1977 Maryland State High School Wrestling Champions

MPSSAA: High Point
MSA : Mount St. Joseph
Maryland Junior League: Golden Ring

1977 National Prep Championships
Team Scores
1st Mount St. Joseph

Individual Results
106 1st Guy Zant, Mount St. Joseph 2nd Davey Patterson, St. Paul’s
123 3rd Harry Barnabee, Mount St. Joseph
130 4th Lou Chiapparelli, Mount St. Joseph
136 4th Jay Braunstein, Mount St. Joseph
142 3rd John Hefner, Mount St. Joseph
159 3rd Paul Triplett, Mount St. Joseph

Unl 4th Rick Romeo, Mount St. Joseph

Notes: The Bullis School sends its first wrestlers to the National Prep Tournament.

1977 MPSSAA State Championships
February 25, 26 1977
Sixth Annual

1977 MPSSAA Championships
Team Scores
1. High Point 59.5
2. Overlea 58
3. Laurel 54.5
4. Bowie 54
5. Crossland 38.5
5. Aberdeen 38.5
5. Patapsco 38.5
8. Dundalk 36.5
8. Kenwood 36.5
10. Seneca Valley 31
11. Northeast 25.5
12. Friends 25
13. Atholton 24.5

1977 MPSSAA Individual Championship Finals:
98 Bruce Malinowski, Kenwood d. Fiste, Northeast 2-0
105 Scott Craver, Bel Air d. Bigbee, Laurel 6-0
112 Tim Lewis, Atholton d. Wenzel, DuVal 7-2
119 John Dolch, Northeast d. Sinclair, Bowie 12-3
126 Pitzer, Laurel d. Donovan, Crossland 4-3
132 Dave Pottorff, Bowie, d. Gibbs Johnson, Perry Hall 9-5
138 Paul Blankenship, Patapsco d. Mark Thibodeaux, Aberdeen 5-2
145 Andy Makar, Andover d. Racine, Springbrook 8-4
155 Ray Finch, Westminster mj. Dodge, Seneca Valley 17-0
167 Dion Fennell, Overlea d. Don Kellner, Dundalk 5-1
185 Mike Burke, High Point d. Dan Fouts, Dundalk referee’s criteria after 3-3 tie
Unl. Paul Hill, High Point d. Pat Brady, Crossland 5-2

Prince Georges County dominated the state tournament with four individual champions, six finalists, and four teams in the top 5.
Paul Blankenship of Patapsco had won three Baltimore county titles, and lost in the state finals last year.
Bruce Malinowski of Kenwood won a state title at 98lbs.
Dion Fennell of Overlea won a state title at 167 defeating Don Kellner of Dundalk
In a very tight team score race High Point of Prince Georges County pulled out a 1.5 point victory over Overlea as they swept the 185 and unlimited finals.

57th MSA State Wrestling Championship
February 24, 25, 26 1977
Poly High School
Team Scores
1. Mount St. Joe 252
2. Mervo 126
3. Walbrook 118.5
4. McDonogh 114.5
5. Gilman 92
6. St. Paul’s 86.5
7. Dunbar 83
8. Boys’ Latin 63
9. Lake Clifton 53.5
10. Loyola 52.5

1977 MSA Individual Championship Finals
98 Kieth Dixon, MSJ d. Jordie Binetti, STP 3-0
105 Guy Zanti, MSJ. d. Davey Patterson, STP 5-1
112 Greg Peery, MSJ. d. Quinton Powell, Dunbar 8-2
119 Dave Matthews, Dunbar d. Louis Chiparelli MSJ. 3-2
126 Harry Barnabee, MSJ. d. James Baskerville, Mervo 3-2
132 Smoot, McD. d. Jay Braunstein, MSJ. 3-1
141 Howard Roberts, Mervo d. Drew Haugh, Boys’ Latin 5-3
147 Denny Childs, STP. d. Fritz Haller, G. 8-4
155 John Heffner, MSJ. p. Greg Parker, Dunbar 1:10
167 Stewart Finney, Gilman d. Jamie Miller, Walbrook 6-3
187 Derrick Campbell, Walbrook d. Steve Lee, Mervo 8-1
UNL Rick Romeo, MSJ p. Christian Holljes, McD. 5:54

Notes: MSA
Mount St. Joe wins it’s second consecutive MSA title and second under second year coach Neil Adelberg. Mt. St. Joe has eight finalists and six individual champions. Outstanding wrestler was Mount St. Joe’s John Heffner who won for the second year in a row. Unlimited wrestler Rick Romeo of MSJ won the Russell Cup for the most team points scored.
Going into the tournament Mount St. Joe had 7 number 1 seeds, and three defending National Prep Champions on their team in Keith Dixon, Guy Zanti, and Harry Barnabee.
John Heffner, a senior wins his third MSA title, and is undefeated in three years of MSA wrestling.
Guy Zanti of MSJ finished undefeated and won his second MSA title. Harry Barnabee of MSJ won his second MSA title.
There were 3 B conference teams in the top ten of the tournament. B Conference champion and tournament runner-up Walbrook (12-1 dual meets) will move up to the A conference next year.
There was an overflow crowd of 1400 plus at Poly for the finals.

1977 Maryland Junior Wrestling Champions
Team Standings:
1. Golden Ring
2. St. Pauls’
3. McKim

1977 Individual Junior League Champions

60 Keith Bryant, Golden Ring
65 Mike Ponsi, Ridgely
70 Mark Berry, General Stricker
75 Brian Hirsch, Randallstown
80 Tony Loman, St. Pauls
85 Ray Harbeson, Golden Ring
90 Tom DiCarlo, Golden Ring
95 Mike Taylor, McKim
100 Rico Chipparelli, Perry Hall
105 Trevor Bonds, St. Pauls
110 Adam Fidel, Randallstown
115 Allan Horn, Stembridge
120 John Cibra, Gilman
125 Richard Bosley, Randallstown
132 Craig Pfeiffer, St. Pauls
140 Pete Ireland, Stembridge