2015 Montgomery County Wrestling Championships
rd Annual

Written by Robert Yi  
With the backdrop of a winter storm looming, the 53rd MCPS wrestling championship was marked by the absence of several marquee names (Fenton, Banaszak, Shiman, Tinne, Garrison, Forest) and the possibility of the most dominant performance by one team in county history.  

          Well the Damascus Hornets do it again and win their 4th consecutive team title.   But this time they do so by sending 9 to the finals and crowning a record 7 champions (Obendorfer, Wilkerson, Obendorfer, Parent, McLaughlin, Fischer, and Brooks). Congratulations to Dmass nation for making us proud to claim you guys as our county homeboys. But unfortunately, you guys are killing the competition in the process.   Two teams with multiple champions were Churchill, as Kalavritinos and Groce get it done at 182 and 195 respectively, and Northwest with Patterson and Ngonga winning the 220 and 113 titles.  Other teams with multiple finals representatives were WJ with 3 in the finals, B-CC (Cohen, Bridenhagen) (1 Champ Logan Wilson and Sherwood with 2 (Frumkin and Siarkas).  
          Matches of interest that seemed to stir up some buzz after the first day, were Luis Orellana of RM's quarterfinal victory over David Creegan of Damascus, and Charlie Siarkas ' s nail biter over Zeph Titus of QO in the first round.   I guess the biggest upset by numbers was 13th seeded Abiodun Olojo of Northwood beating 4th seeded Oumar Bayala of Watkins Mill.  
           In the semis they were no real major upsets. Silverberg ' s last second win over Tritto was a great match and OT wins by Carlo over Sanchez, Yanga over Beteta, and Toufdy over Cacapardo definitely provided a lot of good action.   
106- Frumkin demonstrated that he was a state level contender by winning in convincing fashion.  Kudos to Jonathan Doss of Kennedy for a strong showing on the big stage with a solid 4th place effort.  
113- Definitely the match of the tournament.  Ngonga’s win over Macklin put him on another level and changed the discussion of what could happen at regions next week and at states.  The strategy to wrestle on his knees seemed to pay off big.   We could be looking at one seriously contested weight class on a state level that includes Coughlin of Northern Calvert and Stuart of North Hagerstown.  Could we see 2 MoCo guys on opposite sides of the semis come state tournament Saturday morning? Let alone the final?
120 - Silverberg made a valiant effort, but Obendorfer put all doubts to rest as to who is at the top.  The question is how healthy will Tritto be for regions.
126- Wilson proved to be all that was he was cracked to be with a strong showing vs. Carlo.    How will he do at the state level with such a loaded weight class?
132- If Howard can keep from giving up back points to Wilkerson, he may have a shot going forward.  But that is much easier said than done.  Wilkerson has proven to be one of the best top scorers in the game.
138- Obendorfer gassed a little at the end vs. FitzPatrick but controlled the match from the start. Lots of things are up in the air here. Banaszak and Garrison’s health muddle what will happen next week.
145- Probably the most evenly matched finals of the bunch.  I was a little surprised by Parent’s lack of success on his feet.  He was bailed out with some early no calls for stalling when he kept dropping to a leg on top.   Bollinger’s ability to peel wrist control on the way up from bottom seemed to make it tough for Parent to have any success on top as well.  But a timely standing tilt roll saved the day.  Should be a good rematch unless Fenton has something to do with it.
152- McLaughlin looks like the class of the weight. The only question here is whether Beteta can   change the matchup in the final.
160- Fischer was the man this week.  The Rudderman/Martin 3rd place match must have been tough for both guys, considering both guys probably thought they would be in the final.  At least Brent Martin had a nice 100th victory out of the deal.  Anybody think the finals matchup changes?
170- Its Owen Brooks and the rest of the field. He’s looking like his current state ranking and possibly better.
182- Little scary for Groce in the semis, had a much more convincing finals match vs. Toufdy.   We'll see if Toufdy can get by Cacapardo again next week.
195- If Kim returns that could shake some things up, but James Kalavritinos is still the man to beat.  Bridenhagen is much more improved than I thought, would not be surprised to see him get back to the finals.
220- Patterson remains the big favorite; can Bernardo knock off Wilson again?
HWT- With Wilkins off to a different region, it definitely brings Emerson and Forrester right back in the mix.