Final MSWA Rankings for Maryland High School Wrestling 2016

***I want to mention, as it has in the past, Tuesday’s All-Star Match WILL count towards the rankings***

Also, some divisions are tougher than others depending on weights. There are a few guys who were fifth in their region that are still in the rankings. They beat someone at their conference/county tournaments that is keeping them in the rankings. At this point in time, some early season losses have become irrelevant based on what has happened since.

As for teams, I’ll use Spalding as a very good example of using the big picture. They finished ahead of St. Paul’s at the Hub Cup, but have now placed behind St. Paul’s two weeks in a row. Spalding finished higher than Loyola at MMM & the MIAAs. They were only 7 points behind Loyola at the states, so given all the facts, I didn’t feel it was fair to use just one tournament to rank them.

As usual, I’m open for debate. But please use facts, not opinions to make a case. So and so is undefeated or I think/know he’s better are not relevant. RESULTS are relevant. Use them. If two guys haven’t met, or have no common opponents, then there is no basis for a change and you’ll just have to wait until they meet.

I haven’t really factored in the private school wrestlers’ state placements for an accomplishment yet. There were some cases where it was used, but for the most part, it’s not fair to use it as an ACC until the public school guys have their state tournament.

1-Good Counsel (40)
2-Mt. St. Joe (37)
3-McDonogh (36)
4-Damascus (35)
5-Oakdale (32)
6-Middletown (29)
7-North Hagerstown (27)
8-South Carroll (23)
T-Spalding (23)
10-Urbana (22)
11-Glenelg (20)
12-Leonardtown (14)
13-Huntingtown (13)
14-Loyola (12)
T-St. Paul’s (12)
16-Bethesda-Chevy Chase (7)
T-Oakland Mills (7)
18-Bel Air (6)
T-Georgetown Prep (6)
T-Old Mill (6)
T-Walt Whitman (6)

1-Good Counsel (20)
2-Mt. St. Joe (19)
3-Damascus (18)
4-McDonogh (17)
5-Oakdale (16)
6-Middletown (15)
7-North Hagerstown (14)
8-Spalding (13)
9-Glenelg (12)
10-Urbana (11)
11-Huntingtown (10)
12-Leonardtown (9)
13-South Carroll (8)
14-Bethesda-Chevy Chase (7)
15-Walt Whitman (6)
16-Bel Air (5)
17-Old Mill (4)
18-Loyola (3)
19-Stephen Decatur (2)
20-John Carroll (1)

Others to watch: St. Paul’s, Southern Garrett, South River, Williamsport, Dunbar, Oakland Mills, Gilman, Winters Mill, Westminster, Franklin, La Plata, Springbrook, Kent Island, Sparrows Point, Hereford, Easton, Catonsville, Broadneck, Parkdale, North Caroline, Northern Garrett, Curley

1-Good Counsel (20)
2-McDonogh (19)
3-Mt. St. Joe (18)
4-Damascus (17)
5-Oakdale (16)
6-South Carroll (15)
7-Middletown (14)
8-North Hagerstown (13)
9-St. Paul’s (12)
10-Urbana (11)
11-Spalding (10)
12-Loyola (9)
13-Glenelg (8)
14-Oakland Mills (7)
15-Georgetown Prep (6)
16-Leonardtown (5)
17-Parkdale (4)
18-Huntingtown (3)
19-Old Mill (2)
20-Bel Air (1)

Others to watch: South River, John Carroll, Dunbar, North Caroline, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Walter Johnson, Walt Whitman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Williamsport, Catoctin, Southern Garrett, Arundel, Sparrows Point, Winters Mill, Hereford

1-Kurt McHenry (St. Paul’s) FR
2-Chris Spano (Marriotts Ridge) JR
3-PJ Truntich (Spalding) FR
4-Jared Thomas (Good Counsel) FR
5-Robert Kaminski (Stephen Decatur) JR
6-Gage Beavan (Chopticon) SR
7-Ryan Bauer (North Caroline) FR
8-Brent Lorin (Bel Air) FR
9-Nick Vila (Chesapeake-AA) SR
10-Ryan Leventhal (McDonogh) FR
11-Eli Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) FR
12-Dalton Tiffany (North Hagerstown) SO
13-Daiquan Anderson (Oakland Mills) JR
14-Terrell Mills (Poly)JR
15-Ethan Fuss (Catoctin) SO
16-Shane Hovermale (Smithsburg) FR
17-Calvin Brumfield (South River) SO
18-Haven Huntzberry (Boonsboro) JR
19-Brison Dixon (Southern Garrett) JR
20-Logan Gwin (Glenelg) SO
21-Kidus Gebrgiongois (Parkdale) JR
22-Nebiu Gebrehana (High Point) JR
23-Christian Balmoris (Springbrook) JR
24-Kemper Stearns (Walter Johnson) SO
25-Ryan Wagener (Eastern Tech) FR

Others to watch:
Michael Fouts Jr. (Sparrows Point) FR
Alex Carbonell (Poolesville) FR
Matt Childs (Fallston) JR
Vinnie Catania (Tuscarora) SO

***Josh Ford (Fallston) SO was No.11 when his season ended due to a concussion at regionals. He was ahead of Guttentag and behind Leventhal.

1-Chris Spano (Marriotts Ridge) JR (S)
2-Ryan Bauer (North Caroline) FR (E)
3-Daiquan Anderson (Oakland Mills) JR (S)
4-Ethan Fuss (Catoctin) SO (W)
5-Shane Hovermale (Smithsburg) FR (W)
6-Haven Huntzberry (Boonsboro) JR (W)

1-Robert Kaminski (Stephen Decatur) JR (S)
2-Gage Beavan (Chopticon) SR (S)
3-Brent Lorin (Bel Air) FR (E)
4-Nick Vila (Chesapeake-AA) SR (E)
5-Eli Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) (W)
6-Dalton Tiffany (North Hagerstown) SO (N)

1-Kurt McHenry (St. Paul’s) FR
2-PJ Truntich (Spalding) FR
3-Jared Thomas (Good Counsel) FR
4-Ryan Leventhal (McDonogh) FR
5-Tyler Trout (Mt. Carmel) FR
6-Deshawn Strand (Loyola) FR

1-Joey Thomas (South Carroll) JR
2-King Sandoval (St. Mary’s-Ryken) SO
3-Nathan Gainey (Arundel) JR
4-Jarrett Jacobs (Urbana) SR
5-Nasir Tucker (Mardela) JR
6-John McLaughlin (Damascus) FR
7-Zach Bryant (Catoctin) SO
8-Ray Kable (McDonogh) FR
9-CJ Cramma (Magruder) SO
10-Cord Richardson (Good Counsel) SO
11-Chris Kirchner (North County) JR
12-Ryan Thomas (Loyola) SO
13-Luke Strappelli (John Carroll) SO
14-Kobe Borda (Georgetown Prep) FR
15-Pat Langeluttig (Mt. St. Joe) SO
16-Devin Hyman (Fallston) SR
17-Devin Wilhelm (Northern Garrett) JR
18-Nate Tasker (Southern Garrett) SO
19-Jeffery Henlein (Boonsboro) SO
20-Hoyt Chaney (North Hagerstown) JR
21-Carson Cunha (Oakdale) SO
22-Jonathan Dosso (Kennedy) SR
23-Letrell Harris (Springbrook) SR
24-Tyson McDuffy (Owings Mills) SO
25-Axel Giron (Parkdale) FR

Others to watch:
Parker McDowell (Leonardtown) SO
Josh Lawson (Stephen Decatur) JR
Mike Bellerose (La Plata) SO
Jacob Hejeebu (Marriott’s Ridge) SR
Chase Williams (Oakland Mills) FR

***Jimmy Cavin (Hereford) JR was No.6 when he suffered an injury at counties. He was ahead of McLaughlin and behind Tucker.
***Ryan Crosby (Clarksburg) JR was No.9 when his season ended prior to the state tournament. He was ahead of Cramma and behind Kable.
***Rick Couch (Spalding) FR was No.12 when his season ended due to injury. He was ahead of Crosby and behind Richardson.
***Casey Payne (Old Mill) JR was No.12 when his season ended prior to the state tournament. He was ahead of Thomas and behind Kirchner.

1-Joey Thomas (South Carroll) JR (W)
2-Nasir Tucker (Mardela) JR (E)
3-Zach Bryant (Catoctin) SO (W)
4-Devin Hyman (Fallston) SR (E)
5-Devin Wilhelm (Northern Garrett) JR (W)
6-Nate Tasker (Southern Garrett) SO (W)

1-Nathan Gainey (Arundel) JR (E)
2-Jarrett Jacobs (Urbana) SR (N)
3-John McLaughlin (Damascus) FR (W)
4-CJ Cramma (Magruder) SO (W)
5-Chris Kirchner (North County) JR (E)
6-Hoyt Chaney (North Hagerstown) JR (N)

1-King Sandoval (St. Mary’s-Ryken) SO
2-Ray Kable (McDonogh) FR
3-Cord Richardson (Good Counsel) SO
4-Ryan Thomas (Loyola) SO
5-Luke Strappelli (John Carroll) SO
6-Kobe Borda (Georgetown Prep) FR

1-Brian Stuart (North Hagerstown) SO
2-Cody Trybus (Mt. St. Joe) SR ***Navy
3-Cameron Butler (La Plata) SR ***Clarion
4-Nathan White (DeMatha) SO
5-Travis Crawford (McDonogh) FR
6-Nick Malinowski (Boys’ Latin) SR
7-Antonio Lopez (Quince Orchard) SR
8-Nathan LaBille (Arundel) SR
9-Nick Kilby (Springbrook) SR
10-Kyle Farace (Oakland Mills) SO
11-Jacob Blyukher (Centennial) SO
12-Willie Hampton (Atholton) SR
13-Ryan Castro (South River) JR
14-Alex Rounceville (Southern-AA) JR
15-Garrett Fisk (Spalding) FR
16-Nick Dintino (St. Paul’s) SO
17-Matt Siems (Gilman) SR
18-Chris Sanchez (Good Counsel) FR
19-Brian Truppo (Poolesville) JR
20-TJ Macklin (Damascus) JR
21-Abraam Benitez (Northwestern-PG) SR
22-Hanry Narbay (Oxon Hill) SR
23-Earl Blake (Linganore) FR
24-Cam Werner (South Carroll) FR
25-Khalil Rich (Hereford) JR

Others to watch:
Cody Crawford (Williamsport) SO
Jake Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SO
Quran Carter (Dunbar) SR
Cody Swigart (Urbana) SO

***Matt Shealy (River Hill) SR was #4 when his season ended due to injury. The defending state champion was behind Trybus and ahead of Gainey.
***Jake Griffin (Liberty) SO was No.25 when his season ended. He was ahead of Blyukher and behind Werner.

1-Cameron Butler (La Plata) SR ***Clarion (S)
2-Kyle Farace (Oakland Mills) SO (S)
3-Alex Rounceville (Southern-AA) JR (S)
4-Cam Werner (South Carroll) FR (W)
5-Khalil Rich (Hereford) JR (N)
6-Cody Crawford (Williamsport) SO (W)

1-Brian Stuart (North Hagerstown) SO (N)
2-Antonio Lopez (Quince Orchard) SR (W)
3-Nathan LaBille (Arundel) SR (E)
4-Nick Kilby (Springbrook) SR (W)
5-Jacob Blyukher (Centennial) SO (E)
6-Willie Hampton (Atholton) SR (E)

1-Cody Trybus (Mt. St. Joe) SR ***Navy
2-Nathan White (DeMatha) SO
3-Travis Crawford (McDonogh) FR
4-Nick Malinowski (Boys’ Latin) SR
5-Garrett Fisk (Spalding) FR
6-Nick Dintino (St. Paul’s) SO

1-Daniel Planta (St. Paul’s) JR
2-Michael Doetsch (Severn) SR ***University of Maryland
3-Scott Obendorfer (Damascus) JR
4-Cameron DeLucia (Oakdale) SO
5-Ryker Eckenbarger (Westminster) SR
6-Caden Mareno (McDonogh) SO
7-Ryan Garretson (Spalding) SO
8-Justin Beckley (Williamsport) SR
9-Colin McDonald (Patterson Mill) SR
10-Jack Connolly (Winston Churchill) SO
11-Joe Sanchez (Magruder) SR
12-Tom Boldosser (South Carroll) SR
13-Tyler Harbison (Good Counsel) FR
14-Logan Arneson (Urbana) JR
15-Alimzhan Yakhuzov (North Hagerstown) SR
16-John Rynn (Oakland Mills) JR
17-Robbie Fleming (Old Mill) SO
18-Joe McCord (Georgetown Prep) JR
19-Kyle Capps (Chopticon) SR
20-Zach McAleer (Manchester Valley) JR
21-Sam Kraus (Glenelg) SR
22-Aaron Nelson (North Carroll) SR
23-Jarrad Martin (Catonsville) SR
24-Sean Farran (Middletown) JR
25-Max Hammond (Sparrows Point) FR

Others to watch:
Collin McNicholas (Hereford) SR
Isaiah Williams (Parkdale) SR

***Kyle Trybus (Mt. St. Joe) SR ***Navy was No.3 before his season ended due to injury. He was ahead of Obendorfer and behind Doetsch.

1-Justin Beckley (Williamsport) SR (W)
2-Colin McDonald (Patterson Mill) SR (E)
3-Tom Boldosser (South Carroll) SR (W)
4-John Rynn (Oakland Mills) JR (S)
5-Zach McAleer (Manchester Valley) JR (W)
6-Aaron Nelson (North Carroll) SR (W)

1-Scott Obendorfer (Damascus) JR (W)
2-Cameron DeLucia (Oakdale) SO (N)
3-Ryker Eckenbarger (Westminster) SR (N)
4-Jack Connolly (Winston Churchill) SO (W)
5-Joe Sanchez (Magruder) SR (W)
6-Logan Arneson (Urbana) JR (N)

1-Daniel Planta (St. Paul’s) JR
2-Michael Doetsch (Severn) SR ***University of Maryland
3-Caden Mareno (McDonogh) SO
4-Ryan Garretson (Spalding) SO
5-Tyler Harbison (Good Counsel) FR
6-Joe McCord (Georgetown Prep) JR

1-Danny Bertoni (Middletown) JR
2-Shawn Orem (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Braeden Alevizatos (Gilman) JR
4-Jason Kraisser (Centennial) FR
5-Ryan Lawrence (Damascus) SO
6-Andy McKahan (Stephen Decatur) JR
7-Alex LaVeck (McDonogh) FR
8-Josh Laubach (Curley) SO
9-Kyle McDonald (Oakdale) JR
10-Justin Thomas (Kent Island) SR
11-Camryn Grindle (Perry Hall) JR
12-Ricky Bryant (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR
13-Luis Orellana (Richard Montgomery) SR
14-James Bamberger (Walt Whitman) SR
15-Seamus Selmi (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) FR
16-Isaiah Edmond (North Point) SO
17-Jake Mackenzie (South Carroll) JR
18-Dylan Blau (St. Paul’s) FR
19-Marcelo Motta (Bullis) JR
20-Tyler Savage (Spalding) FR
21-Silas Filliaux (Rising Sun) FR
22-Will Sadowski (North Harford) JR
23-Justin Gatewood (Oakland Mills) SR
24-Chae Neale (Dunbar) SR
25-Zorey Anderson (Edmondson) JR

Others to watch:
Mike Jantz (North Caroline) SR
Ryan Collins (Urbana) SR
Berkley Todd (Digital Harbor) SR
Cameron Ritchey (Mountain Ridge) SO
Joshua Small (Catoctin) SO
Jace Guy (Southern Garrett) FR

***Ethan Hoenig (Sparrows Point) JR was No.18 when his season ended due to injury. He was ahead of Gatewood and behind Silk.

1-Danny Bertoni (Middletown) JR (W)
2-Justin Thomas (Kent Island) SR (S)
3-Jake Mackenzie (South Carroll) JR (W)
4-Silas Filliaux (Rising Sun) FR (E)
5-Justin Gatewood (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
6-Chae Neale (Dunbar) SR (N)

1-Jason Kraisser (Centennial) FR (E)
2-Ryan Lawrence (Damascus) SO (W)
3-Andy McKahan (Stephen Decatur) JR (S)
4-Kyle McDonald (Oakdale) JR (N)
5-Camryn Grindle (Perry Hall) JR (N)
6-Ricky Bryant (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR (S)

1-Shawn Orem (Mt. St. Joe) JR
2-Braeden Alevizatos (Gilman) JR
3-Alex LaVeck (McDonogh) FR
4-Josh Laubach (Curley) SO
5-Dylan Blau (St. Paul’s) FR
6-Marcelo Motta (Bullis) JR

1-Ethan Krause (Georgetown Prep) JR
2-Quinn Devaney (McDonogh) JR ***University of MD
3-Devan Hamrick (Southern Garrett) SR
4-Aaron Brooks (North Hagerstown) SO
5-Logan McKoy (Oakdale) JR
6-Nick Goray (Spalding) JR
7-Josh Paige (Middletown) SO
8-Brendon Gallagher (Landon) SO ***Dartmouth
9-Xavier Howard (Wheaton) SR
10-JD FitzPatrick (Walter Johnson) JR
11-John Allan Furgeson (Damascus) SO
12-Chase Pennell (Old Mill) JR
13-Ariq Nixon (Edgewood) JR
14-Edgar Cruz (Richard Montgomery) SR
15-Tyler Whitlock (High Point) SR
16-Elijah Murphy (Northwestern-PG) SR
17-Seth Fillers (Mt. St. Joe) FR
18-Shane Chavis (Kenwood) SR
19-Shane Acton (Urbana) SO
20-Isaac Myers (John Carroll) FR
21-Dakota Thompson (Oakland Mills) SR
22-Logan Ziervogel (Fallston) SR
23-Teddy Nava (Century) SR
24-Jimmy Hayden (Mt. Hebron) JR
25-Jacob Jones (Glenelg) FR

Others to watch:
Chris Howes (Calvert) SR
Julius Snead (Wicomico) JR
Connor McCormick (North Caroline) SR
Ryan Domogauer (Kent Island) SR

***Dominick Reyes (Loyola) JR was No.7 when he suffered an injury at the MIAA tourney. His return is questionable. He was behind Goray (who he was beating 7-1 at the time of the injury) and ahead of Reed.

1-Devan Hamrick (Southern Garrett) SR (W)
2-Josh Paige (Middletown) SO (W)
3-Dakota Thompson (Oakland Mills) SR (S)
4-Logan Ziervogel (Fallston) SR (E)
5-Teddy Nava (Century) SR (W)
6-Chris Howes (Calvert) SR (S)

1-Aaron Brooks (North Hagerstown) SO (N)
2-Logan McKoy (Oakdale) JR (N)
3-Xavier Howard (Wheaton) SR (W)
4-JD FitzPatrick (Walter Johnson) JR (W)
5-John Allan Furgeson (Damascus) SO (W)
6-Chase Pennell (Old Mill) JR (E)

1-Ethan Krause (Georgetown Prep) JR
2-Quinn Devaney (McDonogh) JR ***University of MD
3-Nick Goray (Spalding) JR
4-Brendon Gallagher (Landon) SO ***Dartmouth
5-Seth Fillers (Mt. St. Joe) FR
6-Isaac Myers (John Carroll) FR

1-Kevin Budock (Good Counsel) SR ***Old Dominion
2-Sam Martino (McDonogh) SR ***Virginia
3-DeAndre Reed (Digital Harbor) SR
4-Isaiah Brooks (North Hagerstown) SR
5-Kahlan Lee-Lermer (Boys’ Latin) SR ***University of Chicago
6-Austin Smith (John Carroll) SR
7-Jake Makosy (Urbana) JR
8-Adam Bain (Middletown) JR
9-David Hollingsworth (Owings Mills) JR
10-Logan Wilson (Walter Johnson) SR
11-Andrey Kalwa (Harford Tech) SR
12-Alex Brown (Bullis) SR
13-Trevor Jewell (Southern-AA) SR
14-Davey Creegan (Damascus) SR
15-JJ Bravo (Winston Churchill) SR
16-Sufyan Madyun (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
17-Connor Waskiewicz (North Carroll) SR
18-Todd Del Tufo (Reservoir) SO
19-Avery Thurman (Dunbar) JR
20-Jack Eberhard (Spalding) SR ***West Virginia
21-Parker Griffie (Glenelg) SR
22-Ammar Narmouq (Centennial) JR
23-Logan Garland (Manchester Valley) SR
24-Ben Goodfriend (Landon) SR
25-BJ Borowski (Glenelg Country School)

Others to watch:
Tyler Bauer (North Caroline) SO
Jimmy Schwab (Southern Garrett) JR
Nick Sulhoff (Huntingtown) JR

***Jordan Day (Northern Garrett) was #17 on 1/31. He suffered an injury and his return is unlikely. He was behind Bravo, and ahead of Goodfriend.

1-Adam Bain (Middletown) JR (W)
2-David Hollingsworth (Owings Mills) JR (N)
3-Andrey Kalwa (Harford Tech) SR (E)
4-Trevor Jewell (Southern-AA) SR (S)
5-Connor Waskiewicz (North Carroll) SR (W)
6-Avery Thurman (Dunbar) JR (N)

1-DeAndre Reed (Digital Harbor) SR (N)
2-Isaiah Brooks (North Hagerstown) SR (N)
3-Jake Makosy (Urbana) JR (N)
4-Logan Wilson (Walter Johnson) SR (W)
5-Davey Creegan (Damascus) SR (W)
6-JJ Bravo (Winston Churchill) SR (W)

1-Kevin Budock (Good Counsel) SR ***Old Dominion
2-Sam Martino (McDonogh) SR ***Virginia
3-Kahlan Lee-Lermer (Boys’ Latin) SR ***University of Chicago
4-Austin Smith (John Carroll) SR
5-Alex Brown (Bullis) SR
6-Jack Eberhard (Spalding) SR ***West Virginia

1-Mitch Fenton (Walt Whitman) SR
2-Shane Conners (South Carroll) SR ***Washington & Lee
3-Bailey Thomas (Good Counsel) JR
4-Neil Schuster (Mt. St. Joe) JR
5-Kayleb Forsythe (Leonardtown) SR
6-Gino Sita (Huntingtown) JR
7-Robert Doetsch (Dundalk) JR
8-Blake Matthews (Bullis) SR
9-Andy Milner (John Carroll) SR
10-Jake Nielson (Oakdale) SO
11-Brendan Parent (Damascus) JR
12-Anthony Gamble (Arundel) SR
13-Jacob Jarosz (Severn) SO
14-Garrett Murray (Glenelg) JR
15-Lance Adriani (Northern Calvert)
16-Scott Miser (Bel Air) JR
17-Evan Bliden (Liberty) SO
18-Marcus Folk (Mountain Ridge) SO
19-Josue Curbean (Edmondson-Westside) SR
20-Tanner Canfield (Williamsport) SR
21-TJ Quelet (St. James) FR
22-DeAndre Tackett (McDonogh) JR
23-Greg Amaral (Loyola) SR
24-Dylan Workman (Thomas Stone) SR
25-Sean Billups (Atholton) FR

Others to watch:
Thomas Olson (Marriotts Ridge) SR
Darius Walker (Central) SO
Josh Merkle (Southern-AA) SO
Philipe Shaidenfish (Franklin) SR
Hassan Garrison (Northwest-Mont) SR
Mohamed Bangura (Magruder) SR
Jemar Cannon (Dunbar) SO

***Caleb Wilson (Georgetown Prep) JR was No.12 when his season ended due to injury. He was ahead of Gamble and behind Matthews.

1-Shane Conners (South Carroll) SR ***Washington & Lee (W)
2-Evan Bliden (Liberty) SO (W)
3-Marcus Folk (Mountain Ridge) SO (W)
4-Josue Curbean (Edmondson-Westside) SR (N)
5-Tanner Canfield (Williamsport) SR (W)
6-Dylan Workman (Thomas Stone) SR (S)

1-Mitch Fenton (Walt Whitman) SR (W)
2-Kayleb Forsythe (Leonardtown) SR (S)
3-Gino Sita (Huntingtown) JR (S)
4-Robert Doetsch (Dundalk) JR (N)
5-Jake Nielson (Oakdale) SO (N)
6-Brendan Parent (Damascus) JR (W)

1-Bailey Thomas (Good Counsel) JR
2-Neil Schuster (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Blake Matthews (Bullis) SR
4-Andy Milner (John Carroll) SR
5-Jacob Jarosz (Severn) SO
6-TJ Quelet (St. James) FR

1-Austin Kraisser (Centennial) SR ***Campbell
2-Jamar Williams (South Carroll) JR
3-Dale Tiongson (St. Paul’s) JR
4-Garrett Neff (Good Counsel) SR ***Duke
5-Aryemis Brown (Bullis) JR
6-Colin McLaughlin (Damascus) SR
7-Alec Cohen (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
8-Tristin Breen (Huntingtown) SO
9-Chase DeMaille (Oakdale) JR
10-Jakub Kielb (Walter Johnson) SR
11-Jerry Moschel (Williamsport) SR
12-Kyleel Buckner (Dunbar) JR
13-Brysan Day (Northern Garrett) SR
14-Aaron Cranston (Gilman) SR
15-Andrew Hurdle (McDonogh) SO
16-Tyler Jones (Rising Sun) SR
17-Jacob Sweigart (Havre de Grace) SR
18-Eddie Burghstahler (Easton) SR
19-Austin Muss (Georgetown Prep) SR
20-John Van Houten (St. Mary’s-Ryken) SR
21-Marcus Suri (Mt. St. Joe) SO
22-Matt McHale (Spalding) SR
23-Garrett Hunt-Hysan (Southern-AA) SR
24-Jeffrey Belt III (Dundalk) SR
25-John Podsednik (Leonardtown) FR

Others to watch:
Garrett Vandervalk (Westminster) JR
Neal Rinker (Winters Mill) SR ***McDaniel
Antonio Tucker (Suitland) SR
Brenton Johns (Catonsville) JR
Chase Lunsford (South River) SR
Max Sotka (Glenelg) SO
Brett Williams (Quince Orchard) JR

***Nate Malinowski (Boys’ Latin) SR was No.8 when his season ended due to a concussion. He was above Sweigart and behind Brown.
***Brett Kim (Stephen Decatur) SR was No.11 after the War on the Shore, where he suffered a season ending injury. He was above Burghstahler and behind Sweigart.
***Aaron Robertson (Springbrook) SR was No.13 when his season ended after counties. He was above Moschel and behind Kielb.

1-Jamar Williams (South Carroll) JR (W)
2-Jerry Moschel (Williamsport) SR (W)
3-Kyleel Buckner (Dunbar) JR (N)
4-Brysan Day (Northern Garrett) SR (W)
5-Tyler Jones (Rising Sun) SR (E)
6-Jacob Sweigart (Havre de Grace) SR (E)

1-Austin Kraisser (Centennial) SR ***Campbell (E)
2-Colin McLaughlin (Damascus) SR (W)
3-Alec Cohen (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR (W)
4-Tristin Breen (Huntingtown) SO (S)
5-Chase DeMaille (Oakdale) JR (N)
6-Jakub Kielb (Walter Johnson) SR (W)

1-Dale Tiongson (St. Paul’s) JR
2-Garrett Neff (Good Counsel) SR ***Duke
3-Aryemis Brown (Bullis) JR
4-Aaron Cranston (Gilman) SR
5-Andrew Hurdle (McDonogh) SO
6-Austin Muss (Georgetown Prep) SR

1-Ethan Smith (Aberdeen) JR
2-Nick Moreno (Loyola) SR ***Coast Guard Academy
3-Paul Hutton (Good Counsel) SR ***Indiana University
4-Justin Henry (Mt. St. Joe) FR
5-Jack Parr (St. Paul’s) FR
6-Louis Bernard (James M. Bennett) SR
7-Jon Proctor (Annapolis) SR
8-Justin Budd (Poolesville) SR
9-Ben Lokos (Damascus) SO
10-Ryan Shubert (Oakdale) SR ***M.I.T.
11-Marcos Solloso (Walt Whitman) SR
12-Austin Stith (Gaithersburg) SO
13-Khalil Owens (Northwest-Mont) JR
14-Ernie Sigmon (St. Mary’s-Ryken) SO
15-Nick Blake (Hereford) SR
16-Zakir Muradov (Pikesville) SR
17-Austin Raines (Westminster)SR
18-Eugene Zacerous (Perryville) JR
19-Kyle Fisher (Winters Mill) SR
20-Wes Wenzlaff (Tuscarora) SR
21-Alexander Green (Leonardtown) SO
22-Jordan Bellamy (Bishop McNamara) SR
23-Blake Evans (North Point) SR
24-Jerome Harris-Reed (Charles H. Flowers) SR
25-Brady Loveless (Kent Island) JR

Others to watch:
Luke Crowe (Dundalk) SR

***Austin Ross (John Carroll) SR was No.5 when his season ended. He was above Bernard and behind Parr, who he split matches with.
***Griffin Brown (Landon) was No.23 when his season ended. He was above Robilotto and behind Funn
***Reid Robilotto (The Heights School) SR was No.24 when his season ended due to injury. He was ahead of Fisher and behind Brown.

1-Nick Blake (Hereford) SR (N)
2-Zakir Muradov (Pikesville) SR (N)
3-Eugene Zacerous (Perryville) JR (E)
4-Kyle Fisher (Winters Mill) SR (W)
5-Brady Loveless (Kent Island) JR (S)
6-Cody Davis (Century) JR (W)

1-Ethan Smith (Aberdeen) JR (E)
2-Louis Bernard (James M. Bennett) SR (S)
3-Jon Proctor (Annapolis) SR (E)
4-Justin Budd (Poolesville) SR (W)
5-Ben Lokos (Damascus) SO (W)
6-Ryan Shubert (Oakdale) SR ***M.I.T. (N)

1-Nick Moreno (Loyola) SR ***Coast Guard Academy
2-Paul Hutton (Good Counsel) SR ***Indiana University
3-Justin Henry (Mt. St. Joe) FR
4-Jack Parr (St. Paul’s) FR
5-Ernie Sigmon (St. Mary’s-Ryken) SO
6-Jordan Bellamy (Bishop McNamara) SR

1-Jackson Drum (Northern Calvert) SR
2-Logan Rill (Mt. St. Joe) SR ***Buffalo
3-Paul Purkey (Good Counsel) SO
4-Kobe Baker (Williamsport) SR
5-David Schultz (Linganore) SO
6-Daniel Medcalf (Severn) SR
7-Reid Chaconas (Glenelg Country School) SR
8-Joe Scott (Calvert Hall) SR
9-Noah Kalishman (St. Paul’s) JR
10-Sean Guthier (River Hill) SR
11-Alex Eaton (North Caroline) JR
12-Josh Rackey (Chopticon) SR
13-Patrick Okocha (Walter Johnson) SR
14-Marcelo McAndrew (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
15-Nate Hammond (Old Mill) SR
16-Tommy Gomez (Bel Air) JR
17-Trevor Bellotte (Severna Park) SR
18-Kevin Makosy (Urbana) FR
19-Brian Gelb (Landon) SR
20-Riley Stewart (Georgetown Prep) JR
21-Talmedge Eller (South Carroll) SR
22-Anthony Bradley (Oxon Hill) SR
23-Ike Ogwuegbu (Northwestern) SR
24-Noah Johnson (Western Tech) JR
25-Juwan Rodriguez (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR

Others to watch:
Ezra Alexander (Walt Whitman) SR
Austin Smith (Paint Branch) FR
Dwayne Johnson (Dunbar) SO
Mervyn Crawford (Poly) FR
Michael Dunn (Edmondson) SR

***Jimmy Lucas (Mt. St. Joe) SR was #20 when his season ended due to a knee injury. He was behind Ramirez and ahead of Litvak.

1-Kobe Baker (Williamsport) SR (W)
2-Alex Eaton (North Caroline) JR (E)
3-Talmedge Eller (South Carroll) SR (W)
4-Noah Johnson (Western Tech) JR (N)
5-Dwayne Johnson (Dunbar) SO (N)
6-Michael Dunn (Edmondson) SR (N)

1-Jackson Drum (Northern Calvert) SR (S)
2-David Schultz (Linganore) SO (N)
3-Sean Guthier (River Hill) SR (E)
4-Josh Rackey (Chopticon) SR (S)
5-Patrick Okocha (Walter Johnson) SR (W)
6-Marcelo McAndrew (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR (W)

1-Logan Rill (Mt. St. Joe) SR ***Buffalo
2-Paul Purkey (Good Counsel) SO
3-Daniel Medcalf (Severn) SR
4-Reid Chaconas (Glenelg Country School) SR
5-Joe Scott (Calvert Hall) SR
6-Noah Kalishman (St. Paul’s) JR

1-Kevin Snyder (Good Counsel) SR ***Ohio State
2-Ethan Bare (Manchester Valley) SR
3-AJ Strott (Reservoir) SR
4-Plevon Pryor (Dunbar) SR
5-Jacob Brummett (Gilman) JR
6-K’lijah Mitchell (Central) SR
7-Jon Milstreed (Francis Scott Key) SR
8-Kyle Craven (Severna Park) SR
9-CJ Allen (Aberdeen) SR
10-Wyatt Graham (C. Milton Wright) SO
11-Tyleigh Horton (Eastern Tech) SR
12-Eugene Latson (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR
13-Nathan Forschner (Parkdale) JR
14-Steven Armentrout (Northern Calvert) SR
15-Jared Burgoyne (Huntingtown) JR
16-Gibbs Tinne (Paint Branch) SR
17-Kris Elliot (Lackey) SR
18-Tyrone Roper (Curley) JR
19-Danny Gilmore (Loyola) SR
20-Bryce DeMaille (Oakdale) SO
21-Martin Daniel (Milford Mill) SR
22-Dion Thomas (Mervo) SR
23-Tyler Clemmer (Middletown) JR
24-Sean Michael Ahimon (Covenant Life School) SR
25-Cameron Hoppman (Rockville) JR

Others to watch:
Gabe McAndrew (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO
Dennis Pittinger (Catoctin) SO
Bryan Outten (Snow Hill) SR

***Andrew Raines (Westminster) suffered an injury at the Westminster Duals, his return is uncertain. He was be #6 at the time behind Pryor and ahead of Strott.

1-Ethan Bare (Manchester Valley) SR (W)
2-Plevon Pryor (Dunbar) SR (N)
3-K’lijah Mitchell (Central) SR (S)
4-Jon Milstreed (Francis Scott Key) (W)
5-Tyleigh Horton (Eastern Tech) SR (N)
6-Kris Elliot (Lackey) SR (S)

1-AJ Strott (Reservoir) SR (E)
2-Kyle Craven (Severna Park) SR (E)
3-CJ Allen (Aberdeen) SR (E)
4-Wyatt Graham (C. Milton Wright) SO (E)
5-Eugene Latson (Eleanor Roosevelt) (S)
6-Nathan Forschner (Parkdale) JR (S)

1-Kevin Snyder (Good Counsel) SR ***Ohio State
2-Jacob Brummett (Gilman) JR
3-Tyrone Roper (Curley)JR
4-Danny Gilmore (Loyola) SR
5-Sean-Michael Ahimon (Covenant Life School) SR
6-CJ Williams (Bullis) SR

1-Brady Daniel (Good Counsel) JR
2-Bryce Scott (Smithsburg) SR
3-John Urban (St. Paul’s) SO
4-Cornell Wilson (Paint Branch) SR
5-Pat Bernardo (Wootton) SR
6-Ravil Aliyev (Pikesville) SR
7-Andreas Silva (Urbana) SR
8-Jorden Pryor (Dunbar) FR
9-Sean Mullican (Middletown) JR
10-James Geer (Curley) SR
11-Thomas Gates (Georgetown Prep) JR
12-Parker Robinson (McDonogh) SO
13-Alex Caltrider (Loyola) SR
14-Keagan Rill (Mt. St. Joe) SO
15-Drew Wade (Easton) SR
16-Chibueze Onwuka (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR
17-Naseef Kareem (Catonsville) SR
18-Shawn Hamilton (Reservoir) SR
19-Tavoy Maddox (Calvert) SR
20-Chris Bonilla (Meade) JR
21-Dakota Crawford (Bel Air) SR
22-Nick Nordhausen (Mt. Hebron) SO
23-Josh Hunter (Landon) SR
24-Adam Berg (John Carroll) SO
25-Adam Brown (Parkdale) SR

Others to watch:
Marvin Mitchell (Northern Calvert) JR

1-Bryce Scott (Smithsburg) SR (W)
2-Ravil Aliyev (Pikesville) SR (N)
3-Jorden Pryor (Dunbar) FR (N)
4-Sean Mullican (Middletown) JR (W)
5-Drew Wade (Easton) SR (E)
6-Tavoy Maddox (Calvert) SR (S)

1-Cornell Wilson (Paint Branch) SR (W)
2-Pat Bernardo (Wootton) SR (W)
3-Andreas Silva (Urbana) SR (N)
4-Chibueze Onwuka (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR (S)
5-Naseef Kareem (Catonsville) SR (N)
6-Shawn Hamilton (Reservoir) SR (E)

1-Brady Daniel (Good Counsel) JR
2-John Urban (St. Paul’s) SO
3-James Geer (Curley) SR
4-Thomas Gates (Georgetown Prep) JR
5-Parker Robinson (McDonogh) SO
6-Alex Caltrider (Loyola) SR

1-Mansur Abdul Malik (Pallotti) JR ***University of MD
2-Kyle Wilkins (Poolesville) SR
3-Dan Herman (Heights School) SR
4-PJ Mustipher (McDonogh) SO
5-Vinnie Shaffer (Curley) JR
6-Payne Harrison (Catoctin) SR
7-Brendan Woody (South River) JR
8-Eric Ostrow (Franklin) SR
9-Brandon Ngati (South Hagerstown) SR
10-Amari Latimer (Patterson) SR
11-David Henderson (Thomas Stone) SR
12-Walter Riley (Boonsboro) SR
13-Ed Guerrero (Middletown) SR
14-Nick Donoghue (Century) SR
15-Charles Griffin (Northwestern-Balt City) SR
16-Phil Watters (Long Reach) SR
17-Jalen Lea (Good Counsel) JR
18-Joey Eichelman (Francis Scott Key) SR
19-Dejuan Marble (Huntingtown) SR
20-Chukwudi Kalu (Western Tech) JR
21-Mike Greer (Lackey) SR
22-Nick Moskov (Bullis) SR
23-Caleb Warner (Harford Tech) SR
24-John Kerns (Easton) SR
25-Jose Vasquez (Parkside) SO

1-Payne Harrison (Catoctin) SR (W)
2-Amari Latimer (Patterson) SR (N)
3-David Henderson (Thomas Stone) SR (S)
4-Walter Riley (Boonsboro) SR (W)
5-Ed Guerrero (Middletown) (W)
6-Nick Donoghue (Century) SR (W)

1-Kyle Wilkins (Poolesville) SR (W)
2-Brendan Woody (South River) JR (E)
3-Eric Ostrow (Franklin) SR (N)
4-Brandon Ngati (South Hagerstown) SR (N)
5-Phil Watters (Long Reach)(E)
6-Dejuan Marble (Huntingtown) SR (S)

1-Mansur Abdul Malik (Pallotti) JR ***University of MD
2-Dan Herman (Heights School) SR
3-PJ Mustipher (McDonogh) SO
4-Vinnie Shaffer (Curley) JR
5-Jalen Lea (Good Counsel) JR
6-Nick Moskov (Bullis) SR