The 2021 Maryland high school wrestling season has been one for the books. Looked at from an overview the season was a disaster as no county or league was able to compete completely as they had in the past. Carroll County was able to hold an abbreviated in county schedule that ended with a county championship that crowned individual champions, but yielded no team scores.

But, there have been attempts to give the high school wrestlers an opportunity to compete. Many wrestled for clubs and were able to compete in club tournaments of regional tournaments. While a great opportunity for kids who just wanted an opportunity to compete these competitions did not yield the undisputed state champions that we have come to expect at the end of the year.

However, at least on league is trying to have a season ending tournament. The MIS is planning to hold a season ending tournament. It will be limited in the ways that many have come to recognize in this year of COVID-19. The brackets will be no more than 16, the wrestling will be confined to 1 day, with the lower weights competing on day one and the upper weights on day 2. Seeding will be extremely problematic, and obviously with holding a wrestling tournament in the middle of the traditional spring sports season there will be a number of athletes who have decided to play lacrosse, or baseball or rugby or even spring football. But there will at least be a little wrestling to cap off Marylands High School Season.

As of now there may even be a National Prep Tournament.