Final MSWA Rankings for Maryland High School Wrestling 2014

ALL matches are factored in. Not just one. Same for teams. ALL matches and tournaments are factored in. So before you say A beat B, why is he behind him/them? Think about all of A’s matches (there are probably some losses that are impacting where said person/team is currently ranked). The team scores at the state tournament are a bit skewed so while they did impact the rankings, they are not a sole factor.

You will also notice that in some instances I didn’t do the divisional rankings based entirely off of state placements. This was done because of the random draw that the MPSSAA uses. It reflects the differences on being on one side of the bracket compared to the other.

You will also notice that some divisions have more guys at the top than others. Let’s be realistic. We all know that some weights are tougher in one division than the other. The guy that took 4th in one division may be better than the guy who placed 2nd in another.

This bares out when looking at county results. Wrestler A beat B. They then went to different divisions. Wrestler B may have placed in his state tournament, while A did not. Where that occurred A is still ahead of B unless B defeated someone A lost to during the season.

I looked at and considered everything. How you finish is what matters the most, but you can’t blindly look at that.

Overall Team
1-McDonogh (40)
2-Good Counsel (38)
3-Mt. St. Joe (35)
4-Damascus (32)
Tie-John Carroll (32)
Tie-North Hagerstown (32)
7-Georgetown Prep (26)
Tie-Huntingtown (26)
Tie-River Hill (26)
10-Kent Island (18)
11-Bel Air (15)
12-Urbana (13)
13-Glenelg (11)
Tie-Mountain Ridge (11)
Tie-South Carroll (11)
16-Loyola (10)
Tie-Spalding (10)
18-Williamsport (9)
19-Catoctin (7)
Tie-Hereford (7)
21-Stephen Decatur (6)
22-Middletown (2)
Tie-Reservoir (2)
24-Southern Garrett (1)
Tie-Sparrows Point

Dual Rankings
1-McDonogh (20)
2-Good Counsel (19)
3-Damascus (18)
4-Mt. St. Joe (17)
5-North Hagerstown (16)
6-John Carroll (15)
7-Huntingtown (14)
8-Georgetown Prep (13)
9-Bel Air (12)
10-River Hill (11)
11-Glenelg (10)
12-Urbana (9)
13-Kent Island (8)
14-Hereford (7)
15-Stephen Decatur (6)
16-Loyola (5)
17-Spalding (4)
18-Mountain Ridge (3)
19-Middletown (2)
20-Southern Garrett (1)

Others to watch: Oakdale, Sparrows Point, Curley, North Caroline, Reservoir, Williamsport, Leonardtown, La Plata, Lackey, North Point, Catoctin, Old Mill, Broadneck, Walt Whitman, Winston Churchill, Northwest-Mont, Sherwood

Tournament Rankings
1-McDonogh (20)
2-Good Counsel (19)
3-Mt. St. Joe (18)
4-John Carroll (17)
5-North Hagerstown (16)
6-River Hill (15)
7-Damascus (14)
8-Georgetown Prep (13)
9-Huntingtown (12)
10-South Carroll (11)
11-Kent Island (10)
12-Williamsport (9)
13-Mountain Ridge (8)
14-Catoctin (7)
15-Spalding (6)
16-Loyola (5)
17-Urbana (4)
18-Bel Air (3)
19-Reservoir (2)
20-Glenelg (1)

Others to watch: Middletown, DeMatha, St. Paul’s, Stephen Decatur, Franklin, Oakland Mills, Hereford, Leonardtown, Northern Calvert, La Plata, North Caroline, Curley, Northwest-Mont., Oakdale, Southern Garrett, Walt Whitman, Brunswick, Winters Mill, Sparrows Point, North Point, Boys Latin, St. Mary’s-Ryken, Parkdale, Lackey, Mt. Hebron

1-Daniel Planta (St. Paul’s) FR
2-Michael Doetsch (Severn) SO
3-Breandan Coughlin (Northern Calvert) JR
4-Danny Bertoni (Middletown) FR
5-Devan Hamrick (Southern Garrett) SO
6-Dell Ngonga (Northwest-Mont) JR
7-Joey Thomas (South Carroll) FR
8-Cameron Butler (La Plata) SO
9-Kyle McDonald (Oakdale) FR
10-Cody Trybus (Bohemia Manor) SO
11-Kahlan Lee-Lermer (Boys Latin) SO
12-Quy Tran (Springbrook) SR
13-David Silverberg (Richard Montgomery) JR
14-David Reagan (Bel Air) JR
15-Scott Obendorfer (Damascus) FR
16-Dominic Purcell (Kenwood) JR
17-Andrew Frumkin (Sherwood) JR
18-Antonio Lopez-Marin (Quince Orchard) SO
19-Brian Truppo (Poolesville) FR
20-Zach McAleer (Manchester Valley) FR
21-Javan White (Bowie) JR
22-Nick Vila (Chesapeake-AA) SO
23-Ryan Castro (South River) FR
24-Robert Kaminsky (Stephen Decatur) FR
25-Jordan Cadan (Tuscarora) SR

1-Danny Bertoni (Middletown) FR (W)
2-Devan Hamrick (Southern Garrett) SO (W)
3-Joey Thomas (South Carroll) FR (W)
4-Kyle McDonald (Oakdale) FR (W)
5-Cody Trybus (Bohemia Manor) SO (E)
6-Brian Truppo (Poolesville) FR (S)

1-Breandan Coughlin (Northern Calvert) JR (S)
2-Dell Ngonga (Northwest-Mont) JR (W)
3-Cameron Butler (La Plata) SO (S)
4-Quy Tran (Springbrook) SR (W)
5-David Silverberg (Richard Montgomery) JR (W)
6-David Reagan (Bel Air) JR (E)

1-Daniel Planta (St. Paul’s) FR
2-Michael Doetsch (Severn) SO
3-Kahlan Lee-Lermer (Boys Latin) SO
4-Nick Goray (Spalding) FR
5-Mike McCabe (John Carroll) FR
6-Ryan Perpal (DeMatha) JR

***Tyler Klein (Perry Hall) was #23 when his season ended on 1/21/14 due to injury (he was behind Cadan and in front of Scott).

1-Adam Whitesell (Good Counsel) SR *** Maryland
2-TK Megonigal (McDonogh) SO
3-Austin Shaffer (Southern Garrett) SR *** West Virginia
4-Mikey Macklin (Damascus) JR
5-Tim Null (South Carroll) JR
6-Ethan Krause (Georgetown Prep) FR
7-Owen Rill (Mt. St. Joe) JR
8-CJ Skokowski (John Carroll) JR
9-Andy McKahan (Stephen Decatur) FR
10-Jarrett Arnold (Chopticon) SR
11-Gino Sita (Huntingtown) FR
12-Nick Malinowski (Boys Latin) SO
13-Logan Wilson (DeMatha) SO
14-Jamil Garrison (Northwest-Mont) SR
15-Logan Tritto (Wootton) JR
16-Nolan Smith (Paint Branch) FR
17-Brent Newcomer (Perry Hall) JR
18-LJ Bell (Franklin) JR
19-Collin McDonald (Patterson Mill) SO
20-Brandon Bekar (Owings Mills) JR
21-Brennan Lincoln (Middletown) SO
22-Kyle Trybus (Bohemia Manor) SO
23-Justin Beckley (Williamsport) SO
24-Ryker Eckenbarger (Westminster) SO
25-Connor McCormick (North Caroline) SO

1-Austin Shaffer (Southern Garrett) SR (W)
2-Tim Null (South Carroll) JR (W)
3-Collin McDonald (Patterson Mill) SO (E)
4-Brandon Bekar (Owings Mills) JR (N)
5-Brennan Lincoln (Middletown) SO (W)
6-Kyle Trybus (Bohemia Manor) SO (E)

1-Mikey Macklin (Damascus) JR (W)
2-Andy McKahan (Stephen Decatur) FR (S)
3-Jarrett Arnold (Chopticon) SR (S)
4-Gino Sita (Huntingtown) FR (S)
5-Jamil Garrison (Northwest-Mont) SR (W)
6-Logan Tritto (Wootton) JR (W)

1-Adam Whitesell (Good Counsel) SR
2-TK Megonigal (McDonogh) SO
3-Ethan Krause (Georgetown Prep) FR
4-Owen Rill (Mt. St. Joe) JR
5-CJ Skokowski (John Carroll) JR
6-Nick Malinowski (Boys Latin) SO

1-Eric Hong (Georgetown Prep) FR
2-Steven Simpson (St. Mary’s-Ryken) JR
3-Ryan Friedman (St. Paul’s) JR ***Harvard
4-Chris Brown (Perryville) SR ***Cleveland State
5-Michael Beck (River Hill) SR *** Maryland
6-Malik Woody (Mt. St. Joe) JR
7-Camden Fischer (Snow Hill) SR ***Lehigh
8-Cody Matthews (Mountain Ridge) JR
9-Anthony Genco (Hereford) SR ***Maryland
10-Jeff Hayden (Mt. Hebron) JR
11-Nick Davis (Northwest-Mont) SR
12-Josh Grossnickle (Middletown) JR
13-Timmy Taylor (Elkton) SR *** SUNY Oneonta
14-Dominick Reyes (Loyola) FR
15-Austin Smith (John Carroll) SO
16-Dale Tiongson (Good Counsel) FR
17-Braeden Alevizatos (Gilman) FR
18-Trent Kilcarr (Reservoir) JR
19-Brendan Parent (Damascus) FR
20-Mark Guglielmini (Tuscarora) JR
21-Hunter Shelton (Leonardtown) SR
22-Ouail El-Ghazoauni (Franklin) JR
23-Randy Watson (Sparrows Point) JR
24-Vershone Graham (Thomas Johnson) JR
25-Dominick Summers (North Point) SR

1-Chris Brown (Perryville) SR (E)
2-Camden Fischer (Snow Hill) SR (E)
3-Cody Matthews (Mountain Ridge) JR (W)
4-Anthony Genco (Hereford) SR (N)
5-Josh Grossnickle (Middletown) JR (W)
6-Timmy Taylor (Elkton) SR (E)

1-Michael Beck (River Hill) SR (E)
2-Jeff Hayden (Mt. Hebron) JR (E)
3-Nick Davis (Northwest-Mont) SR (W)
4-Trent Kilcarr (Reservoir) JR (E)
5-Brendan Parent (Damascus) FR (W)
6-Mark Guglielmini (Tuscarora) JR (N)

1-Eric Hong (Georgetown Prep) FR
2-Steven Simpson (St. Mary’s-Ryken) JR
3-Ryan Friedman (St. Paul’s) JR
4-Malik Woody (Mt. St. Joe) JR
5-Dominick Reyes (Loyola) FR
6-Austin Smith (John Carroll) SO

1-Zeke Salvo (Mt. St. Joe) SR ***Brown
2-Anthoney Savage (Oakdale) SR
3-Marty Margolis (La Plata) JR
4-Bailey Thomas (Good Counsel) FR
5-Quinn Devaney (McDonogh) FR
6-Zach Dwyer (John Carroll) JR
7-Justin Chenault (Pallotti) JR
8-Cole Wetzel (Westminster) SO
9-Ben Montanye (Franklin) SR
10-Justin Opel (Northern Garrett) SO
11-Jake Rendelman (Owings Mills) JR
12-Justin Messersmith (Kent Island) JR
13-Joe Juergens (Rising Sun) SR
14-Jake Nikkila (Patterson Mill) JR
15-Mike Wilkerson (Damascus) JR
16-Shane Conners (South Carroll) SO
17-Andrew Barnes (Magruder) SR
18-Francois Scarboro (CH Flowers) SR
19-Logan Garland (Manchester Valley) SO
20-Hunter Cotsoradis (Boys Latin) SR
21-Jack Banaszak (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR
22-Naron Gilmer (Digital Harbor) JR
23-Tanner Chaplain (Old Mill) SR
24-Troy Kilcarr (Reservoir) JR
25-Bryan Wand (Broadneck) SR

1-Anthoney Savage (Oakdale) SR (W)
2-Justin Opel (Northern Garrett) SO (W)
3-Jake Rendelman (Owings Mills) JR (N)
4-Justin Messersmith (Kent Island) JR (S)
5-Joe Juergens (Rising Sun) SR (E)
6-Jake Nikkila (Patterson Mill) JR (E)

1-Marty Margolis (La Plata) JR (S)
2-Cole Wetzel (Westminster) SO (N)
3-Ben Montanye (Franklin) SR (N)
4-Mike Wilkerson (Damascus) JR (W)
5-Andrew Barnes (Magruder) SR (W)
6-Francois Scarboro (CH Flowers) SR (S)

1-Zeke Salvo (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Bailey Thomas (Good Counsel) FR
3-Quinn Devaney (McDonogh) FR
4-Zach Dwyer (John Carroll) JR
5-Justin Chenault (Pallotti) JR
6-Hunter Cotsoradis (Boys Latin) SR

***Wallace Smith (Thomas Stone) SR was #10 when his season ended due to injury (he was behind Chaplain and ahead of Ruiz).

1-Jack Mutchnik (St. Paul’s) SR ***American
2-Kevin Budock (Good Counsel) SO
3-Tyshawn Williams (Curley) JR
4-Colin Kowalski (Georgetown Prep) JR
5-Mason Kilcarr (Reservoir) SR
6-Stevan Smith (Kent Island) JR
7-Joe Kuegler (Liberty) SR
8-Jaiveion Turner (Cambridge-South Dorchester) SR
9-Hunter Faith (North Hagerstown) JR
10-Shane Wilson (DeMatha) SR
11-Logan McKoy (Oakdale) FR
12-Mitch Fenton (Walt Whitman) SO
13-DJ Grindle (Perry Hall) SR ***Waynesburg
14-Kayleb Forsythe (Leonardtown) SO
15-Nick Montanye (Franklin) SR
16-Anthony Solis (Hammond) JR
17-David Hollingsworth (Owings Mills) FR
18-Alex Brown (Bullis) SO
19-Shawn Orem (Mt. St. Joe) FR
20-Connor Joyce (Broadneck) SR
21-Michael Perdormo (Parkdale) SR
22-Omarou Bitang (Montgomery Blair) SR
23-Jake Makosy (Urbana) SO
24-Tyear Castle (Bohemia Manor) SR
25-Dalton Hawkins (Boonsboro) JR

1-Stevan Smith (Kent Island) JR (S)
2-Joe Kuegler (Liberty) SR (W)
3-Jaiveion Turner (Cambridge-South Dorchester) SR (E)
4-Logan McKoy (Oakdale) FR (W)
5-Anthony Solis (Hammond) JR (S)
6-David Hollingsworth (Owings Mills) FR (N)

1-Mason Kilcarr (Reservoir) SR (E)
2-Hunter Faith (North Hagerstown) JR (N)
3-Mitch Fenton (Walt Whitman) SO (W)
4-DJ Grindle (Perry Hall) SR (N)
5-Kayleb Forsythe (Leonardtown) SO (S)
6-Nick Montanye (Franklin) SR (N)

1-Jack Mutchnik (St. Paul’s) SR
2-Kevin Budock (Good Counsel) SO
3-Tyshawn Williams (Curley) JR
4-Colin Kowalski (Georgetown Prep) JR
5-Shane Wilson (DeMatha) SR
6- Alex Brown (Bullis) SO

1-Michael Sprague (Georgetown Prep) SR ***American
2-Wayne Wivell (Catoctin) SR
3-Stanely Proctor (Annapolis) SR
4-Morgan Way (Urbana) JR
5-Matt Pente (Spalding) SR ***Maryland
6-Matt Kelly (Good Counsel) SR ***Army
7-Sam Martino (McDonogh) SO
8-Tejon Anthony (Western Tech) SR
9-Corey Huntley (Curley) SR
10-Matt Wagner (Calvert Hall) SR
11-Bryan Davis (Williamsport) SR
12-Kody Osselburn (Northern Garrett) SR
13-Jake Trybus (Bohemia Manor) SR
14-Gene Balcita (North Hagerstown) SR
15-Kevin Thomas (Parkdale) SR
16-Tyler Morgan (North Point) SR
17-Kyle Bollinger (Quince Orchard) JR
18-DeAndre Reed (Digital Harbor) SO
19-Nick Morgal (Huntingtown) JR
20-Garland Brooks (Leonardtown) SR
21-Vinny Frederico (La Plata) SR
22-John Robert (Kent Island) SR
23-Mitch Lake (Patuxent) SR
24-Jason Fox (Parkside) JR
25-James Moses (Loyola) FR

1-Wayne Wivell (Catoctin) SR (W)
2-Tejon Anthony (Western Tech) SR (N)
3-Bryan Davis (Williamsport) SR (W)
4-Kody Osselburn (Northern Garrett) SR (W)
5-Jake Trybus (Bohemia Manor) SR (E)
6-John Robert (Kent Island) SR (S)

1-Stanely Proctor (Annapolis) SR (E)
2-Morgan Way (Urbana) JR (N)
3-Gene Balcita (North Hagerstown) SR (N)
4-Kevin Thomas (Parkdale) SR (S)
5-Tyler Morgan (North Point) SR (S)
6-Kyle Bollinger (Quince Orchard) JR (W)

1-Michael Sprague (Georgetown Prep) SR
2-Matt Pente (Spalding) SR
3-Matt Kelly (Good Counsel) SR
4-Sam Martino (McDonogh) SO
5-Corey Huntley (Curley) SR
6-Matt Wagner (Calvert Hall) SR

1-Alfred Bannister (Bishop McNamara) SR ***Maryland
2-Cameron Harrell (McDonogh) JR ***U Virginia
3-Austin Kraisser (Centennial) SO
4-Brendon Colbert (North Hagerstown) SR
5-Charlie Perella (Catoctin) JR
6-Justin Couto (Calvert) JR
7-Zach Smith (Kent Island) JR
8-Mitchell Zio (Paint Branch) SR
9-Nick Bennett (Stephen Decatur) SR
10-Paul Hutton (Good Counsel) SO
11-Lewis Riggs (DeMatha) JR
12-Austin Seivold (Calvert Hall) SR
13-Tre Puccinelli (South River) SR
14-Tyler Rendina (Arundel) JR
15-Andrew Lee (Leonardtown) JR
16-Owen Brooks (Damascus) JR
17-Kevin Maks (Westminster) SR
18-Mike Pearson (Spalding) JR
19-Steve Jernigan (John Carroll) JR
20-Austin Pagnotta (Glenelg) SR
21-Cameron Watts (Bel Air) JR
22-Nelson Phillips (Rising Sun) JR
23-Garard White (Chesapeake-BC) JR
24-Sinjin Shoop (Williamsport) JR
25-David Pipes (La Plata) JR

1-Charlie Perella (Catoctin) JR (W)
2-Justin Couto (Calvert) JR (S)
3-Zach Smith (Kent Island) JR (S)
4-Nelson Phillips (Rising Sun) JR (E)
5-Garard White (Chesapeake-BC) JR (N)
6-Sinjin Shoop (Williamsport) JR (W)

1-Austin Kraisser (Centennial) SO (E)
2-Brendon Colbert (North Hagerstown) SR (N)
3-Mitchell Zio (Paint Branch) SR (W)
4-Nick Bennett (Stephen Decatur) SR (S)
5-Tre Puccinelli (South River) SR (E)
6-Tyler Rendina (Arundel) JR (E)

1-Alfred Bannister (Bishop McNamara) SR
2-Cameron Harrell (McDonogh) JR
3-Paul Hutton (Good Counsel) SO
4-Lewis Riggs (DeMatha) JR
5-Austin Seivold (Calvert Hall) SR
6-Mike Pearson (Spalding) JR

***Justin Elwell (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR was #10 when his season ended prior to the state tournament (he was behind Hutton).
***Anthony Wyler (Boys Latin) JR was #18 when his season ended due to surgery on 2/11/14 (he was behind Maks and ahead of Lee).

1-Toby Hague (McDonogh) SR ***Maryland
2-Hunter Sutton (Winston Churchill) SR ***Navy
3-Adam Martz (Mountain Ridge) JR
4-Walter Johnson (Loyola) SR ***West Virginia
5-Connor Furst (Patuxent) SR
6-Colton Smith (Kent Island) SR ***McDaniel
7-Pat Guilday (Catoctin) SR
8-Malik Jackson (Wilde Lake) SR
9-Connor Strunk (Mt. Hebron) JR
10-Jacob Asher (Dulaney) SR
11-Sameh Boulos (Centennial) SR
12-Logan Hull (Manchester Valley) SR
13-Wade Bishop (North Caroline) SR
14-Colin McLaughlin (Damascus) SO
15-John Cross (Bel Air) SR
16-Parker Mellott (Urbana) SO
17-Jack Calder (Walt Whitman) SR
18-Garrett Ruderman (Wootton) JR
19-Colt Constantino (Huntingtown) SR
20-Clayton Vermillion (North Point) SR
21-Tyreke Rudolph (Mervo) JR
22-Micah Witherspoon (Randallstown) SR
23-Michael Budock (Glenelg) SR
24-Sidique Furet (Oakland Mills) JR
25-Garrett Neff (Good Counsel) SO

1-Adam Martz (Mountain Ridge) JR (W)
2-Connor Furst (Patuxent) SR (S)
3-Colton Smith (Kent Island) SR (S)
4-Pat Guilday (Catoctin) SR (W)
5-Logan Hull (Manchester Valley) SR (W)
6-Wade Bishop (North Caroline) SR (E)

1-Hunter Sutton (Winston Churchill) SR (W)
2-Malik Jackson (Wilde Lake) SR (E)
3-Connor Strunk (Mt. Hebron) JR (E)
4-Jacob Asher (Dulaney) SR (N)
5-Sameh Boulos (Centennial) SR (E)
6-Colin McLaughlin (Damascus) SO (W)

1-Toby Hague (McDonogh) SR
2-Walter Johnson (Loyola) SR
3-Garrett Neff (Good Counsel) SO
4-Brooks Lucier (St. Paul’s) JR
5-Daniel Medcalf (Severn) SO
6-Larry Lopez (DeMatha) SR

1-Logan Breitenbach (Spalding) SR ***Iowa State
2-Chris Almony (John Carroll) JR
3-Sam Rowell (Mt. St. Joe) JR
4-Travis Chidebe (Meade) JR
5-Jaron Smith (Oakland Mills) JR
6-Jackson Drum (Northern Calvert) SO
7-Wes Dantzler (Century) JR
8-Ray Jones (Parkdale) SR
9-Adam Keita (Winston Churchill) SR
10-Tucker Ziegler (Middletown) JR
11-Fred Johnson (Curley) SR
12-Rocco Bruno (Boys Latin) JR
13-Andrew Borradaile (Stephen Decatur) SR
14-Johnny Fischer (Damascus) JR
15-Tyler Maynard (Mountain Ridge) SR
16-Montana Walton (North Caroline) JR
17-Jarett Witzal (Landon) JR
18-Zachary Smith (Atholton) SR
19-Brent Martin (Magruder) JR
20-Coleman McHose (North Hagerstown) JR
21-Brady Daniel (River Hill) FR
22-Sean Hoffman (Dulaney) JR
23-Nyonbou Farley (Kenwood) SR
24-Will Barton (Rising Sun) SR
25-Dylan Gray (Hereford) JR

1-Jaron Smith (Oakland Mills) JR (S)
2-Wes Dantzler (Century) JR (W)
3-Tucker Ziegler (Middletown) JR (W)
4-Tyler Maynard (Mountain Ridge) SR (W)
5-Montana Walton (North Caroline) JR (E)
6-Will Barton (Rising Sun) SR (E)

1-Travis Chidebe (Meade) JR (E)
2-Jackson Drum (Northern Calvert) SO (S)
3-Ray Jones (Parkdale) SR (S)
4-Adam Keita (Winston Churchill) (W)
5-Andrew Borradaile (Stephen Decatur) SR (S)
6-Johnny Fischer (Damascus) JR (W)

1-Logan Breitenbach (Spalding) SR
2-Chris Almony (John Carroll) JR
3-Sam Rowell (Mt. St. Joe) JR
4-Fred Johnson (Curley) SR
5-Rocco Bruno (Boys Latin) JR
6-Jarett Witzal (Landon) JR

***Eric Maule (La Plata) SR was injured during the regionals. He won the SMAC tournament beating Drum in the semi-finals 7-4. He beat Ray Jones 3-1 in his 1st match in the regions before he injury defaulted in the semi-finals.

1-Myles Martin (McDonogh) JR ***Ohio State
2-Josh Llopez (St. Mary’s-Ryken) SR ***Liberty University
3-Connor Wagh (St. Paul’s) SR ***Bucknell
4-Eddie Merrill (North Carroll) SR
5-Anthony Cable (La Plata) SR
6-Ryan Sharp (Thomas Stone) JR
7-Tristan Ramberg (Huntingtown) JR
8-Shomari Stewart (Bowie) SR
9-Sebastian Ames (River Hill) SR
10-Shaine Middleton (Broadneck) SR
11-Joe Zoller (Glenelg) SR
12-Christian Scott (John Carroll) JR
13-Morgan McColgan (Curley) SR
14-Evan Dohler (Boys Latin) SR
15-Justin Peacock (Kent) SR
16-Adam Fitzwater (Brunswick) SR
17-Wade Slatniske (South Carroll) JR
18-Austin Harrison (Western Tech) SR
19-Donovan McAfee (Good Counsel) JR
20-Nolan Mugunda (Easton) JR
21-Jeff Moreno (Northwest-Mont) SR
22-Giulian Groce (Winston Churchill) JR
23-Islom Juraev (Owings Mills) JR
24-Ian Chiveral (Eastern Tech) SR
25-Gordie Reilly (Fallston) SR

1-Eddie Merrill (North Carroll) SR (W)
2-Justin Peacock (Kent) SR (E)
3-Adam Fitzwater (Brunswick) SR (W)
4-Wade Slatniske (South Carroll) JR (W)
5-Austin Harrison (Western Tech) SR (N)
6-Nolan Mugunda (Easton) JR (S)

1-Anthony Cable (La Plata) SR (S)
2-Ryan Sharp (Thomas Stone) JR (S)
3-Tristan Ramberg (Huntingtown) JR (S)
4-Shomari Stewart (Bowie) SR (S)
5-Sebastian Ames (River Hill) SR (E)
6-Shaine Middleton (Broadneck) SR (E)

1-Myles Martin (McDonogh) JR
2-Josh Llopez (St. Mary’s-Ryken) SR
3-Connor Wagh (St. Paul’s) SR
4-Christian Scott (John Carroll) JR
5-Morgan McColgan (Curley) SR
6-Evan Dohler (Boys Latin) SR
***Andrew Conine (Magruder) SR was #19 when his season ended due to injury at the region tournament (he was behind Groce and ahead of Hollman).

1-Hunter Ritter (John Carroll) JR
2-Jake Pooton (South Carroll) SR
3-Bryce Pappas (St. Mary’s) SR ***McDaniel
4-Nick Miller (Good Counsel) JR
5-Jacob Parker (Spalding) JR
6-Logan Rill (Mt. St. Joe) SO
7-Jared Rodriguez (Howard) SR
8-JD McKoy (North Hagerstown) SR
9-Wes Beattie (Reservoir) SR
10-Malik Smith (North County) SR
11-Austin Rutkowski (Fallston) SR
12-Plevon Pryor (Dunbar) SO
13-Dylan Juskus (Oakland Mills) SR
14-Seth Wagner (Brunswick) JR
15-Max Anderson (Gaithersburg) SR
16-Corrice Davis (Lackey) SR
17-Ari Cacopardo (Damascus) JR
18-Gibbs Tinne (Paint Branch) SO
19-Lk Lyles-El (Parkdale) SR
20-Austin Twigg (Glenelg) JR
21-Brendan Cowie (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
22-Doug Thier (C. Milton Wright) SR
23-Joe Miller (Hereford) SR
24-Cody Arigo (Fort Hill) SR
25-Zach Schall (North Caroline) JR

1-Jake Pooton (South Carroll) SR (W)
3-Austin Rutkowski (Fallston) SR (E)
2-Plevon Pryor (Dunbar) (N)
4-Dylan Juskus (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
5-Seth Wagner (Brunswick) JR (W)
6-Joe Miller (Hereford) SR (N)

1-Jared Rodriguez (Howard) SR (E)
2-JD McKoy (North Hagerstown) (N)
3-Wes Beattie (Reservoir) SR (E)
4-Malik Smith (North County) SR (E)
5-Max Anderson (Gaithersburg) SR (W)
6-Corrice Davis (Lackey) SR (S)

1-Hunter Ritter (John Carroll) JR
2-Bryce Pappas (St. Mary’s) SR
3-Nick Miller (Good Counsel) JR
4-Jacob Parker (Spalding) JR
5-Logan Rill (Mt. St. Joe) SO
6-Braden Nelligan (Severn) SR
***Troy Bohrer (Northern Calvert) SR was #10 before his season ended due to injury prior to the conference tournament (he was behind McKoy and ahead of Keadle, who is now at 195).

1-Dan Hawkins (Mt. St. Joe) SR ***Navy
2-Matt Olauson (Queen Annes) SR ***Campbell University
3-Logan Kirby (River Hill) SR ***Harvard
4-Garrett Pfeifer (Gilman) SR
5-Jake Nordhausen (Loyola) JR
6-Kevin Snyder (Good Counsel) SO
7-Casey Wokocha (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR
8-Mike Laury (Lackey) SR
9-Bryce Scott (Smithsburg) SO
10-Robby Happy (Sherwood) SR
11-Max Sessions (Walt Whitman) SR
12-James Kalavritinos (Winston Churchill) JR
13-Austin Keadle (Williamsport) JR
14-Austin Clark (Mountain Ridge) JR
15-Chris Park (Marriotts Ridge) SR
16-Macred Gbenro (Parkdale) SR
17-Craig Burris (Glenelg) SR
18-Kyrahn Perez (North Point) JR
19-Daviante Butler (Quince Orchard) SR
20-Segun Aboye (Meade) SR
21-Jaime Hunter (DeMatha) JR
22-Paul Triandafilou (Georgetown Prep) JR
23-Deon Williams (Long Reach) SR
24-Malcolm Johnson (North County) SR
25-Tristan Armstrong (Franklin) SR

1-Matt Olauson (Queen Annes) SR (S)
2-Bryce Scott (Smithsburg) SO (W)
3-Austin Keadle (Williamsport) JR (W)
4-Austin Clark (Mountain Ridge) JR (W)
5-Chris Park (Marriott’s Ridge) SR (S)
6-Zach Vincent (Oakland Mills) JR (S)

1-Logan Kirby (River Hill) SR (E)
2-Casey Wokocha (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR (S)
3-Mike Laury (Lackey) SR (S)
4-Robby Happy (Sherwood) SR (W)
5-Max Sessions (Walt Whitman) SR
6-James Kalavritinos (Winston Churchill) JR

1-Dan Hawkins (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Garrett Pfeifer (Gilman) SR
3-Jake Nordhausen (Loyola) JR
4-Kevin Snyder (Good Counsel) SO
5-Jaime Hunter (DeMatha) JR
6-Paul Triandafilou (Georgetown Prep) JR
***Billy Hess (Hereford) JR was #16 when his season ended in the county 1/4s due to injury (he was behind Triandafilou and ahead of Padden , who is now at 220).

1-Cory Daniel (River Hill) ***North Carolina
2-Mike Smith (McDonogh) JR
3-Mac Meehan (DeMatha) SR
4-Patrick Stewart (Georgetown Prep) SR
5-Brock Turnbaugh (Hereford) SR
6-Kyle Lamond (Northern Calvert) SR
7-Andy Reininger (John Carroll) SR
8-Mansur Abdul Malik (Pallotti) SO
9-Jake Utz (Winters Mill) SR
10-Eric Eckstein (Patterson Mill) SR
11-Ethan Eibl (Stephen Decatur) SR
12-Thomas Fitzpatrick (Richard Montgomery) SR
13-Callaway Lee (Catonsville) SR
14-Alfonzo Smith (Carver Vo-Tech) SR
15-Necho Freeman (Western Tech) SR
16-Adric Turner (Aberdeen) SR
17-Brian Mays (Leonardtown) SR
18-Bryan Darling (Queen Annes) SR
19-Drew Wade (Easton) SO
20-Isaiah Olugbemi (Arundel) JR
21-Brent Corrine (La Plata) SR
22-TJ Patterson (Northwest-Mont) JR
23-Cornell Wilson (Paint Branch) SO
24-Tim Mallet (Wheaton) SR
25-Rajee Washington (Southwestern) SR

1-Brock Turnbaugh (Hereford) SR (N)
2-Jake Utz (Winters Mill) SR (W)
3-Eric Eckstein (Patterson Mill) SR (E)
4-Alfonzo Smith (Carver Vo-Tech) SR (N)
5-Necho Freeman (Western Tech) SR (N)
6-Bryan Darling (Queen Annes) SR (S)

1-Cory Daniel (River Hill) SR (E)
2-Kyle Lamond (Northern Calvert) SR (S)
3-Ethan Eibl (Stephen Decatur) SR (S)
4-Thomas Fitzpatrick (Richard Montgomery) SR (W)
5-Callaway Lee (Catonsville) SR (N)
6-Adric Turner (Aberdeen) SR (E)

1-Mike Smith (McDonogh) JR
2-Mac Meehan (DeMatha) SR
3-Patrick Stewart (Georgetown Prep) SR
4-Andy Reininger (John Carroll) SR
5-Mansur Abdul Malik (Pallotti) SO
6-Austin Hurdle (Loyola) JR
***Mike Sullivan (Reservoir) SR (heading to Washington and Lee) was #5 when his season ended due to injury prior to regionals (he was behind Stewart and ahead of Reininger).

1-Wyatt Cook (McDonogh) JR
2-Dalonte Holland (Huntingtown) SR
2-Connor Tilton (Quince Orchard) SR
3-Scott Cross (Northern Calvert) JR
4-Aaron Dopson (North Hagerstown) JR
5-Nick Keller (Urbana) SR
6-Antonio Santoro (Pallotti) SR
7-Shane Lowman (Mt. St. Joe) SR ***Waynesburg
8-Brion Blades (North Caroline) SR
10-Alex Helm (Fallston) SR
11-Greg Smith (Randallstown) SR
12-Robb Donovan (Kent) SR
13-Alan Dorsey (C. Milton Wright) SR
14-Kevin Sigwart (Curley) JR
15-Dan Herman (Heights School) SO
16-Brady Scales (South Carroll) SR
17-Joe Baker (Cambridge-South Dorchester) SR
18-Drecon Hudson (Annapolis) JR
19-Collin Hoffler (North Point) JR
20-Desmond Kelly (Kenwood) JR
21-Tyler Smith (River Hill) JR
22-Marcus Forrester (Montgomery Blair) JR
23-CJ Allen (Aberdeen) SO
24-Dakota Crawford (Bel Air) SO
25-Floyd Clark (Old Mill) JR

1-Brion Blades (North Caroline) SR (E)
2-Alex Helm (Fallston) SR (E)
3-Greg Smith (Randallstown) SR (N)
4-Robb Donovan (Kent) SR (E)
5-Brady Scales (South Carroll) SR (W)
6-Joe Baker (Cambridge-South Dorchester) SR (E)

1-Dalonte Holland (Huntingtown) SR (S)
2-Connor Tilton (Quince Orchard) SR (W)
3-Scott Cross (Northern Calvert) JR (S)
4-Aaron Dopson (North Hagerstown) JR (N)
5-Nick Keller (Urbana) SR (N)
6-Alan Dorsey (C. Milton Wright) SR (E)

1-Wyatt Cook (McDonogh) JR
2-Antonio Santoro (Pallotti) SR
3-Shane Lowman (Mt. St. Joe) SR
4-Kevin Sigwart (Curley) JR
5-Dan Herman (Heights School) SO
6-Brian DeStefano (Severn) SR
***Jordan Reynolds (Catonsville) SR was #11 on 1/21/14 before his season ended due to injury (He was behind Cross and ahead of Shade).
***Ayodeji Agbelese (DuVal) SR was #14 when his season ended due to injury prior to regions (he was behind Sigwart and ahead of Hudson).
***Chris Young (Paint Branch) SR was #18 when he was injured at regionals and withdrew (he was behind Proctor and ahead of Hoffler).
***Landon Reecher (Broadneck) SR was #19 prior to counties. He did not participate due to injury.

Billy Buckheit