen Decatur (12)
10-St. Mary’s Ryken (11)
11-Linganore (10)
12-Owings Mills (9)
13-Springbrook (8)
14-Dunbar (7)
15-Southern Garrett (6)
16-Leonardtown (5)
17-Oakland Mills (4)
18-Sherwood (3)
19-Atholton (2)
20-Sparrows Point (1)

Others to watch: Bel Air, South River, Old Mill, Bullis, Good Counsel, Landon, Poolesville, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, C. Milton Wright, Hereford, Winters Mill, Parkside, South Carroll, South Hagerstown, Boonsboro, Mountain Ridge, Middletown, Liberty, Hammond, Huntingtown, Urbana, Curley

1-Nasir Wilkinson (St. Paul’s) SO
2-Brady Pruett (Spalding) FR
3-Joe Couch (Mt. St. Joe) FR
4-Eric Liau (Wootton) SO
5-Jesse Fresh (Mountain Ridge) JR
6-Ryan Athey (South Carroll) FR
7-Ryan Money (Severn) FR
8-Tallion Elliot (Bullis) FR
9-Zach Starr (Williamsport) FR
10-Aiden Schwab (Southern Garrett) FR
11-Pierre Jean (Springbrook) JR
12-Riley Bozeman (Lansdowne) SO
13-Christopher Albo (St. Mary’s Ryken) SO
14-Caleb Kearney (Wise) SO
15-Justin Knapp (Southern-AA) FR
16-Shehzan Dahya (Hammond) SR
17-Shamar Baines (Stephen Decatur) JR
18-Mason Smith (South River) SR
19-Kielin Huff (North Point) SO
20-Dazheem Emory (Cambridge-South Dorchester) JR
21-Alex Tamai (Oakland Mills) FR
22-Chase Rondone (Perryville) FR
23-Damen Tiller (Owings Mills) JR
24-Dylan Montgomery (Northern Calvert) SO
25-Ethan Vogel (Bel Air) SR

***Richard Fedalen (McDonogh) FR was No.1 when his season ended. He placed 5th at the Ironman in December.
***Isaac Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) FR was No.7 when an injury ended his season. He was also the No.2 4A/3A wrestler.
***Silas Patton (Damascus) JR was No.7 when he was injured at regions. He was also the No.3 2A/1A wrestler.

1-Jesse Fresh (Mountain Ridge) JR (W)
2-Ryan Athey (South Carroll) FR (W)
3-Zach Starr (Williamsport) FR (W)
4-Aiden Schwab (Southern Garrett) FR (W)
5-Justin Knapp (Southern-AA) FR (S)
6-Shehzan Dahya (Hammond) SR (S)
7-Dazheem Emory (Cambridge-South Dorchester) JR (E)
8-Alex Tamai (Oakland Mills) FR (S)

1-Eric Liau (Wootton) SO (W)
2-Pierre Jean (Springbrook) JR N
3-Riley Bozeman (Lansdowne) SO N
4-Caleb Kearney (Wise) SO (S)
5-Shamar Baines (Stephen Decatur) JR (E)
6-Mason Smith (South River) SR (E)
7-Kielin Huff (North Point) SO (E)
8-Dylan Montgomery (Northern Calvert) SO (S)

1-Nasir Wilkinson (St. Paul’s) SO
2-Brady Pruett (Spalding) FR
3-Joe Couch (Mt. St. Joe) FR
4-Ryan Money (Severn) FR
5-Tallion Elliot (Bullis) FR
6-Christopher Albo (St. Mary’s Ryken) SO
7-Bradley Lintz (Curley) FR
8-William Bressner (Gilman) FR

1-Cooper Flynn (McDonogh) SO
2-Wil Guida (St. Paul’s) JR
3-Brent Lorin (Bel Air) SR
4-Alex Dufour (Owings Mills) JR
5-Jagger Clapsadle (Stephen Decatur) JR
6-Landen Harbaugh (Middletown) FR
7-Jacob Wright (Mt. St. Joe) FR
8-Constantinos Gourgoulianis (C. Milton Wright) SO
9-David Panda (Atholton) JR
10-Conor Lozupone (Good Counsel) JR
11-Garrett Lee (Leonardtown) SR
12-Thomas Monn (North Hagerstown) FR
13-Tyler Trout (Mt. Carmel) SR
14-Koda DeAtley (St. Mary’s Ryken) FR
15-Matty Walsh (Loyola) FR
16-Zaden Meyer (Williamsport) JR
17-Jason Liau (Wootton) SO
18-Christian Simpson (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR
19-Eric Robinson (River Hill) SR
20-Ryan Ohler (Liberty) FR
21-Andrew Ruel (Southern-AA) FR
22-Chase Listorti (Chesapeake-AA) FR
23-Cameron Ashby (South Hagerstown) SO
24-Grayson Wendel (Springbrook) FR
25-Brandon Holda (Sherwood) JR

***Kurt McHenry (St. Paul’s) SR was No.1 when he left school in January to early enroll at Michigan.

1-Alex Dufour (Owings Mills) JR N
2-Landen Harbaugh (Middletown) FR (W)
3-Zaden Meyer (Williamsport) JR (W)
4-Eric Robinson (River Hill) SR (S)
5-Ryan Ohler (Liberty) FR (W)
6-Andrew Ruel (Southern-AA) FR (S)
7-Corey Anderson (Dunbar) FR N
8-Sean Rinebolt (Boonsboro) FR (W)

1-Brent Lorin (Bel Air) SR N
2-Jagger Clapsadle (Stephen Decatur) JR (E)
3-Constantinos Gourgoulianis (C. Milton Wright) SO N
4-David Panda (Atholton) JR (E)
5-Garrett Lee (Leonardtown) SR (E)
6-Thomas Monn (North Hagerstown) FR (W)
7-Jason Liau (Wootton) SO (W)
8-Christian Simpson (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR (W)

1-Cooper Flynn (McDonogh) SO
2-Wil Guida (St. Paul’s) JR
3-Jacob Wright (Mt. St. Joe) FR
4-Conor Lozupone (Good Counsel) JR
5-Tyler Trout (Mt. Carmel) SR
6-Koda DeAtley (St. Mary’s Ryken) FR
7-Matty Walsh (Loyola) FR
8-Edward Allen (Bishop McNamara) JR

1-Chris Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-James Riveira (C. Milton Wright) SO
3-Deshawn Strand (Loyola) SR
4-Evan Eldridge (St. Mary’s Ryken) FR
5-Sean Vosburgh (Leonardtown) JR
6-Alex Carbonell (Poolesville) SR
7-Marquis Kemp (Loch Raven) SR
8-Shane Hovermale (Smithsburg) SR
9-Camerin Deville (Dunbar) SO
10-Nico D’Amico (Stephen Decatur) SO
11-Isaac Barber (South River) JR
12-Drew Baublitz (Spalding) FR
13-Andy Weinstein (Gilman) JR
14-Brogan Kealy (Southern Garrett) SO
15-Matthew Fouts (Sparrows Point) JR
16-Wafeeq Iqbal (Magruder) SR
17-Breezhon Stell (Charles H. Flowers) SR
18-Colin Acton (Urbana) SO
19-Alex Gonzalez (Clarksburg) SO
20-Matt Kilby (Springbrook) SO
21-Brian Commock (Bowie)
22-Pat Hugues (James M. Bennett) SR
23-Jalen Cornelius (Oakland Mills) JR
24-Jeffrey Leonard (Perryville) SO
Tie-Pete Lemmons (Queen Annes) SO
Tie-Brandan Myers (Williamsport) JR

***Morgan Vandergrift (Hereford) FR was No.20 when he was injured. He was also No.7 in the 2A/1A Rankings.

1-Alex Carbonell (Poolesville) SR (W)
2-Marquis Kemp (Loch Raven) SR N
3-Shane Hovermale (Smithsburg) SR (W)
4-Camerin Deville (Dunbar) SO N
5-Brogan Kealy (Southern Garrett) SO (W)
6-Matthew Fouts (Sparrows Point) JR N
7-Jalen Cornelius (Oakland Mills) JR
8-Jeffrey Leonard (Perryville) SO (E)
Tie-Pete Lemmons (Queen Annes) SO (E)
Tie-Brandan Myers (Williamsport) JR (W)

1-James Riveira (C. Milton Wright) SO N
2-Sean Vosburgh (Leonardtown) JR (E)
3-Nico D’Amico (Stephen Decatur) SO (E)
4-Isaac Barber (South River) JR (E)
5-Wafeeq Iqbal (Magruder) SR (W)
6-Breezhon Stell (Charles H. Flowers) SR
7-Colin Acton (Urbana) SO N
8-Alex Gonzalez (Clarksburg) SO

1-Chris Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-Deshawn Strand (Loyola) SR
3-Evan Eldridge (St. Mary’s Ryken) FR
4-Drew Baublitz (Spalding) FR
5-Andy Weinstein (Gilman) JR
6-Ryan Holt (DeMatha) SO
7-Quinn Smith (Friends) FR
8-Will Gallagher (St. Paul’s) JR

1-Nathan Porter (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-PJ Truntich (Spalding) SR
3-Maximus Bentley (Easton) JR
4-Noah Reho (Stephen Decatur) FR
5-Gene Qoudala (St. Paul’s) SO
6-Axel Giron (Landon) SR
7-Blake Jury (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
8-Siavesh Sarvestani (Northwest-Mont) JR
9-Cole Myers (Loyola) FR
10-Zach Kirby (Winters Mill) SO
11-Caleb Chaves (Arundel) SO
12-Michael Emerick (Damascus) SO
13-Richard Davis (Sparrows Point) SO
14-Ryan Wagener (Eastern Tech) SR
15-Kevin Hansberger (Glenelg) SR
16-Drew Pruett (Atholton) SR
17-Austin Rohn (Urbana) JR
18-Yospeh Yilma (Wheaton) JR
19-Tyler Cook (North Hagerstown) JR
20-Sirr Bannister (Bishop McNamara) FR
21-Sincere Montgomery (Bel Air) SR
22-Damion Mansapit (Old Mill) SR
23-Jerome Vonziah (Overlea) JR
24-Reilly McIntyre (North Caroline) JR
25-Will Custer (Williamsport) SO

***Chris Barnes (Owings Mills) SR was No.17 when his season ended at the county tournament after aggravating an injury that kept him out most of the year. He was No.6 in the 2A/1A rankings.

1-Maximus Bentley (Easton) JR (E)
2-Zach Kirby (Winters Mill) SO (W)
3-Michael Emerick (Damascus) SO (W)
4-Richard Davis (Sparrows Point) SO N
5-Ryan Wagener (Eastern Tech) SR N
6-Kevin Hansberger (Glenelg) SR (S)
7-Jerome Vonziah (Overlea) JR N
8-Reilly McIntyre (North Caroline) JR (E)

1-Noah Reho (Stephen Decatur) FR (E)
2-Siavesh Sarvestani (Northwest-Mont) JR (W)
3-Caleb Chaves (Arundel) SO (E)
4-Drew Pruett (Atholton) SR (E)
5-Austin Rohn (Urbana) JR N
6-Yospeh Yilma (Wheaton) JR
7-Tyler Cook (North Hagerstown) JR (W)
8-Sincere Montgomery (Bel Air) SR N

1-Nathan Porter (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-PJ Truntich (Spalding) SR
3-Gene Qoudala (St. Paul’s) SO
4-Axel Giron (Landon) SR
5-Blake Jury (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
6-Cole Myers (Loyola) FR
7-Sirr Bannister (Bishop McNamara) FR
8-Bazin Sineshaw (Bullis) SR

1-Earl Blake (Linganore) SR
2-Ray Kable (McDonogh) SR
3-Eli Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
4-Joe Fisk (Spalding) FR
5-Ryan Bauer (North Caroline) SR
6-Lorenzo Lopez (Landon) JR
7-Clement Woods (Mt. St. Joe) SO
8-Alex Figuerias (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
9-Will Henrickson (River Hill) SR
10-Josh Mitchell (North Harford) JR
11-Jason Guglielmini (Middletown) SR
12-Brian Bieshelt (Leonardtown) JR
13-Sayfore Sieh (Springrook) JR
14-Nick Schardt (Broadneck) SR
15-Nate Ditmars (Annapolis) JR
16-Paul Christensen (Sherwood) SR
17-Kevin Fultz (Poolesville) FR
18-Colby Unkart (Winters Mill) JR
19-Jake Gaskin (Liberty) SR
20-Danny Davis (Sparrows Point) SR
21-John Paja (Bowie) SR
22-Derrick Moody (Laurel) JR
23-Kyle Elliott (Stephen Decatur) JR
24-Jacob Reed (Bel Air) SR
25-Jaden Selby (Winston Churchill) FR

1-Ryan Bauer (North Caroline) SR (E)
2-Will Henrickson (River Hill) SR (S)
3-Josh Mitchell (North Harford) JR (E)
4-Jason Guglielmini (Middletown) SR (W)
5-Kevin Fultz (Poolesville) FR (W)
6-Colby Unkart (Winters Mill) JR (W)
7-Jake Gaskin (Liberty) SR (W)
8-Danny Davis (Sparrows Point) SR N

1-Earl Blake (Linganore) SR (W)
2-Eli Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR (W)
3-Brian Bieshelt (Leonardtown) JR (E)
4-Sayfore Sieh (Springrook) JR N
5-Nick Schardt (Broadneck) SR (E)
6-Nate Ditmars (Annapolis) JR (E)
7-Paul Christensen (Sherwood) SR N
8-John Paja (Bowie) SR (S)

1-Ray Kable (McDonogh) SR
2-Joe Fisk (Spalding) FR
3-Lorenzo Lopez (Landon) JR
4-Clement Woods (Mt. St. Joe) SO
5-Alex Figuerias (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
6-Thomas Casasola (St. Andrew’s) JR
7-Cole Jones (John Carroll) JR
8-Cam Ward (Gilman)

1-Phil Smith (Owings Mills) JR
2-Jared Thomas (Glenelg) SR
3-Rick Couch (Spalding) SR
4-Wyatt McKoy (Oakdale) SR
5-Matthew Jun (Mt. St. Joe) JR
6-Sean Scott (McDonogh) SR
7-Michael Garlington (Broadneck) SR
8-Caleb Everhart (South Hagerstown) JR
9-Jose Echenoa (Quince Orchard) SR
10-Jacob Bernstein (Walter Johnson) SR
11-Jeremiah Aybar (Loyola) FR
12-Jaran Fernandors (Fairmont Heights) JR
13-Rhian Sisley (North Caroline) JR
14-Caron Tull (Old Mill) SO
15-Chad Shaffer (Manchester Valley) JR
16-Cam Werner (South Carroll) SR
17-Eric Smith (Queen Annes) JR
18-Isaac Ruderman (Bullis) JR
19-Matt Amitay (Landon) JR
20-Derek Noppinger (Atholton) SR
21-Brendan Mislan (Smithsburg) SR
22-Ryan Kirby (Mountain Ridge) SR
23-Billy Katzenberger (Northeast-AA) JR
24-Sam Ewing (Sherwood) SR
25-Mason Craig (Rising Sun) JR

***Matt Mitrega (John Carroll) JR was No.7 when his season ended. He was the No.3 private school wrestler at the time.
***Noah Grossnickle (Middletown) SR was No.11 when his season ended due to injury. He was also No.6 in the 2A/1A rankings.
***Fabio Martinez (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR was No.17 when he was injured at counties. He was also the No.4 wrestler in the 4A/3A division.

1-Phil Smith (Owings Mills) JR N
2-Jared Thomas (Glenelg) SR (S)
3-Wyatt McKoy (Oakdale) SR (W)
4-Jaran Fernandors (Fairmont Heights) JR (S)
5-Rhian Sisley (North Caroline) JR (E)
6-Cam Werner (South Carroll) SR (W)
7-Eric Smith (Queen Annes) JR (E)
8-Brendan Mislan (Smithsburg) SR (W)

1-Michael Garlington (Broadneck) SR (E)
2-Caleb Everhart (South Hagerstown) JR (W)
3-Jose Echenoa (Quince Orchard) SR (W)
4-Jacob Bernstein (Walter Johnson) SR (W)
5-Caron Tull (Old Mill) SO (E)
6-Chad Shaffer (Manchester Valley) JR (W)
7-Derek Noppinger (Atholton) SR (E)
8-Billy Katzenberger (Northeast-AA) JR (E)

1-Rick Couch (Spalding) SR
2-Matthew Jun (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Sean Scott (McDonogh) SR
4-Jeremiah Aybar (Loyola) FR
5-Isaac Ruderman (Bullis) JR
6-Matt Amitay (Landon) JR
7-Nick Kobrick (Curley) JR
8-CJ Kovalsay (Gerstell) JR

1-Connor Strong (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-Max Hammond (St. Paul’s) SR
3-Chris Sanchez (Sherwood) SR
4-Alex Blake (La Plata) SR
5-Josh Aybar (Loyola) JR
6-De’Airus Carr (Dunbar) JR
7-Jace Guy (Southern Garrett) SR
8-Ramy Freeman (Oakdale) SR
9-Brad LaBella (Severn) JR
10-Nick Paolucci (Spalding) JR
11-Machiavelli Amaya (Owings Mills) SR
12-Daylon Duncan (Kenwood) JR
13-Shayan Kassiri (Howard) JR
14-Will Vaxmonsky (Marriotts Ridge) JR
15-Gavin Lloyd (Havre de Grace) SO
16-Kaleb Dolina (Northern Calvert) JR
17-Mike Fouts (Sparrows Point) SR
18-Drew Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO
19-Bryce Kampert (Mt. Hebron) JR
20-Steven Harrell (Oakland Mills) SO
21-Rami Tados (Gerstell) JR
22-Michael Altamarino (Atholton) JR
23-Victor Listorti (Chesapeake-AA) SO
24-Sam Hull (Poolesville) SR
25-Darby Bryant (Williamsport) FR

***Tyler Harbison (South Carroll) SR was No.5 when he suffered an injury at the region tourney. The former state runner-up was No.2 in the 2A/1A rankings.
***Silas Filliaux (Rising Sun) SR is a two-time state placer who was ranked 9th overall, and 4th in the 2A/1A, when an injury ended his season.
***Sam Smirnoff (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR was No.9 when his season ended. He was also No.3 in the private school rankings.
***Ryan Leventhal (McDonogh) SR was No.11 when his season ended. He was also the no. 5 private school wrestler.
***Patrick Kielb (Landon) JR defaulted in the private school state tournament. The two-time state placer was No.21 in the overall rankings, No.6 in private schools.

1-Alex Blake (La Plata) SR (S)
2-De’Airus Carr (Dunbar) JR N
3-Jace Guy (Southern Garrett) SR (W)
4-Ramy Freeman (Oakdale) SR (W)
5-Machiavelli Amaya (Owings Mills) SR N
6-Will Vaxmonsky (Marriotts Ridge) JR (S)
7-Gavin Lloyd (Havre de Grace) SO (E)
8-Mike Fouts (Sparrows Point) SR N

1-Chris Sanchez (Sherwood) SR N
2-Daylon Duncan (Kenwood) JR N
3-Shayan Kassiri (Howard) JR N
4-Kaleb Dolina (Northern Calvert) JR (S)
5-Drew Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO (W)
6-Bryce Kampert (Mt. Hebron) JR (E)
7-Michael Altamarino (Atholton) JR (E)
8-Victor Listorti (Chesapeake-AA) SO (E)

1-Connor Strong (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-Max Hammond (St. Paul’s) SR
3-Josh Aybar (Loyola) JR
4-Brad LaBella (Severn) JR
5-Nick Paolucci (Spalding) JR
6-Rami Tados (Gerstell) JR
7-Liam Handel (Bullis) JR
8-Carson Bulger (John Carroll) SO

1-Jason Kraisser (Centennial) SR
2-Garrett Fisk (Spalding) SR
3-Harrison Trahan (McDonogh) SO
4-Josh Stokes (Huntingtown) JR
5-Chris Roybal (Mt. St. Joe) JR
6-Owen Butler (La Plata) JR
7-Jake W. Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) JR
8-Steven Dahl (South Carroll) SR
9-Joel Turner-Rodgers (Woodlawn) SR
10-Sam Bloch (Dulaney) SR
11-Ethan Bohan (Marriotts Ridge) JR
12-Josh Atkinson (Smithsburg) SR
13-Tristan McKneely (Glenelg Country School) SR
14-Jeo Martinez (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR
15-Dylan Watt (Oakland Mills) SR
16-Jack Island (River Hill) SR
17-Thomas Chenoweth (Manchester Valley) JR
18-Michael Daugherty (Parkside) SR
19-Kyle Keller (Broadneck) SR
20-Thomas Gargano (Northeast-AA) SR
21-Will Ashmore (Kent County) SO
22-Jacob Westfall (Queen Annes) JR
23-Kimon O’Sullivan (Oxon Hill) JR
24-Zac Leskoski (Oakdale) SR
25-Wyatt Payne (Catoctin) SR

***Colin Savage (Poolesville) JR was No.7 when he was injured at regions. The two-time state placer was No.2 in the 2A/1A division.
***Everett McDuffie (St. Paul’s) SR was No.11 when his season ended. The three-time state placer was No.4 in the private school division.
***Kobe Borda (Georgetown Prep) SR was No.12 when he was injured at the state tournament. The 4X state placer was No.5 in the private school rankings.
***Nicholas McCarthy (Richard Montgomery) SO was No.20 overall and No.5 in the 4A/3A rankings when his season ended before states.

1-Owen Butler (La Plata) JR (S)
2-Jake W. Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) JR (W)
3-Steven Dahl (South Carroll) SR (W)
4-Ethan Bohan (Marriotts Ridge) JR (S)
5-Josh Atkinson (Smithsburg) SR (W)
6-Dylan Watt (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
7-Jack Island (River Hill) SR (S)
8-Michael Daugherty (Parkside) SR (E)

1-Jason Kraisser (Centennial) SR (E)
2-Josh Stokes (Huntingtown) JR (S)
3-Joel Turner-Rodgers (Woodlawn) SR N
4-Sam Bloch (Dulaney) SR N
5-Jeo Martinez (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR (W)
6-Thomas Chenoweth (Manchester Valley) JR (W)
7-Kyle Keller (Broadneck) SR
8-Thomas Gargano (Northeast-AA) SR (E)

1-Garrett Fisk (Spalding) SR
2-Harrison Trahan (McDonogh) SO
3-Chris Roybal (Mt. St. Joe) JR
4-Tristan McKneely (Glenelg Country School) SR
5-Canaan Tomlin (Bullis) SO
6-Ben Breschi (Loyola) SR

1-Zach Phillips (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Dylan Blau (St. Paul’s) SR
3-Roell Ngounou (Owings Mills) SR
4-Trevor Crowley (Leonardtown) SR
5-Trenton Puccinelli (South River) SR
6-Dalton Pearl (Linganore) SR
7-Antonio Bradford (South Carroll) SO
8-DeVon Muhammed (North Point) SR
9-Sahid Antar (Springbrook) SR
10-James Parana (Stephen Decatur) FR
11-Hunter Wilhelm (Northern Garrett) JR
12-Anthony Morales (Oakland Mills) SR
13-Jacob Jones (Glenelg) SR
14-Greg Griffith (Chopticon) SO
15-Adam Mattson (Manchester Valley) JR
16-James Conway (Loyola) SO
17-Gunnar Brodenfuehrer (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
18-Jonny Gherman (Landon) SR
19-Andrew Creedon (Damascus) JR
20-Travis Fields (Catoctin) JR
21-Nick Kelbaugh (South Hagerstown) JR
22-Shamar Laing (Hammond) SR
23-Michael Sweigart (Havre de Grace) SO
24-Trenton Hillard (North Caroline) JR
25-Alex Westbrook (Tuscarora) SR

***Tyler Savage (Spalding) SR, was No.4 when his season ended due to injury. He is a two-time state placer who was also the No.3 private school wrestler.
***CJ Polesovsky (John Carroll) JR was No.7 when his season ended due to injury. The two-time state placer was the No.4 private school wrestler at the time.
***Cole Robilotto (Good Counsel) SR was No.15 when he was injured at the state tournament. The three-time state placer was the No.5 private school wrestler.
***Nate Anderson (Williamsport) was No.17 when his season ended. He was the No.7 2A/1A wrestler at the time.
***Sammy Nehme (Liberty) SR was No.18 overall and No.6 in 2A/1A when he was injured at regions.
***Ian Ferguson (Walkersville) SO was No.24 when his season ended due to injury.

1-Roell Ngounou (Owings Mills) SR N
2-Antonio Bradford (South Carroll) SO (W)
3-Hunter Wilhelm (Northern Garrett) JR (W)
4-Anthony Morales (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
5-Jacob Jones (Glenelg) SR (S)
6-Andrew Creedon (Damascus) JR (W)
7-Travis Fields (Catoctin) JR (W)
8-Shamar Laing (Hammond) SR (S)

1-Trevor Crowley (Leonardtown) SR (E)
2-Trenton Puccinelli (South River) SR (E)
3-Dalton Pearl (Linganore) SR (W)
4-DeVon Muhammed (North Point) SR (S)
5-Sahid Antar (Springbrook) SR N
6-James Parana (Stephen Decatur) FR (E)
7-Greg Griffith (Chopticon) SO (S)
8-Adam Mattson (Manchester Valley) (W)

1-Zach Phillips (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Dylan Blau (St. Paul’s) SR
3-James Conway (Loyola) SO
4-Gunnar Brodenfuehrer (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
5-Jonny Gherman (Landon) SR
6-Dylan Lewis (Spalding) FR
7-Pace Schwarz (Friends) SR

1-Dominic Solis (McDonogh) JR
2-Sean Billups (Atholton) SR
3-John Podsednik (Leonardtown) SR
4-Drew Sotka (Glenelg) JR
5-Jimmy Kells (Hereford) SR
6-Joey Bromley (Linganore) SR
7-Xavier Kresslein (Poolesville) JR
8-Avery Miller (Good Counsel) SR
9-Jonathan Short (Mt. St. Joe) SR
10-TJ Quelet (St. James) SR
11-Jaedyn Harris (Gaithersburg) JR
12-Andrew Chavarria (Tuscarora) SR
13-Yoann Olympia (Northwest-Mont) JR
14-Yusuf Higazi (Sherwood) SR
15-Micah Bourne (Stephen Decatur) SO
16-Eli Sellinger (Parkside) FR
17-Nyck Simpson (Dunbar) JR
18-Mikey Neal (Calvert Hall) SR
19-Trent Greer (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
20-Jason Mohler (La Plata) JR
21-Levi Garren (Old Mill) SR
22-Averum White (Southern-AA) SR
23-McClain Butler (Liberty) JR
24-Jay Miller (Mountain Ridge) SO
25-Max Crist (Boonsboro) SR

***Jaleni Machen (Landon) SR was No.10 when he was injured at the state tournament. He forfeited his 3rd place match. The three-time state placer was No.4 in the private school rankings before the National Prep Tournament.
***Demonte Wright (Edmondson) SR when his season ended prior to states. He was the No.5 2A/1A wrestler too.

1-Drew Sotka (Glenelg) JR (S)
2-Jimmy Kells (Hereford) SR N
3-Xavier Kresslein (Poolesville) JR (W)
4-Eli Sellinger (Parkside) FR (E)
5-Nyck Simpson (Dunbar) JR N
6-Jason Mohler (La Plata) JR (S)
7-Averum White (Southern-AA) SR (S)
8-McClain Butler (Liberty) JR (W)

1-Sean Billups (Atholton) SR (E)
2-John Podsednik (Leonardtown) SR (E)
3-Joey Bromley (Linganore) SR (W)
4-Jaedyn Harris (Gaithersburg) JR (W)
5-Andrew Chavarria (Tuscarora) SR (W)
6-Yoann Olympia (Northwest-Mont) JR (W)
7-Yusuf Higazi (Sherwood) SR N
8-Micah Bourne (Stephen Decatur) SO (E)

1-Dominic Solis (McDonogh) JR
2-Jonathan Short (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-TJ Quelet (St. James) SR
4-Avery Miller (Good Counsel) SR
5-Mikey Neal (Calvert Hall) SR
6-Trent Greer (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
7-Tim Kirlin (Georgetown Prep) SO

1-Justin Henry (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Timothy Furgeson (Damascus) JR
3-Michael Bromley (Linganore) SR
4-Austin Brown (Bullis) JR
5-Ian Takas (Loyola) SR
6-Diondre Space (Owings Mills) SR
7-Dakota Cram (Huntingtown) SR
8-Marquez Cooper (Quince Orchard) JR
9-Teddy Stinson (C. Milton Wright) JR
10-Dustin MacDonald (Mountain Ridge) JR
11-Joey Bunce (Kent Island) SR
12-Lukas Layton (Stephen Decatur) SR
13-Brian Berry (Edmondson) SO
14-Jake Arnone (Glenelg) SR
15-Kevonte Beard (Gilman) SR
16-Noah Wienclawski (Liberty) SR
17-Peter Slear (Good Counsel) JR
18-Adam Pfeiffer (Sherwood) JR
19-Jack Thomas (Northwest-Mont) SR
20-Kyle Isolato (Paint Branch) SR
21-Jesse Ubah (CH Flowers) SR
22-Brady Kerns (Brunswick) SR
23-Justyn Briscoe (Woodlawn) FR
24-Ron Schlipp (Severna Park) SR
25-Alfred Murdock (Western Tech) SO
Tie-Taemar Collins (Carver A&T) JR

***Jackson Bonitz (McDonogh) JR was No.4 when his season ended prior to National Preps. He was also No.2 in the private school rankings.
***Jordan Davis (Hammond) SR was No.10 when his season ended. Davis was also the No.4 2A/1A Wrestler.
***Jacob Baker (Catoctin) JR was No.14 when his season ended. He was No.6 in the 2A/1A rankings.
***Djamil Sarr (Winston Churchill) was No.18 when his season ended, No.6 in the 4A/3A rankings
***Brandon Ntankeu (Montgomery Blair) FR was No.20 overall and No.8 in the 4A/3A rankings when he was injured at regions.
***Anthony Gomez (Springbrook) was No.21 when he was injured at counties.

1-Timothy Furgeson (Damascus) JR (W)
2-Diondre Space (Owings Mills) SR N
3-Dustin MacDonald (Mountain Ridge) JR (W)
4-Joey Bunce (Kent Island) SR (E)
5-Brian Berry (Edmondson) SO N
6-Jake Arnone (Glenelg) SR (S)
7-Noah Wienclawski (Liberty) SR (W)
8-Brady Kerns (Brunswick) SR (W)

1-Michael Bromley (Linganore) SR (W)
2-Dakota Cram (Huntingtown) SR (S)
3-Marquez Cooper (Quince Orchard) (W)
4-Teddy Stinson (C. Milton Wright) N
5-Lukas Layton (Stephen Decatur) SR (E)
6-Adam Pfeiffer (Sherwood) JR N
7-Jack Thomas (Northwest-Mont) SR (W)
8-Kyle Isolato (Paint Branch) SR N

1-Justin Henry (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Austin Brown (Bullis) JR
3-Ian Takas (Loyola) SR
4-Kevonte Beard (Gilman) SR
5-Peter Slear (Good Counsel) JR
6-Paul Cordoni (Heights School) SR
7-Jack Guillard (St. James) SR

1-Kevin Makosy (Urbana) SR
2-Jack Parr (St. Paul’s) SR
3-Sam Alsheimer (Glenelg) SR
4-Austin Smith (Paint Branch) SR
5-Ethan Stern (Mt. St. Joe) SR
6-Jordan Gabriel (Colonel Richardson) SR
7-Dustin Radford (Spalding) JR
8-Drew Brenowitz (Good Counsel) SR
9-Joseph Murray (Huntingtown) SR
10-Mervyn Crawford (Poly) SR
11-Antonio DeShields (Woodlawn) SR
12-Aiden Beall (Damascus) JR
13-Hunter Park (Southern Garrett) SR
14-Lexx Carr (Sparrows Point) JR
15-Gabe Dennis (Snow Hill) SR
16-Brandon Oyster (Williamsport) JR
17-Trevor Palmer-Appleby (Parkside) SR
18-Vinny Facciponti (Broadneck) SR
19-Ty Broadway (Severna Park) SO
20-Garrett Butt (Curley) JR
21-Tyler Rhodes (Pallotti) SR
22-Grant Maynard (Georgetown Prep) SR
23-Chase Schultz (Linganore) FR
24-Kyle Leming (Annapolis) JR
25-Ryan Jones (Quince Orchard) JR

***Jack Wimmer (McDonogh) JR, a three-time stae placer who placed at the Ironman & Beast of the East was No.3 when his season ended prior to National Preps. He was also the No.2 private school wrestler.
***Tristen Cook (Boonsboro), a defending state champion, was No.4 when his season ended due to injury. He was also the No.2 2A/1A wrestler.

1-Sam Alsheimer (Glenelg) SR (S)
2-Jordan Gabriel (Colonel Richardson) SR (E)
3-Aiden Beall (Damascus) JR (W)
4-Hunter Park (Southern Garrett) SR (W)
5-Lexx Carr (Sparrows Point) JR N
6-Gabe Dennis (Snow Hill) SR (E)
7-Brandon Oyster (Williamsport) JR (W)
8-Trevor Palmer-Appleby (Parkside) SR (E)

1-Kevin Makosy (Urbana) SR N
2-Austin Smith (Paint Branch) SR N
3-Joseph Murray (Huntingtown) SR (S)
4-Mervyn Crawford (Poly) SR (S)
5-Antonio DeShields (Woodlawn) SR N
6-Vinny Facciponti (Broadneck) SR (E)
7-Ty Broadway (Severna Park) SO (E)
8-Chase Schultz (Linganore) FR (W)

1-Jack Parr (St. Paul’s) SR
2-Ethan Stern (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Dustin Radford (Spalding) JR
4-Drew Brenowitz (Good Counsel) SR
5-Garrett Butt (Curley) JR
6-Tyler Rhodes (Pallotti) SR
7-Grant Maynard (Georgetown Prep) SR

1-Garrett Kappes (McDonogh) JR
2-Elijah Solomon (Franklin) SR
3-Elijah Baisden (Damascus) SR
4-Ike Kalu (Western Tech) SR
5-Kyonte Hamilton (Georgetown Prep) SO
6-Loic Tueguo (Hammond) SR
7-Joseph Bannister (Huntingtown) SR
8-Caleb Tomlin (Bullis) JR
9-Parker Warner (Mt. St. Joe) JR
10-Hadyn Blanchard (Kent Island) JR
11-Chris Kalambihis (Joppatowne) JR
12-DeShawn Madison (North County) SR
13-Jevon Coche (Clarksburg) SR
14-Connor Bowes (Severna Park) SR
15-Wafeu Foundjing (Paint Branch) SR
16-Alex Peterson (South River) SR
17-Mattheus Carroll (Gilman) SO
18-Nick Harden (Mountain Ridge) SO
19-Walid Elsayed (DuVal) JR
20-Ryan Kaplow (Winston Churchill) SR
21-Mervin Mancia (Montgomery Blair) JR
22-Nate Fleming (Old Mill) JR
23-Ian Artice (Bohemia Manor) JR
24-Daniel Olorundare (Owings Mills) JR
25-Tyrone Daniels (Elkton) SR

***Jarrell Mayo (Calvert Hall) SR was No.12 when his season ended. He was the No.5 private school wrestler too.
***Dion Crews-Harris (Dunbar) JR was No.13 when his season ended before states. He was the No.6 2A/1A wrestler.
***Yussef Zaki (Walt Whitman) SR was No.21 overall and No.7 in the 4A/3A rankings when his season ended prior to states.

1-Elijah Baisden (Damascus) SR (W)
2-Ike Kalu (Western Tech) SR N
3-Loic Tueguo (Hammond) SR (S)
4-Hadyn Blanchard (Kent Island) JR (E)
5-Chris Kalambihis (Joppatowne) JR (E)
6-Nick Harden (Mountain Ridge) SO
7-Ian Artice (Bohemia Manor) JR (E)
8-Daniel Olorundare (Owings Mills) JR N

1-Elijah Solomon (Franklin) SR N
2-Joseph Bannister (Huntingtown) SR (S)
3-DeShawn Madison (North County) SR (E)
4-Jevon Coche (Clarksburg) SR (W)
5-Connor Bowes (Severna Park) SR (E)
6-Wafeu Foundjing (Paint Branch) SR N
7-Alex Peterson (South River) SR (E)
8-Walid Elsayed (DuVal) JR (S)

1-Garrett Kappes (McDonogh) JR
2-Kyonte Hamilton (Georgetown Prep) SO
3-Caleb Tomlin (Bullis) JR
4-Parker Warner (Mt. St. Joe) JR
5-Mattheus Carroll (Gilman) SO
6-Mike Vargas (Curley) SR
7-Maximus Grogan (Pallotti) SR
8-JT Morton (Boys’ Latin) JR

1-Jorden Pryor (Dunbar) SR
2-Isaac Righter (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Ka’Ron Lewis (South River) SR
4-Christian Bryant (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR
5-Tayquon Johnson (Williamsport) SR
6-Cody Williams (McDonogh) JR
7-Brandon Roberts (Good Counsel) JR
8-Jeremiah Trotman (Curley) JR
9-Bennett Traurig (Loyola) SR
10-Aimrick Nya (Springbrook) SR
11-Demetrius Daniels (Parkville) SR
12-Ernie Smith (Oakland Mills) SR
13-Jesse Fenner (Havre de Grace) SR
14-Cole Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SR
15-Angelo Moore (Queen Annes) SR
16-Dylan Altman (Reservoir) JR
17-Elijah Fontem (DuVal) JR
18-Connor Saladin (Severna Park) SR
19-Jacob Munoz (Huntingtown) SR
20-Sawyer Sturla (C. Milton Wright) SR
21-Daviyon Johnson (Edgewood) SR
22-Pat Quinn (South Carroll) SR
23-Austin Smith (Clarksburg) SR
24-Josh Goodwin (Hereford) SR
Tie-Mike Collins (Parkside) JR

***Notah McCabe (North Point) SR was No.19 overall and No.7 in the 4A/3A rankings when his season ended after regions.

1-Jorden Pryor (Dunbar) SR N
2-Tayquon Johnson (Williamsport) SR (W)
3-Ernie Smith (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
4-Jesse Fenner (Havre de Grace) SR (E)
5-Cole Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SR (W)
6-Angelo Moore (Queen Annes) SR (E)
7-Pat Quinn (South Carroll) SR (W)
8-Josh Goodwin (Hereford) SR N
Tie-Mike Collins (Parkside) JR (E)

1-Ka’Ron Lewis (South River) SR (E)
2-Christian Bryant (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR (S)
3-Aimrick Nya (Springbrook) SR N
4-Demetrius Daniels (Parkville) N
5-Dylan Altman (Reservoir) JR (E)
6-Elijah Fontem (DuVal) JR (S)
7-Connor Saladin (Severna Park) SR (E)
8-Jacob Munoz (Huntingtown) SR (S)

1-Isaac Righter (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-Cody Williams (McDonogh) JR
3-Brandon Roberts (Good Counsel) JR
4-Jeremiah Trotman (Curley) JR
5-Bennett Traurig (Loyola) SR
6-Terrell Jackson (Bullis) SO
7-Ben Couling (St. James) JR
8-Derek Jackson (Bishop McNamara) SO

Billy Buckheit