Final MSWA Rankings for Maryland High School Wrestling 2018

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The rankings criteria is as follows:

  1. Head to head wins 2) Common Opponent wins 3) Accomplishments.

    This year, more than others, there are a lot of cases where a guy in the lower part of the rankings has a win over someone higher up. There are obviously other factors at play that keep that guy down. And again, if you think about all the matches, you can probably answer your own question.

    I can’t stress it enough, LOSSES COUNT TOO!

    In some cases I had to make a judgement call. I think I’ve earned the right to make the tough call when necessary (120 was one of these cases).

    I considered everything and was as fair as possible. The random bracketing figured into things too. Some guys had an easier path to place than others. There will be a few cases where a guy that didn’t place at states will be over the fifth or sixth place guy.

    You also have to realize that regular season’s losses don’t go away. In some weights this pushed the placers from one of the divisions to be higher than the other. A finalist may be behind the No.4 guy in the other division because of a head-to-head result during the season and in some cases the conference/county tournaments.

In the absence of final team rankings for 2018 here are the division winners in Maryland for 2018

MPSSAA 4A: Urbana
MPSSAA 3A: Huntington
MPSSAA 2A: Damascus
MPSSAA 1A: Southern Garrett
MIS: Mount St. Joseph

1-Cooper Flynn (McDonogh) FR
2-Will Guida (St. Paul’s) SO
3-Yonas Harris (Northwest-Mont) SR
4-Alex Dufour (Owings Mills) SO
5-Jagger Clapsadle (Stephen Decatur) SO
6-Michael Emerick (Damascus) FR
7-Dustin Balcita (North Hagerstown) SR
8-Drew Pruett (Atholton) JR
9-Jesse Fresh (Mountain Ridge) SO
10-Zaden Meyer (Williamsport) SO
11-Jeremy Welch (Oakdale) SR
12-Nico D’Amico (James M Bennett) FR
13-Trevor Lorin (Bel Air) FR
14-Constantinos “Staki” Gourgoulianis (John Carroll) FR
15-Andy Weinstein (Gilman) SO
16-Frank Antonelli (Mt. St. Joe) FR
17-Christian Simpson (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO
18-Brian Trinh (Paint Branch) SR
19-Eric Robinson (River Hill) JR
20-Austin Manwiller (Marriotts Ridge) JR
21-Jason Liau (Wootton) FR
22-Alex Gonzalez (Clarksburg) FR
23-Pete Lemmons (Queen Anne’s) FR
24-Shehzan Dahya (Hammond) JR
25-Tristan Elrod (Thomas Stone) JR

***Riley Bozeman (Lansdowne) FR was No.19 when his season ended due to injury.

1-Alex Dufour (Owings Mills) SO (N)
2-Michael Emerick (Damascus) FR (W)
3-Jesse Fresh (Mountain Ridge) SO (W)
4-Zaden Meyer (Williamsport) SO (W)
5-Jeremy Welch (Oakdale) SR (W)
6-Eric Robinson (River Hill) JR (S)
7-Austin Manwiller (Marriotts Ridge) (S)
8-Pete Lemmons (Queen Anne’s) FR (E)

1-Yonas Harris (Northwest-Mont) SR (W)
2-Jagger Clapsadle (Stephen Decatur) SO (E)
3-Dustin Balcita (North Hagerstown) SR (W)
4-Drew Pruett (Atholton) JR (E)
5-Nico D’Amico (James M Bennett) FR (E)
6-Trevor Lorin (Bel Air) FR (N)
7-Christian Simpson (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO (W)
8-Brian Trinh (Paint Branch) SR (N)

1-Cooper Flynn (McDonogh) FR
2-Will Guida (St. Paul’s) SO
3-Constantinos “Staki” Gourgoulianis (John Carroll) FR
4-Andy Weinstein (Gilman) SO
5-Frank Antonelli (Mt. St. Joe) FR
6-Edward Allen (Bishop McNamara) SO
7-Zach O’Brocki (Calvert Hall) SO
8-Ryan Holt (DeMatha)

1-Kurt McHenry (St. Paul’s) JR
2-Chris Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe) SO
3-Zach Bryant (Catoctin) SR
4-Blake Jury (Huntingtown) SO
5-Tyler Cook (North Hagerstown) SO
6-Shane Hovermale (Smithsburg) JR
7-Alex Carbonell (Poolesville) JR
8-Camerin Deville (Dunbar) FR
9-Maximus Bentley (Easton) SO
10-Isaac Barber (South River) SO
11-David Panda (Atholton) SO
12-Logan Gwin (Glenelg) SR
13-Mitch Garretson (Spalding) SO
14-Tyler Trout (Mt. Carmel) SO
15-Garrett Lee (Leonardtown) JR
16-Siavash Sarvestani (Northwest-Mont) SO
17-Pat Hugues (James M Bennett) JR
18-Adrian Triguero (Curley) SO
19-Conor Lozupone (Good Counsel) SO
20-Thomas Whittier (Georgetown Prep) SR
21-Wafeeq Igbal (Magruder) JR
22-Colin Acton (Urbana) FR
23-Michael Mitrega (C. Milton Wright) SR
24-Fynn Yankanich (Northern Calvert) SO
25-Adam Roberts (Thomas Stone) SR

***Tristan McGee (Chopticon) SO was No.6 when his season ended due to injury. He was also the No.2 4A/3A wrestler.

1-Zach Bryant (Catoctin) SR (W)
2-Shane Hovermale (Smithsburg) JR (W)
3-Alex Carbonell (Poolesville) JR (W)
4-Camerin Deville (Dunbar) FR (N)
5-Maximus Bentley (Easton) SO (E)
6-Logan Gwin (Glenelg) SR (S)
7-Adam Roberts (Thomas Stone) SR (S)
8-Hunter Merson (Winters Mill) SO (W)

1-Blake Jury (Huntingtown) SO (S)
2-Tyler Cook (North Hagerstown) SO (W)
3-Isaac Barber (South River) SO (E)
4-David Panda (Atholton) SO (E)
5-Garrett Lee (Leonardtown) JR (E)
6-Siavash Sarvestani (Northwest-Mont) SO (W)
7-Pat Hugues (James M Bennett) JR (E)
8-Wafeeq Igbal (Magruder) JR (W)

1-Kurt McHenry (St. Paul’s) JR
2-Chris Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe) SO
3-Mitch Garretson (Spalding) SO
4-Tyler Trout (Mt. Carmel) SO
5-Adrian Tiguero (Curley) SO
6-Conor Lozupone (Good Counsel) SO
7-Thomas Whitter (Georgetown Prep) SR
8-Jason Kim (St. James) SR

1-Phil Smith (Owings Mills) SO
2-King Sandoval (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
3-PJ Truntich (Spalding) JR
4-James Riveira (C. Milton Wright) FR
5-Sean Vosburgh (Leonardtown) SO
6-Brent Lorin (Bel Air) JR
7-Axel Giron (Landon) JR
8-CJ Cramma (Magruder) SR
9-Clement Woods (Mt. St. Joe) FR
10-Gene Qoudala (St. Paul’s) FR
11-DeShawn Strand (Loyola) JR
12-Kemper Stearns (Walter Johnson) SR
13-Ryan Bauer (North Caroline) JR
14-Matt Lawrence (McDonogh) FR
15-Ryheam Tull (Old Mill) JR
16-Allan Vasquez (Albert Einstein) JR
17-Yahir Lemus (Mt. Hebron) SR
18-Ethan Bohan (Marriotts Ridge) SO
19-Marquis Kemp (Loch Raven) JR
20-Dakota Bowers (South Carroll) SO
21-Kevin Hansberger (Glenelg) JR
22-Zach Kirby (Winters Mill) FR
23-Owen Butler (La Plata) SO
24-Jason Guglielmini (Middletown) JR
25-Jon Price (Rising Sun) SR

1-Phil Smith (Owings Mills) SO (N)
2-Ryan Bauer (North Caroline) JR (E)
3-Ethan Bohan (Marriotts Ridge) SO (S)
4-Marquis Kemp (Loch Raven) JR (N)
5-Dakota Bowers (South Carroll) SO (W)
6-Kevin Hansberger (Glenelg) JR (S)
7-Zach Kirby (Winters Mill) FR (W)
8-Owen Butler (La Plata) SO (S)

1-James Riveira (C. Milton Wright) FR (N)
2-Sean Vosburgh (Leonardtown) SO (E)
3-Brent Lorin (Bel Air) JR (N)
4-CJ Cramma (Magruder) SR (W)
5-Kemper Stearns (Walter Johnson) SR (W)
6-Ryheam Tull (Old Mill) JR (E)
7-Allan Vasquez (Albert Einstein) JR (W)
8-Yahir Lemus (Mt. Hebron) SR (E)

1-King Sandoval (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
2-PJ Truntich (Spalding) JR
3-Axel Giron (Landon) JR
4-Clement Woods (Mt. St. Joe) FR
5-Gene Qoudala (St. Paul’s) FR
6-DeShawn Strand (Loyola) JR
7-Matt Lawrence (McDonogh) FR
8-Bazin Sineshaw (Bullis) JR

1-Earl Blake (Linganore) JR
2-Johnny McLaughlin (Damascus) JR
3-Ryan Wagener (Eastern Tech) JR
4-Kyle Farace (Oakland Mills) SR
5-Will Henrickson (River Hill) JR
6-Nathan Porter (Mt. St. Joe) SO
7-Sam Smirnoff (Spalding) SO
8-Lorenzo Lopez (Landon) SO
9-Sean Scott (McDonogh) JR
10-Alex Figuerias (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
11-Jacob Bernstein (Walter Johnson) JR
12-Eli Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR
13-Jose Echenoa (Quince Orchard) JR
14-Jake E. Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SR
15-Ethan Fuss (Catoctin) SR
16-Bryce Palamar (Williamsport) SR
17-Eric Smith (Queen Annes) SO
18-Nick Schardt (Broadneck) JR
19-Alex Kephart (Huntingtown) SR
20-Isaac Ruderman (Bullis) SO
21-Billy Trout (Mt. Carmel) SR
22-Billy Madden (Springbrook) SR
23-Brian Bieshelt (Leonardtown) SO
24-Jeremy Danner (Stephen Decatur) JR
25-Sincere Montgomery (Bel Air) JR

1-Johnny McLaughlin (Damascus) JR (W)
2-Ryan Wagener (Eastern Tech) JR (N)
3-Kyle Farace (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
4-Will Henrickson (River Hill) JR (S)
5-Jake E. Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SR (W)
6-Ethan Fuss (Catoctin) SR (W)
7-Bryce Palamar (Williamsport) SR (W)
8-Eric Smith (Queen Annes) SO (E)

1-Earl Blake (Linganore) JR (W)
2-Jacob Bernstein (Walter Johnson) JR (W)
3-Eli Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR (W)
4-Jose Echenoa (Quince Orchard) JR (W)
5-Nick Schardt (Broadneck) JR (E)
6-Alex Kephart (Huntingtown) SR (S)
7-Billy Madden (Springbrook) SR (N)
8-Brian Bieshelt (Leonardtown) SO (E)

1-Nathan Porter (Mt. St. Joe) SO
2-Sam Smirnoff (Spalding) SO
3-Lorenzo Lopez (Landon) SO
4-Sean Scott (McDonogh) JR
5-Alex Figuerias (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
6-Isaac Ruderman (Bullis) SO
7-Billy Trout (Mt. Carmel) SR
8-Crosse Herpin (Maryland School for the Deaf) SO

1-Nathaniel White (Bowie) SR
2-Connor Strong (Mt. St. Joe) SO
3-Ray Kable (McDonogh) JR
4-Isaiah Edmond (North Point) SR
5-Jared Thomas (Glenelg) JR
6-Tyson McDuffy (Owings Mills) SR
7-Jalen Jones (Dunbar) FR
8-Rick Couch (Spalding) JR
9-Nick Dintino (St. Paul’s) SR
10-Cord Richardson (Good Counsel) SR
11-Wyatt McKoy (Oakdale) JR
12-Cody Swigart (Urbana) SR
13-Marco Frederico (La Plata) SR
14-Josh Mitchell (North Harford) SO
15-Decklan Fischer (Snow Hill) SR
16-Gavin Stoddard (Huntingtown) SR
17-Matt Mitrega (John Carroll) SO
18-Noah Grossnickle (Middletown) JR
19-Ryan Thomas (Loyola) SR
20-Patrick Kielb (Landon) SO
21-Bryan Huynh (Montgomery Blair) SR
22-Calvin Brumfield (South River) SR
23-Mike Fouts (Sparrows Point) JR
24-Cody Crawford (Williamsport) SR
25-Josh Ford (Fallston) SR

***Luke Strappelli (John Carroll) SR was No.14 when his season ended due to injury. The two-time state placer was also No.5 in the PS Rankings
***Brett Gladstone (Marriotts Ridge) was No.23 when his season ended due to injury.

1-Jared Thomas (Glenelg) JR (S)
2-Tyson McDuffy (Owings Mills) SR (N)
3-Jalen Jones (Dunbar) FR (N)
4-Wyatt McKoy (Oakdale) JR (W)
5-Marco Fredrico (La Plata) SR (S)
6-Josh Mitchell (North Harford) SO (E)
7-Decklan Fischer (Snow Hill) SR (E)
8-Noah Grossnickle (Middletown) JR (W)

1-Nathaniel White (Bowie) SR (S)
2-Isaiah Edmond (North Point) SR (E)
3-Cody Swigart (Urbana) SR (N)
4-Gavin Stoddard (Huntingtown) SR (S)
5-Bryan Huynh (Montgomery Blair) SR
6-Calvin Brumfield (South River) SR (E)
7-Caleb Everhart (South Hagerstown) SO (W)
8-Clark Boinis (Walt Whitman) JR

1-Connor Strong (Mt. St. Joe) SO
2-Ray Kable (McDonogh) JR
3-Rick Couch (Spalding) JR
4-Nick Dintino (St. Paul’s) SR
5-Cord Richardson (Good Counsel) SR
6-Matt Mitrega (John Carroll) SO
7-Ryan Thomas (Loyola) SR
8-Patrick Kielb (Landon) SO

1-Imran Heard (St. Paul’s) SR
2-Seth Fillers (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Alex Blake (La Plata) JR
4-Camren Ritchey (Mountain Ridge) SR
5-Jack Connolly (Winston Churchill) SR
6-Chris Sanchez (Sherwood) JR
7-Alejandro Lopez (Quince Orchard) SR
8-Nick Gonzalez (Clarksburg) SR
9-Colin Savage (Poolesville) SO
10-Silas Filliaux (Rising Sun) JR
11-Josh Aybar (Loyola) SO
12-Kyle Preston (Northeast-AA) SR
13-Andrew Thomas (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR
14-Jacob Blyukher (Centennial) SR
15-Nick Paolucci (Spalding) SO
16-Charlie Brenner (Bishop McNamara) SR
17-Kobe Borda (Georgetown Prep) JR
18-Brad LaBella (Severn) SO
19-Ramy Freeman (Oakdale) JR
20-Hunter Zacerous (Perryville) SR
21-Jake W. Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SO
22-Ty Kane (DeMatha) JR
23-Jaran Fernandors (Fairmont Heights) SO
24-Darius Sprye (Patapsco) SR
25-Trevor Gagnon (Arundel) SO

***13-Will Vaxmonsky (Marriott’s Ridge) SO was No.13 when his season ended due to injury. Vaxmonsky was fourth in the state last year and was the No.5 2A/1A wrestler.

1-Alex Blake (La Plata) JR (S)
2-Camren Ritchey (Mountain Ridge) SR (W)
3-Colin Savage (Poolesville) SO (W)
4-Silas Filliaux (Rising Sun) JR (E)
5-Ramy Freeman (Oakdale) JR (W)
6-Hunter Zacerous (Perryville) SR (E)
7-Jake W. Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SO (W)
8-Jaran Fernandors (Fairmont Heights) SO (S)

1-Jack Connolly (Winston Churchill) SR (W)
2-Chris Sanchez (Sherwood) JR (N)
3-Alejandro Lopez (Quince Orchard) SR (W)
4-Nick Gonzalez (Clarksburg) SR (W)
5-Kyle Preston (Northeast-AA) SR (E)
6-Andrew Thomas (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR (S)
7-Jacob Blyukher (Centennial) SR (E)
8-Darius Sprye (Patapsco) SR (N)

1-Imran Heard (St. Paul’s) SR
2-Seth Fillers (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Josh Aybar (Loyola) SO
4-Nick Paolucci (Spalding) SO
5-Charlie Brenner (Bishop McNamara) SR
6-Kobe Borda (Georgetown Prep) JR
7-Brad LaBella (Severn) SO
8-Ty Kane (DeMatha) JR

1-Jason Kraisser (Centennial) JR
2-Ryan Lawrence (Damascus) SR
3-Ryan Garretson (Spalding) SR
4-Harrison Trahan (McDonogh) FR
5-Sammy Toggas (Covenant Life School) SO
6-Brendon Gallagher (Landon) SR
7-Max Hammond (St. Paul’s) JR
8-Josh Stokes (Huntingtown) SO
9-Skyler Minutelli (Sparrows Point) SR
10-Dylan Finlay (Kent Island) SR
11-Jace Guy (Southern Garrett) JR
12-Chris Roybal (Mt. St. Joe) SO
13-Ryan Holland (Montgomery Blair) SR
14-Trenton Puccinelli (South River) JR
15-Owen Joyce (Broadneck) SR
16-Grady Hotz (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
17-Tim Molock Jr. (St. Charles) SR
18-Mike Bellerose (La Plata) SR
19-Zac Leskoski (Oakdale) JR
20-Newt Davis (Pallotti) SR
21-Jarrett Hunter (Perryville) SR
22-Parker Streib (Westminster) SR
23-Derek Hannah (South Hagerstown) SR
24-Victor Allen (New Town) SR
25-Vince Thuman (Calvert Hall) SR

1-Ryan Lawrence (Damascus) SR (W)
2-Skyler Minutelli (Sparrows Point) SR (N)
3-Dylan Finlay (Kent Island) SR (E)
4-Jace Guy (Southern Garrett) JR (W)
5-Mike Bellerose (La Plata) SR (S)
6-Zac Leskoski (Oakdale) JR (W)
7-Jarrett Hunter (Perryville) SR (E)
8-Victor Allen (New Town) SR (N)

1-Jason Kraisser (Centennial) JR (E)
2-Josh Stokes (Huntingtown) SO (S)
3-Ryan Holland (Montgomery Blair) SR (N)
4-Trenton Puccinelli (South River) JR (E)
5-Owen Joyce (Broadneck) SR (E)
6-Tim Molock Jr. (St. Charles) SR (S)
7-Parker Streib (Westminster) SR (W)
8-Derek Hannah (South Hagerstown) SR (W)

1-Ryan Garretson (Spalding) SR
2-Harrison Trahan (McDonogh) FR
3-Sammy Toggas (Covenant Life School)
4-Brendon Gallagher (Landon) SR
5-Max Hammond (St. Paul’s) JR
6-Chris Roybal (Mt. St. Joe) SO
7-Grady Hotz (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
8-Newt Davis (Pallotti) SR

1-Garrett Fisk (Spalding) JR
2-Josh Laubach (Curley) SR
3-Alex LaVeck (McDonogh) JR
4-John Podsednik (Leonardtown) JR
5-Brad Walsh (Westminster) SR
6-Jordan Day (Northern Garrett) SR
7-Josh Paige (Middletown) SR
8-Robbie Fleming (Old Mill) SR
9-Roell Ngounou (Owings Mills) JR
10-John Allan Furgeson (Damascus) SR
11-Shane Acton (Urbana) SR
12-Zach Phillips (Mt. St. Joe) JR
13-Todd Del Tufo (Reservoir) SR
14-Dalton Pearl (Linganore) JR
15-Ali Pender (Mt. Hebron) SR
16-Chaz Shackleford (Milford Mill) SR
17-Jarius Cannon (Overlea) SO
18-Cale McMurdy (Hereford) SR
19-Everett McDuffie (St. Paul’s) JR
20-CJ Polesovsky (John Carroll) SO
21-Cole Brown (Gilman) SR
22-Drew Sotka (Glenelg) SO
23-Dylan Watt (Oakland Mills) JR
24-Cole Robilotto (Good Counsel) JR
25-Nick Lesenring (Kent Island) SR

***Tyler Harbison (South Carroll) JR was No.13 when he was injured. The state runner-up was the No.4 2A/1A wrestler.
***No.16 Jack Chipps (La Plata) SR was a returning state placer who was injured at the SMAC tournament. He was also the No.7 2A/1A wrestler

1-Jordan Day (Northern Garrett) SR (W)
2-Josh Paige (Middletown) SR (W)
3-Roell Ngounou (Owings Mills) JR (N)
4-John Allan Furgeson (Damascus) SR (W)
5-Jarius Cannon (Overlea) SO (N)
6-Cale McMurdy (Hereford) SR (N)
7-Drew Sotka (Glenelg) SO (S)
8-Dylan Watt (Oakland Mills) JR (S)

1-John Podsednik (Leonardtown) JR (E)
2-Brad Walsh (Westminster) SR (W)
3-Robbie Fleming (Old Mill) SR (E)
4-Shane Acton (Urbana) SR (N)
5-Todd Del Tufo (Reservoir) SR (E)
6-Dalton Pearl (Linganore) JR (W)
7-Ali Pender (Mt. Hebron) SR (E)
8-Chaz Shackleford (Milford Mill) SR (N)

1-Garrett Fisk (Spalding) JR
2-Josh Laubach (Curley) SR
3-Alex LaVeck (McDonogh) JR
4-Zach Phillips (Mt. St. Joe) JR
5-Everett McDuffie (St. Paul’s) JR
6-CJ Polesovsky (John Carroll) SO
7-Cole Brown (Gilman) SR
8-Cole Robilotto (Good Counsel) JR

1-Jake Nielson (Urbana) SR
2-Tyler Bauer (North Caroline) SR
3-Dominic Solis (McDonogh) SO
4-Timothy Furgeson (Damascus) SO
5-Lance Andriani (Northern Calvert) SR
6-Jimmy Kells (Hereford) JR
7-Jacob Jones (Glenelg) JR
8-Dylan Blau (St. Paul’s) JR
9-Jonathan Short (Mt. St. Joe) JR
10-Avery Miller (Good Counsel) JR
11-Taylor Randolph (Loyola) SR
12-Josh Small (Catoctin) SR
13-TJ Quelet (St. James) JR
14-Joey Bromley (Linganore) JR
15-Trevor Crowley (Leonardtown) JR
16-Justin Hooper (Marriotts Ridge) SR
17-Josh Merkle (Southern-AA) SR
18-Xavier Kresslein (Poolesville) SO
19-Troy Blessing (Winters Mill) SR
20-Alex Westbrook (Tuscarora) JR
21-Sahid Antar (Springbrook) JR
22-Anthony Morales (Oakland Mills) JR
23-Jacob Cramer (Huntingtown) SR
24-Boris Beltran (Old Mill) SR
25-Adam Pfeiffer (Sherwood) SO

***Tyler Savage (Spalding) JR was No.8 overall and No.3 in PS heading into the state tournament. He sustained an injury at the MIAA tournament and was not able to wrestle through it at states.

1-Tyler Bauer (North Caroline) SR (E)
2-Timothy Furgeson (Damascus) SO (W)
3-Jimmy Kells (Hereford) JR (N)
4-Jacob Jones (Glenelg) JR (S)
5-Josh Small (Catoctin) SR (W)
6-Justin Hooper (Marriotts Ridge) SR (S)
7-Josh Merkle (Southern-AA) SR (S)
8-Xavier Kresslein (Poolesville) SO (W)

1-Jake Nielson (Urbana) SR (N)
2-Lance Andriani (Northern Calvert) SR (S)
3-Joey Bromley (Linganore) JR (W)
4-Trevor Crowley (Leonardtown) JR (E)
5-Alex Westbrook (Tuscarora) (W)
6-Sahid Antar (Springbrook) JR (N)
7-Jacob Cramer (Huntingtown) SR (S)
8-Boris Beltran (Old Mill) SR (E)

1-Dominic Solis (McDonogh) SO
2-Dylan Blau (St. Paul’s) JR
3-Jonathan Short (Mt. St. Joe) JR
4-Avery Miller (Good Counsel) JR
5-Taylor Randolph (Loyola) SR
6-TJ Quelet (St. James) JR
7-Jamie Rice (Boys’ Latin) SR
8-Mikey Neal (Calvert Hall) JR

1-Justin Henry (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-Garrett Kappes (McDonogh) SO
3-Tristin Breen (Huntingtown) SR
4-Michael Bromley (Linganore) JR
5-Sean Billups (Atholton) JR
6-Max Sotka (Glenelg) SR
7-Joey Embleton (Southern Garrett) SR
8-Ben Lokos (Damascus) SR
10-Jake Griffin (Liberty) SR
11-Luke Patterson (Northwest-Mont) SR
12-Jason Litvak (Loyola) SR
13-Jaleni Machen (Landon) JR
14-Dustin Radford (Spalding) SO
15-Emmanuel Nchako (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR
16-Evan Mansfield (Snow Hill) SR
17-Jerry Rosser (John Carroll) SR
18-Dominic Piazza (St. Paul’s) JR
19-Jeremy Cranston (Gilman) SR
20-Drew Fleming (Northern Calvert) SR
21-Zach Doyle (Broadneck) SR
22-Jake Hipps (Kent Island) SR
23-Christian Wilson (Fallston) JR
24-Richie Moore (Rising Sun) SR
25-Averum White (Southern-AA) JR

***Rasim Aliyev (Pikesville) SR was No.6 until an elbow condition ended his season. The returning state runner-up was also No.2 in the 2A/1A.
***Ernie Sigmon (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR was No.10 when his season ended. He was the No.5 private school wrestler and three-time state placer.
***Jacob Jarosz (Severn) SR was No.12 when his season ended due to injury. The two-time state placer was also the No.7 private school wrestler.

1-Max Sotka (Glenelg) SR (S)
2-Joey Embleton (Southern Garrett) SR (W)
3-Ben Lokos (Damascus) SR (W)
4-Jake Griffin (Liberty) SR (W)
5-Evan Mansfield (Snow Hill) SR (E)
6-Jake Hipps (Kent Island) SR (E)
7-Christian Wilson (Fallston) JR (E)
8-Richie Moore (Rising Sun) SR (E)

1-Tristin Breen (Huntingtown) SR (S)
2-Michael Bromley (Linganore) JR (W)
3-Sean Billups (Atholton) JR (E)
4-Luke Patterson (Northwest-Mont) SR (W)
5-Emmanuel Nchako (Eleanor Roosevelt) (S)
6-Drew Fleming (Northern Calvert) SR (S)
7-Zach Doyle (Broadneck) SR (E)
8-Mac Ballman (Winston Churchill) SR (W)

1-Justin Henry (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-Garrett Kappes (McDonogh) SO
3-Jason Litvak (Loyola) SR
4-Jaleni Machen (Landon) JR
5-Dustin Radford (Spalding) SO
6-Jerry Rosser (John Carroll) SR
7-Dominic Piazza (St. Paul’s) JR
8-Jeremy Cranston (Gilman) SR

1-Aaron Brooks (North Hagerstown) SR
2-Jack Parr (St. Paul’s) JR
3-David Schultz (Mt. St. Joe) SR
4-Jack Wimmer (McDonogh) SO
5-Hunter Crowley (Patterson Mill) SR
6-Sam Alsheimer (Glenelg) JR
7-Dwayne Johnson (Dunbar) SR
8-Gabe McAndrew (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
9-Marcus Folk (Mountain Ridge) SR
10-Drew Brenowitz (Clarksburg) JR
11-Blake Corum (Pallotti) SO
12-Ian Takas (Loyola) JR
13-Kevonte Beard (Gilman) JR
14-Carter Johnson (Landon) SR
15-Maurio Goings (Oakdale) JR
16-Joey Bunce (Kent Island) JR
17-Givoni Herring (Sparrows Point) SR
18-Diondre Space (Owings Mills) JR
19-Zach Wasilewski (River Hill) SR
20-Antonio DeShields (Pikesville) JR
21-Ryan Jones (Quince Orchard) SO
22-Jaden Mack (North Point) SR
23-Dakota Cram (Huntingtown) SR
24-Steven Bieshelt (Leonardtown) SR
25-Aaron Dow (Dulaney) SR

***Fio Tranquil (Winston Churchill) SR was No.8 when his season ended due to injury. He was also the No.3 4A/3A wrestler and owns wins over Marcus Folk and Ben Lokos.
***Casey Rowe (Winters Mill) SR was No.25 when his season ended due to a knee injury.

1-Hunter Crowley (Patterson Mill) SR (E)
2-Sam Alsheimer (Glenelg) JR (S)
3-Dwayne Johnson (Dunbar) SR (N)
4-Marcus Folk (Mountain Ridge) SR (W)
5-Maurio Goings (Oakdale) JR (W)
6-Joey Bunce (Kent Island) JR (E)
7-Givoni Herring (Sparrows Point) SR (N)
8-Diondre Space (Owings Mills) JR (N)

1-Aaron Brooks (North Hagerstown) SR (W)
2-Gabe McAndrew (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR (W)
3-Drew Brenowitz (Clarksburg) JR (W)
4-Ryan Jones (Quince Orchard) SO (W)
5-Jaden Mack (North Point) SR (E)
6-Dakota Cram (Huntingtown) SR (S)
7-Steven Bieshelt (Leonardtown) SR (E)
8-Aaron Dow (Dulaney) SR (N)

1-Jack Parr (St. Paul’s) JR
2-David Schultz (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Jack Wimmer (McDonogh) SO
4-Blake Corum (Pallotti) SO
5-Ian Takas (Loyola) JR
6-Kevonte Beard (Gilman) JR
7-Carter Johnson (Landon) SR
8-Etzer Lauore (Bishop McNamara) SR

1-Austin Stith (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Kevin Makosy (Urbana) JR
3-Alexander Green (Leonardtown) SR
4-Cam Farrow (Middletown) SR
5-Andrew Welch (Winston Chruchill) SR
6-Ike Kalu (Western Tech) JR
7-Kyonte Hamilton (Georgetown Prep) FR
8-Austin Smith (Paint Branch) JR
9-Mervyn Crawford (Poly) JR
10-Seth Cranford (Northern Calvert) SR
11-Brandon Oyster (Williamsport) SO
12-Jackson Bonitz (McDonogh) SO
13-Yussef Zaki (Walt Whitman) JR
14-Vinny Facciponti (Broadneck) JR
15-Chris Madera (Aberdeen) SR
16-Jarrell Mayo (Calvert Hall) SO
17-Jordon Gabriel (Colonel Richardson) JR
18-Jordan Bishop (Snow Hill) SR
19-Alex Grable (North Caroline) SR
20-Aaron Smith (Oakland Mills) JR
21-Austin Cestone (Marriotts Ridge) JR
22-Hunter Lowe (Winters Mill) SR
23-Kane Richardson (Francis Scott Key) JR
24-Chuck Ogala (Pikesville) SR
25-Tyler Hoff (Eastern Tech) SR

***Paul Evan Purkey (Damascus) SR was No.3 when his season ended due to concussion symptoms. He was the No.1 2A/1A wrestler, and to my knowledge could have become the 1st wrestler to win state titles in all three divisions. Purkey won the private school states with Good Counsel as a soph and won a 4A/3A title last year.

1-Cam Farrow (Middletown) SR (W)
2-Ike Kalu (Western Tech) JR (N)
3-Brandon Oyster (Williamsport) SO (W)
4-Jordon Gabriel (Colonel Richardson) JR (E)
5-Jordan Bishop (Snow Hill) SR (E)
6-Alex Grable (North Caroline) SR (E)
7-Aaron Smith (Oakland Mills) JR (S)
8-Austin Cestone (Marriotts Ridge) JR (S)

1-Kevin Makosy (Urbana) JR (N)
2-Alexander Green (Leonardtown) SR (E)
3-Andrew Welch (Winston Chruchill) SR (W)
4-Austin Smith (Paint Branch) JR (N)
5-Mervyn Crawford (Poly) JR (S)
6-Seth Cranford (Northern Calvert) SR (S)
7-Yussef Zaki (Walt Whitman) JR (W)
8-Vinny Facciponti (Broadneck) JR (E)

1-Austin Stith (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Kyonte Hamilton (Georgetown Prep) FR
3-Jackson Bonitz (McDonogh) SO
4-Jarrell Mayo (Calvert Hall) SO
5-Alex Slodzinski (Gilman) SR
6-Jake Wright (Loyola) JR
7-Mike Morris (Pallotti) SR
8-Joel Desroches (Landon) SR

1-Wyatt Graham (C. Milton Wright) SR
2-Parker Robinson (McDonogh) SR
3-John-Luke Iglesias (Walt Whitman) SR
4-Elijah Solomon (Franklin) JR
5-Caleb Bourne (Stephen Decatur) SR
6-Keagan Rill (Mt. St. Joe) SR
7-Tyler Woodard (Dulaney) SR
8-Rudy Ngougni (Montgomery Blair) SR
9-Shawn King-Pombo (South Hagerstown) SR
10-Tristen Cook (Boonsboro) JR
11-Skyler Kessenich (Friends) SR
12-Adam Berg (John Carroll) SR
13-Loic Tuego (Hammond) JR
14-Will Maigetter (Loyola) SR
15-Mac Alban (Boys’ Latin) SR
16-Ethan Sypes (Bullis) SR
17-Jason Robertson (DeMatha) SR
18-Robbie Baxter (Glenelg) SR
19-Hadyn Blanchard (Kent Island) SO
20-Hunter Park (Southern Garrett) JR
21-Noah Genovese (Broadneck) SR
22-Kyle Batchelor (North Point) SR
23-Alex Peterson (South River) JR
24-Aiden Beall (Damascus) SO
25-Alex Miller (Winters Mill) SR

***John Urban (St. Paul’s) SR, was No.2 when he suffered a season ending injury. He was the No.1 ranked private school wrestler. He is a three-time state placer, including runner-up the last two years.
***Colin Tracy (Arundel) SR, was No.18 when his season ended due to injury.

1-Tristen Cook (Boonsboro) JR (W)
2-Loic Tuego (Hammond) JR (S)
3-Robbie Baxter (Glenelg) SR (S)
4-Hadyn Blanchard (Kent Island) SO (E)
5-Hunter Park (Southern Garrett) JR (W)
6-Aiden Beall (Damascus) SO (W)
7-Alex Miller (Winters Mill) SR (W)
8-Blake Walter (Hereford) SR (N)

1-Wyatt Graham (C. Milton Wright) SR (N)
2-John-Luke Iglesias (Walt Whitman) SR (W)
3-Elijah Solomon (Franklin) JR (N)
4-Caleb Bourne (Stephen Decatur) SR (E)
5-Tyler Woodard (Dulaney) SR (N)
6-Rudy Ngougni (Montgomery Blair) SR (N)
7-Shawn King-Pombo (South Hagerstown) SR (W)
8-Noah Genovese (Broadneck) SR (E)

1-Parker Robinson (McDonogh) SR
2-Keagan Rill (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Skyler Kessenich (Friends) SR
4-Adam Berg (John Carroll) SR
5-Will Maigetter (Loyola) SR
6-Mac Alban (Boys’ Latin) SR
7-Thomas Kerner (St. Mary’s) SR
8-Ethan Sypes (Bullis) SR

1-Jorden Pryor (Dunbar) JR
2-PJ Mustipher (McDonogh) SR
3-Isaac Righter (Mt. St. Joe) SO
4-Elijah Baisden (Damascus) JR
5-Ka’Ron Lewis (South River) JR
6-Nick Nordhausen (Mt. Hebron) SR
7-Christian Bryant (Eleanor Roosevelt) JR
8-Daviyon Johnson (Edgewood) JR
9-Sawyer Sturla (C. Milton Wright) JR
10-Dylan Budka (Kenwood) SR
11-Bennett Traurig (Loyola) JR
12-Druw Van Der Werff (John Carroll) SR
13-Jerold Gaither (Mt. Carmel) SR
14-Tayquon Johnson (Williamsport) JR
15-Keon Hunter (Edmondson-Westside) SR
16-Jesse Fenner (Havre de Grace) JR
17-Jose Vazquez (Parkside) SR
18-Dennis Pittinger (Catoctin) SR
19-Keivon Bowman (Overlea) SR
20-Steve Thomas (Perryville) SR
21-Wafeu Fuondjing (Paint Branch) JR
22-Alec Velikanov (Winston Churchill) JR
23-Aimrick Nya (Springbrook) JR
24-Elijah Fontem (DuVal) SO
25-Troy Warner (Manchester Valley) SR

***Nasir Bakare (Old Mill) SR was No.9 when his season ended due to an injury suffered at regions. He was the No.3 4A/3A wrestler and owned a couple of wins over the eventual state champ, Ka’Ron Lewis.

1-Jorden Pryor (Dunbar) JR (N)
2-Elijah Baisden (Damascus) JR (W)
3-Tayquon Johnson (Williamsport) JR (W)
4-Keon Hunter (Edmondson-Westside) SR (N)
5-Jesse Fenner (Havre de Grace) JR (E)
6-Jose Vazquez (Parkside) SR (E)
7-Dennis Pittinger (Catoctin) SR (W)
8-Keivon Bowman (Overlea) SR (N)

1-Ka’Ron Lewis (South River) JR (E)
2-Nick Nordhausen (Mt. Hebron) SR (E)
3-Christian Bryant (Eleanor Roosevelt) JR (S)
4-Daviyon Johnson (Edgewood) JR (N)
5-Sawyer Sturla (C. Milton Wright) (N)
6-Dylan Budka (Kenwood) SR (N)
7-Wafeu Fuondjing (Paint Branch) JR (N)
8-Alec Velikanov (Winston Churchill) JR

1-PJ Mustipher (McDonogh) SR
2-Isaac Righter (Mt. St. Joe) SO
3-Bennett Traurig (Loyola) JR
4-Druw Van Der Werff (John Carroll) SR
5-Jerold Gaither (Mt. Carmel) SR
6-Brandon Roberts (Good Counsel) SO
7-Isiah McGirt (Curley) SR
8-Greg Crites (Gilman)

Billy Buckheit