Maryland Junior Wrestling League Champions

The Maryland Junior Wrestling League “MJWL” is a community based recreational league based roughly around the Baltimore metropolitan area. It has traditionally been a straight weight league. It competes most years in a tournament at the end of the year that represents three leagues from Central Maryland– the Anne Arundel league and the Capital Area Wrestling League “CAWL”. Traditionally this Tri-League Tournament has been very tough and often has been a predictor of future high school success. Many, many future Maryland high school state champions won early championships in the MJWL, and at the Tri-League Tournament.

The history of Maryland junior leagues wrestling is dynamic and difficult to keep up with. This is a small effort to record as many results as possible of youngsters who will eventually hit the mats in Maryland high schools. In addition to the MJWL, the Anne Arundel Junior League and Capital Area Wrestling League, there is an Upper Chesapeake Wrestling League. These young wrestlers compete can also now compete in Maryland’s Age Weight Championships sponsored by the the Maryland State Wrestling Association.

2010 Champions
50 Jason Guglielmini (Mt Airy) mj. Matthew Fouts (Dundalk) 12-3

55 Matthew Jun (Dundalk) d. Sebastian Cummings (Reisterstown) 10-4

60 Destin Gallup (Middle River) d. David Patterson (Golden Ring) 6-3
65 Josh Laubach (Middle River) d. Orlando Redd (McKim) Pin at 2:43
70 Michael Doetsch (Dundalk) mj. Kahlan Lermer (Boys Latin) 15-3
75 Owen Rill (Manchester) mj. Nick Malinowski (Boys Latin) 12-3
80 Tyshawn Williams (Woodlawn) mj. Naron Gilmer (Middle River) 13-2
85 Ronnie Powell (McKim) d. Logan Garland (Manchester) 8-4
90 Brandon Bekar (Owings Mills) d. Griffin Welsh (Hereford) Pin at 2:23

95 Darious Johnson (McKim) d. Malik Woody (McKim) 2-0
100 Walter Johnson III (Woodlawn) d. Randy Watson (Dundalk) 2-0
105 Austin Atkinson (Middle River) d. Joe Kuegler (Warriors) 9-2
110 Logan Hull (Manchester) d. Frankie Johnson (Boys Latin) 3-1
115 Bobby Twigg (Manchester) d. Rocco Bruno (Boys Latin) Pin at 3:40

122 Andrew Merrill (Manchester)First, Brandon Fraiser (Dundalk)Second
130 Tyree McClellan (Woodlawn) p. Jacob Seipp (Manchester) 1:44
145 Travon Wright (Woodlawn) mj. Jake Pooton (Warriors) 14-1
165 Enrico Cummings, Middle River, First, Chris Woodard (Owings Mills)-
200 Wyatt Cook (Manchester) First, Kyle Pennewill (Perry Hall) Second

2009 Champions

50 Dylan Duncan, Middle River d. Phillip Smith, Woodlawn
55 Michael Sova, Owings Mills d. Destin Gallup, Middle River
60 Joshua Curbeam, Woodlawn d. Kahlan Lee- Lermer, Boys’ Latin
65 Nick Malinowski, Boys Latin d. Jake Rendelman, Owings Mills
70 Logan Garland, Manchester d. Cole Wetzel, Manchester
75 Tyshawn Williams, McKim d. Ronnie Powell, McKim
80 DeAndre Reed, Woodlawn d. TeJon Anthony, Woodlawn
85 Walter Reed, Woodlawn d. Austin Atkinson, Middle River
90 Walter Johnson, Woodlawn d. Bobby Twigg, Manchester
95 Logan Hull, Manchester d. Sam Willingham, Warriors
100 Demetrious Johnson, Owings Mills d. Alex Ferns, Parkville
108 Conan Schuster, Manchester d. Ishaq Aziz, McKim
115 Tyree McClellan, Woodlawn d. Wesley Cook, Manchester
122 Treyon Wright, Woodlawn d. Frank Coughlin, Warriors
130 Zach Myrick, Parkville d. Chase Cullison, Manchester
140 Chuck Blankenship, Middle River d. Sean Bieschke, Parkville
150 Jake Scott, Dundalk d. Zeke Elliott, Parkville
170 Matt Green, Parkville d. Alex Soloman, Reisterstown

2008 Champions
50 Destin Gallup, Middle River d. Chris Bare, Dundalk
55 Brandon Jackson, Manchester d. Michael Sove, Owings Mills
60 Michael Doetsch, Dundalk d. Jacob Rendelman, Owings Mills
65 Tyshawn Williams, McKim d. Logan Garland, Manchester
70 Walter Reed, Woodlawn d. Ronnie Powell, McKim
75 Bobby Twigg, Manchester d. Austin Atkinson, Middle River
80 Colby Janowitz, Manchester d. Malik Woody, McKim
85 Tyler Green, Westminster d. Walter Johnson, Woodlawn
90 Casey Shea, Warriors d. Tyree McClellan, Woodlawn
95 Austin Jackson, Manchester d. Phil Robinson, Dundalk
100 Brandon Gibson, Woodawn d. Jason Baytop, Manchester
108 Travon Wright, Woodlawn d. Avery Williams, McKim
115 Akil Bohannan, Woodlawn d. Chuck Blankenship
122 Tyler Hinton, Woodlawn d. Zach Myrick, Parkville
130 Danny Ellis, Woodlawn d. Matthew Green, Parkville
140 Anthony Williams, McKim d. Kion Wright, Woodlawn
150 Kris Hinton, Woodlawn d. Keegan Farley, Manchester
170 Michael Green, Parkville d. Muhammad Ali, Owings Mills
195 Elliot Bishop, Gators d. Sean Doetsch, Dundalk

2007 Champions
50 Mike Sova, Owings Mills d. Brandon Jackson, Manchester
55 Michael Doetsch, Dundalk d. Zach Hawkins, Gators
60 Walter Reed, Woodawn inj. dft. Blake Young, Dundalk
65 Zach Williams, Dundalk d. Marcellus Brown, Parkville
70 Colby Janowitz, Manchester d. Bobby Twigg, Manchester
75 Austin Jackson, Manchester d. Walter Johnson II, Woodlawn
80 Shaun Murphy, Perry Hall d. Ben Smist, Manchester
85 Conan Schuster, Francis Scott Key d. Greg Rob
90 Avery Williams, McKim d. Robin Paguia, Perry Hall
95 Joshua Lopez, Middle River d. Kyle Tye, Warriors
101 Zach Redding, Owings Mills d. Brett Przwara, Middle River
108 Purcell Summers, Middle River d. Kyle Snyder, Warriors
115 Kurt Buckingham, Warriors d. Tyler Hinton, Woodlawn
122 Kion Wright, Woodlawn inj. dft. Matt Hiltz, Warriors
130 Patrick Downey, Perry Hall d. Devin Green, McKim
140 Jacob Gibson, Manchester d. Erik Staaleson, Parkville
150 Justin Kozera, Westminster d. Mike Green, Parkville
165 Mitchell Horning, Boys’ Latin d. Sean Doetsch, Dundalk
185 Shaquil Barrett, McKim d. Andrew Huber, Perry Hall

2005 Champions

50 Zach Friedman, Owings Mills d. Malik Woody, McKim
55 Warren Mack, Owings Mills d. Ishaq Aziz, McKim
60 Jack Mutchnik, Owings Mills d. Sam Willingham, Warriors
65 Josh Lopez, Middle River d. Collin Plumely, Warriors
70 Brett Pryzwara, Middle River d. Brandon Gibson, Woodlawn
75 Avi Friedman, Owings Mills d. Brady Massaro, Severna Park
80 Chris Antrobus, Warriors d. Darian Meador, Westminster
85 Tyler Rill, Manchester d. Brian Mears, Severna Park
90 Mason Goretsas, Manchester d. Tom Faust, Owings Mills
95 Donnel Govia, Woodlawn d. Kyle Lemon, Manchester
100 Jeremy Seipp, Manchester d. Skip Newberger, Boys Latin
105 Colin Schuster, Francis Scott Key d. Adam Morrell, Westminster
110 Deonte Carter, Woodlawn d. Ali Saadoulayev, Owings Mills
115 Clarence Gould, McKim d. Terrance Owens, Woodlawn
122 Shane Milam, Middle River d. Samuel Johnson, Woodlawn
130 Daniel Johnson, Woodlawn d. Michael Middleton, Boys Latin
140 Anthony Hawks, Woodlawn d. Mike Hoff, Manchester
150 Zach Blueford, Buccaneers d. Will Palm, Westminster
185 Kevin Barrett, McKim d. Garrett Martin, Manchester

2004 Champions

Warren Mack, Owings Mills def. I. Aziz, McKim

Shaun Murphy, Perry Hall def. Nathan Kraisser, Vipers

Eric Friedman, Owings Mills def. Tyler Goodwin, Fallston

Brandon Gain, Fallston def. Kevin Beck, Vipers

Frank Goodwin, Fallston def. Justin Klarman, Perry Hall

Bill Gialamas, Perry Hall def. J. Claytor (Buc)

Eric Filipowicz, Vipers def. Nick Gialamas, Perry Hall

D. Rebling (man) def. Tyler Scarinzi, Fallston

Albert Woody, Mckim def. Skip Newberger, Boys’Latin

Josh Fitch, Golden Ring def. Cody Rosenstone, Owings Mills

Deonte Carter, McKim def. Shane Milam, Middle River

Curtis Holmes, Vipers def. Danny Whitnak, Middle River

Tony Mack, Owings Mills def. D. Johnson (WOO)

J. Jones, McKim def. Anthony Pagnotta, Vipers

Kramer Whitelaw (Buc) def. Josh Asper, Herford

Tyler Mullen, Warriors def. B. Peterson (NBWC)

Joe Foster, Perry Hall def. R. Orlove (BL)

D. Mccree (WO) def. Owen Smith, Owings Mills

Kevin Barrett, McKim def. E. Brown (Ard)

2003 Champions

50 Sean Murphy, Perry Hall d. Nathan Kraiser, Vipers
55 Evan Silver, Manchester d. Kevin Beck, Vipers
60 Nick Gialamas, Perry Hall d. Bill Gialamas, Perry Hall
65 Nick Schenk, Manchester d. Justin Klarman, Perry Hall
70 Tyler Scarinzi, Fallston d. Eric Flipowicz, Vipers
75 Josh Fitch, Golden Ring d. Albert Woody, McKim
80 Greg Saumenig, Buccaneers d. Dan Whitnak, Middle River
85 Maurice Fleming, Buccaneers d. Clarence Gould, McKim
90 Andrew Lowy, Manchester d. Tony Mack, Owings Mills
95 Alex Pagnotta, Vipers d. Josh Asper, Hereford
100 Justin Krop, Manchester d. Ben Levin, Vipers
105 Ryan Conroy, Vipers d. Justin Rumpf, SP
110 Mitch Fenton, Golden Ring d. CJ Naper, Warriors
115 Vince Taweel, Vipers d. M. Jacobs, Boys Latin
122 Grady Gambel, Middle River d. Tyricuz Ishway, Owings Mills
130 S. Buppert, Warriors d. Jovann Carter, Manchesters
140 Jacob Bohn, Westminster d. Dandre Wallace, Owings Mills
150 Tharren Papavasiliou, Golden Ring d. Zack Brown, Vipers
Hwt Anthony Shadbach, Hereford d. Daniel Miller, Fallston

2002 Champions

50 Bill Gialamas, Perry Hall d. Chris Wampler, Warriors
55 Nick Schenk, Manchester d. Nick Gialamas, Perry Hall
60 Jamie Clark, Manchester d. Justin Klarman, Perry Hall
65 Josh Fitch, Golden Ring d. Deonte Carter, McKim
70 Jeremy Keil, Hereford d. Daniel Bichner, Manchester
75 Maurice Fleming, Buccaneers d. Steve Willingham, Warriors
80 Greg Gold, Manchester d. Jimmy Vandaniker, Golden Ring
85 Michael Long, Fallston d. J. Black, Warriors
90 E Robinson, Dundalk d. Ryan Conroy, Vipers
95 Mark Tsikerdonos, Manchester d. Tom Montanye, Reisterstown
100 Jaren Jones, Manchester d. Ruben Gill, Westminster
105 Mason Krumholtz, Middle River d. Vince Taweel, Vipers
110 Eric Vinores, Owings Mills d. John Mullinex, Middle River
115 Brad Katzenberger, Manchester d. Kyle England, Perry Hall
122 Justin Fitch, Golden Ring d. Ryan Nash, Owings Mills
130 Bryn Holmes, Warriors d. Robert Fouts, Hereford
140 Mike Loss, Edgewood d. Brandon Gervie, Warriors
150 Brad Nelson, Manchester d. Daniel Miller, Fallston
HWT James Peters, Boys Latin d. Buddy Werner, Fallston

2001 Champions
50 Bill Gialamas, Perry Hall d. Frank Goodwin, Buccaneers

55 Jake Pennington, Westminster d. Nick Gialamas, Perry Hall

60 Josh Fitch, Golden Ring d. Deonte Carter, Mckim

65 Tony Mack, Owings Mills d. Bubba Corbett, Buccaneers

70 Maurice Fleming, Buccaneers d. Cody Rosenstone, Owings Mills

75 E. Robinson, Dundalk d. R. Hall, Buccaneers

80 Mike Long, Fallston d. J. Lawrence, Owings Mills

85 J. Payne, Buccaneers d. Robert Benetiz, Vipers

90 Mason Krumholtz, Middle River d. R. Terrin North Baltimore

100 C. Clark, Golden Ring d. J. Fisher, Buccaneers

105 D. Bullock, Mckim d. R. Nash, Owings Mills

110 Rob Cooper, Owings Mills d. Bryn Holmes, Warriors

115 Mike Kessler, Owings Mills d. Josh Fitch, Golden Ring

122 S. Knights, Manchester d. C. Lawson, McKim

130 M. Loss, Edgewood d. Alex Binder, Owings Mills

140 C. Jones, McKim d. M. Dipasquale, Boys Latin

150 Deshawn Barrett, McKim d. J Couch, Buccaneers HWT M. Oakley McKim d. M. Ketterman (WST)
2000 Champions

50 J. Pennington (WST) def. Nick Gialamas, Perry Hall

55 Josh Fitch, Golden Ring def. Tyler Scarinzi, Fallston

60 B. Bender (GR) d. Tony Mack, Owings Mills

65 M. Fleming (BUC) def. T. Montanye (REI)

70 Joe Breen (BUC) d. R. Gill (FSK)

75 J. Jacovsky (OM) d. J. Knox (GR)

80 C. CLark (GR) d. Mason Krumholtz, Middle River

85 James Vandaniker, Golden Ring d. Bryn Holmes (War)

90 Kyle Krumhotz, Middle River d. Mike Kessler, Owings Mills

95 Rob Cooper, Owings Mills d. D. Bullock (mck)

100 B. Sills (GR) d. Alex Binder, Owings Mills

110 C. Packaki (MR) d. C. Lawson (MCK)

115 Brian Saval, Boys’ Latin d. S. Smith (SVP)

122 Nathan Bachman, Fallston d. A. Emmer (BL)

130 Deshawn Barrett, McKim d. R. Pearre (WST)

140 Ricky Tippett, Golden Ring d. Andrew Winfield, Warriors

150 C. Dyke (BUC) d. E. Forbes (GR) HWT R. Miller (FAL) d. J. Holster (BU)

1999 Champions

Fitch (GR)
Brown (BA)
Knox (GR)
Jacovsky (OM)
Vandaniker (GR)
Krumholtz (MR)
Ramsel (GR)
Serio (BUC)
Packaki (MR)
Bentz (GR)
Brown (NB)
Jones (MCK(
Tippett (GR)
Roberts (GR)
Holmes (WAR)
Selba (BU
Gamzaban (OM)
Miller (FAL)

1998 Champions

Bender (GR)
Montanye (REI)
Prezenchuck (OM)
Vandaniker (PH)
Jacovksy (OM
Crowl (FSK()
Kess (GR)
Eveleth (SVP)
Kahl (GR)
Bentz (GR)
Wemple (GR)
Selba (BU)
Saval (OM)
Mohlenrich (WST)
Mays (REI)
Bottcher (GR)
Schuster (REI)


Tom Montanye (REI)
Jason Jacovksy (OM)
Jim Vandaniker (GR)
David Jacovksy (OM)
Darian Kess (GR)
Tyler Graham (MAN)
Clayton Bentz (GR)
Jeff Eveleth (SVP)_
Jared Bentz (GR)
Fran Jackson (MAN)
Jason Laubach, Middle River
Brian Hamper (WAR)
John Bohman (MR)
Antwan Lide (GR)
Tom Boetcher (GR)
Travon Banks (MCK)
Justin Myers (OM)
Arthur Minor (WST)

1996 Champions

J. Jacovksy (OM)
Mason Krumholtz, Middle River
A. Schlaffer (PH)
Darien Kess, Golden Ring
C. Bentz (GR)
N. Yinger (FSK)
J. Bentz (GR)
Fran Jackson, Manchester
B. Hamper (WAR)
B. Couch (BU)
Antwan Lide, Golden Ring
J.Stank (WAR)
D. Berger (BL)
K. Berger (WST)
T. Banks (MCK(
B. Lewis (GR)
D. Lominca (FR)
J. Bowman (BU)

1995 Champions

Mason Krumhotz, Middle River
D. Jacovsky (OM)
Darien Kess, Golden Ring
Z. Johns (DK)
J. Bentz (GR)
T. Bowie (MCK)
Fran Jackson, Manchester
JJ Holmes (MAN)
R. Resey (DK)
R. Arnold (GR)
D Gourgalis (GR)
J.Thurton (DK)
J. Zilmer (WAR)
D. Bowers (OM)
D. Lamonica (FR)
M. Wilson (OM)
M. Mcclain (OM)
D. Rollins (OM)

1994 Champions

J. Barbour (DK)
J. Skalnik (DK)
T. Williams (MR)
T. ALexander (MAN)
Fran Jackson, Manchester
J. Kerr (PH)
A. Thomas (MR)
J. Zilmer (WAR
R. Johns (DK)
D. Bowers (OM)
R. Holmes (MAN)
A. Boog (MAN)
C. Jones (BR)
D. Davis (MAN)
Ari Dolid, Owings Mills
S. Aquia (GR)
N. Bey (MCK)

1993 Champions

J. Barbour (DK)
Z. Johns (DK)
T. Alexander (MAN)
C. Knox (PK)
W. Miller (RAN)
J. Zilmer (WAR)
M. Stewart (SVP)
T. Free (DK)
M. Taghizah (GIL)
J. Leneau (BL)
G. Maynor (DK)
E. Davis (MAN)
R. Powell (MCK)
J. White (SVP)
G. Plitt (GIL)
C. Conway (WAR)
M. Chenowith (WAR)

1992 Champions

K. Addison (mck)
T. ALexander (man)
C. Knox (PK)
J. Holmes (MAN)
T. Free (DK)
R. Holmens (MAN)
M. Young (DK)
G. Maynor (DK)
A. Harris (Mck)
A. Jackson (Mck)
D. Dell (MAN)
T. Dungee (RAN)
T. Hagy (MR)
L. Galitzen (BL)
D. Alban (GR)
E. Hott (MAN)
R. Pleinis (DK)

1991 Champions

T. Alexander (MAN)
C. Knox (PK)
T. Free (DK)
R. Johns (DK)
R. Holmes (MAN)
M. Young (DK)
D. Dell (MAN)
D. Trudil (REI0)
T. Dungee (RAN)
S. Booth (PH)
T. Kiler (MAN)
M. Rendelman (RAN)
R. Owings (FSK)
B. Hurley (DK)
V. Saez (RAN)
S. Lewis (MAN)
C. Boog (MAN)

1990 Champions

C. Knox (PK)
S. Gehres (MAN)
T. Free (DK)
D. Bowers (SVP)
S. Mryncza (DK)
D. Dell (MAN)
J. Meyers (MAN)
G. Harris (RAN)
G. Harrsion (GIL)
M. Rendelman (RAN)
P. Scott (PH)
B. Yoakum (PH)
J. Montgomery (RAN)
D. Evans (WAR)
R. Stabb (DK)
J. Pinsky (RAN)
T. Doughton (HER)

1989 Champions

J. Hurt (FR)
B. Berger (BL)
M. Young (DK)
D. Dell (MAN)
J. Myers (MAN)
Steven Truitt, Randallstown
C. Bennet (SVP)
J. Clendaniel (DK)
C. Setlan (RAN)
J. Montgomery (RAN)
K. Barnes (MCK)
Greg Kessler, Randallstown
G. Mryncza (DK)
K. Groskowski (REI)
G. Karatzas (DK)
B. Gorsuch (DK)
J. Dorton(DK)
M. Jensen (RAN)

1988 Champions

R. Holmes (FR)
J. Koch (SVP)
J. Meyer (Man)
M. Rendelman (RAN)
C. Bennett (SVP)
Greg Kessler, Randallstown
B. James (REI)
T. Dell (MAN)
K. Barnes (MCK)
R. Jones (RAN)
M. Bishoff (DK)
G. Karatzas (DK)
C. Votta (PH)
R. Heidel (DK)
K. Williams (RAN)
D. Yoakum (PH)
M. Jensen (RAN)
B. Cosby (MCK

1987 Champions

S. Mryncza (DK)
J. Meyers (MAN)
G. Knox (PK)
R. Owings (FSK)
Ian Robbins, Randallstown
J. Montgomery (RAN)
K. Barnes (MCK)
B. Eveleth (SVP)
C. Rendollar (MAN)
G. Karatzas (DK)
C. Veale (MCK)
J. Loverde (CAT)
R. Heidel (DK)
W. Souders (DK)
E. Wilson (MCK)
G. Curran (DK)
S. Crockett (MCK)
C. Bell (MAN)

1986 Champions

J. Myers (MAN)
S. Bilbie (HER)
S. Miller (SVP)
K. Heid (GR)
B. Eveleth (SVP)
D. Jenkins (PK)
C. Vealle (MCK)
D. Miller (SVP)
S. House (PK)
G. Coleman (MCK)
W. Souders (DK)
C. Ridgely (RAN)
S. Hertzberg (RAN)
G. Curran (DK)
S. Chaney (DK)
S. Shaw (PK)
B. Holden (STP)
W. Reed (MCK)

1985 Champions

C. Bennett (SVP)
S. Bilbie (HER)
K. Heid (GR)
C. Votta (PH)
C. Vealle (MCK)
T. Peluso (MR)
W. Cooper (WS)
W. Souders (DK)
J. Wildasen (MAN)
A. Levin (RAN)
P. Peitrolungo (PH)
G. Elliot (FSK)
E. Alt (HER)
L. Bonincontri (DK)
D. Paul (MR)
L. McSorely (PH)
J. Miles (PH)
D. Mckenzie (WAR)

1984 Champions

Ian Robbins, Randallstown
K. Heid (GR)
C. Votta (PH)
T. Peluso (MR)
G. Coleman (MCK)
J. Wildasen (MAN)
J. Klapka (GR)
B. Jones (DK)
W. Fulgham (DK)
R. Green (RAN)
D. Allen (MCK)
T. Crandall (DK)
C. Scott (RAN)
D. Spivey (MAN)
Z. Wilson (WS)
E. Kennedy (MCK)
R. Fields (PK)

1983 Champions

K. Heid (GR)
D. Jenkins (PK)
C. Veale (MCK)
J. Wildasen (MAN)
S. Weismantel (MAN)
B. Jones (DK)
R. Green (MCK)
S. Vintz (REI)
J. Gast (MR)
M. Martin (HER)
S. Schmidt (SVP)
D. Pika (RAN)
J. Willimans (DK)
R. Testertman (MR)
D. Asbell (RAN)
J. Cooper (GR)
B. Huntermark (RAN)
M. Lewis (SVP)

1982 Champions

D. Jenkins (PK)
J. Cook (STEM)
J. Wildasin (MAN)
M. Nash (MCK)
S. Vintz (REI)
M. Bilbie (HER)
S. Wagner (GR)
J. Gast (MR)
D. Pika (CAT)
R. Olsen (REI)
D. Johnson (GR)
D. Asbell (RAN)
E. Cohen (RAN)
F. Brunton (RAN)
N. Gilmer (McK)
S. Alford (Mck)
M. Fletcher (STEM)
Bill Yox (MR)

1981 Champions

F. Matthews (HER)
M. Nash (MCK)
D. Paul (MR)
G. Greb (GR)
M. Bilbie (HER)
R. Eid (DK)
D. Smith (GS)
D Johnson (GR)
R. Randall (CAT)
T. Neveille (GS)
B. Thomas (REI)
T. Williams (DK)
J. Bracey (HER)
B. Bowman (FS)
B. Riley (HER)
D. Harmon (MCK)

1980 Champions

M. Nash (MCK)
D. Eubanks (MCK)
M. Bilbie (HER)
R. Green (MCK)
D. Smith (GS)
K. Harvey (TOW)
S. Olson (REI)
C. Bilbie (HER)
B. Thomas (REI)
B. Yeater (GS)
J. Bracey (HER)
R. Parr (GR)
J. Harrison (CAT)
L. Frazier (GS)
S. Larson (GS)
A. Childs (STP)
R. Atkins (REI)
S. Flannery (MAN)

1979 Champions

C. Greg (GR)
M. Bilbie (HER)
S Wagner (GR)
D Smith (GS)
S. Olson (REI)
C. Bilbie (HER)
K. Bryant (GR)
J. Bracey (HER)
R. Bowman (GR)
T. Brown (GIL)
B. Hirsh (RAN)
P. Bruno (PH)
R. Patterson (STP)
N. Nicklaus (AND)
S. Flannery (MAN)
P. Brooks (STP)
M. Royston (HER)
C. Hall (STP)