Final MSWA rankings for 2020

Compiled by Billy Buckheit

Please support his efforts in doing these rankings: … XAVORVKEq4Well, here we are. The final rankings. Recent results take precedence over early season results. Older results are a factor. But guys improve, so newer results paint a different picture with some wrestlers.

Results from the conference tournaments are very relevant and in most cases they are honored, but in some weights those results were flipped on their head at regions, and given another spin at states.

I considered all matches and tried to be as fair as possible to everyone. Placing 2nd in the state does not necessarily put you in-line with the runner-up from a different division. Each weight is different, in some the strength lies in the 2A/1A, others the 4A/3A.

Region and conference results come into play since the state does random bracketing. The 5th place guy may be ahead of the 4th place guy because of earlier results. In some cases, a guy who didn’t place is above a 6th or even a 5th place guy. Some sides of the brackets were murder, while others weren’t as tough. I consider all that.

Team standings for the state tournament as far as the public schools are concerned is not the best gauge of a true team. It just shows you have more elite guys than depth. The public school state tournament is like the national tournaments for the private school guys; the teams with the stars do the best.

But counties and regions (to an extent) are a truer barometer of tournament strength in my opinion for the public schools. For the private schools, the league and state tournaments are the best ways to evaluate those teams since their whole teams are entered into both.

McDonogh doing what they did nationally just reflects what we all knew coming into this year, they were loaded with national super-stars, while St. Joe would have to rely on depth to beat them.

I feel strongly that the MIAA Tournament & the State Tournament are a more proper representation of these squads as “tournament teams”. I feel states is the bigger title of those two, so hence the tourney nod to MSJ.

My original arrival at the tie was due to the system created by my predecessor, the original guru, Luke Broadwater. He used the point system which I adopted. Since I’m doing these now, I can make an executive decision based on the big picture and break the tie based on overall performance, and not just use a blind point system. So, I took one point away from MSJ so that McDonogh is No.1 by themselves.

1-McDonogh (39)
2-Mt. St. Joe (38)
3-Stephen Decatur (36)
4-Loyola (34)
5-Spalding (32)
6-Springbrook (29)
7-South Carroll (24)
8-Manchester Valley (23)
9-Damascus (22)
10-Bullis (20)
Tie-Southern Garrett (20)
12-St. Mary’s Ryken (18)
13-Bethesda-Chevy Chase (14)
14-Glenelg (12)
Tie-Sparrows Point (12)
16-Williamsport (10)
17-Winters Mill (9)
18-Annaplolis (6)
19-La Plata (5)
Tie-Middletown (5)
Tie-South River (5)

1-McDonogh (20)
2-Mt. St. Joe (19)
3-Stephen Decatur (18)
4-Loyola (17)
5-Spalding (16)
6-Damascus (15)
7-Springbrook (14)
8-Bethesda-Chevy Chase (13)
9-Glenelg (12)
10-South Carroll (11)
11-Southern Garrett (10)
12-Manchester Valley (9)
13-Bullis (8)
14-St. Mary’s Ryken (7)
15-Annapolis (6)
16-South River (5)
17-Sparrows Point (4)
18-Winters Mill (3)
19-Middletown (2)
20-Williamsport (1)

Others to watch: Montgomery Blair, Chesapeake-AA, River Hill, Marriott’s Ridge, C. Milton Wright, Leonardtown, Boonsboro, Linganore, Dunbar, La Plata

1-Mt. St. Joe (20)
2-McDonogh (19)
3-Stephen Decatur (18)
4-Loyola (17)
5-Spalding (16)
6-Springbrook (15)
7-Manchester Valley (14)
8-South Carroll (13)
9-Bullis (12)
10-St. Mary’s Ryken (11)
11-Southern Garrett (10)
12-Williamsport (9)
13-Sparrows Point (8)
14-Damascus (7)
15-Winters Mill (6)
16-La Plata (5)
17-C. Milton Wright (4)
18-Middletown (3)
19-Linganore (2)
20-Bethesda-Chevy Chase (1)

Others to watch: Glenelg, Leonardtown, Poolesville, Boonsboro, Arundel, Chesapeake-AA, Annapolis, South River, Montgomery Blair, Magruder, Old Mill, Owings Mills

1-Coleman Nogle (Mt. St. Joe) FR
2-Michael Pizzuto (South Carroll) FR
3-Jason Liau (Wootton) JR
4-Jesse Fresh (Mountain Ridge) SR
5-Mason Buckler (St. Mary’s Ryken) FR
6-Zach Starr (Williamsport) SO
7-Christian Simpson (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
8-Brian McCaw (Montgomery Blair) JR
9-Alex Tamai (Oakland Mills) SO
10-William Bressner (Gilman) SO
11-Colin Cook (Northeast-AA) JR
12-Dylan Montgomery (Northern Calvert) JR
13-Jabari Pinkney (Hammond) JR
14-Travis Green (Manchester Valley) FR
15-Dominic Ambrosino (Sparrows Point) FR
16-Cruz Cespedes (North Harford) FR
17-Liam DeBaugh (Broadneck) FR
18-Alex Bellarin (Kent) FR
19-Colin Honaker (Bohemia Manor) FR
20-Owen Bell (Hereford) FR
21-Romeo Tsai (Watkins Mill) SO
22-Ethan Nasvaderani (Winston Churchill) SO
23-Dede Gourgoulianis (C. Milton Wright) SO
24-Arya Habibi (Marriotts Ridge) SO
25-Kiah Noble (Pikesville) FR

***Tallion Elliot (Bullis) SO was No.3 when his season ended. Elliot was also No.1 in the private school rankings.
***Enzo Bell (Bullis) FR was No.12 overall, and No.4 in the PS when his season ended.

1-Michael Pizzuto (South Carroll) FR (W)
2-Jesse Fresh (Mountain Ridge) SR (W)
3-Zach Starr (Williamsport) SO (W)
4-Alex Tamai (Oakland Mills) SO (W)
5-Dominic Ambrosino (Sparrows Point) FR N
6-Cruz Cespedes (North Harford) FR (E)
7-Alex Bellarin (Kent) FR (E)
8-Colin Honaker (Bohemia Manor) FR (E)

1-Jason Liau (Wootton) JR (W)
2-Christian Simpson (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR (W)
3-Brian McCaw (Montgomery Blair) JR N
4-Colin Cook (Northeast-AA) JR (S)
5-Dylan Montgomery (Northern Calvert) JR (S)
6-Jabari Pinkney (Hammond) JR (E)
7-Travis Green (Manchester Valley) FR (E)
8-Liam DeBaugh (Broadneck) FR (E)

1-Coleman Nogle (Mt. St. Joe) FR
2-Mason Buckler (St. Mary’s Ryken) FR
3-William Bressner (Gilman) SO
4-Logan Kisner (Loyola) FR
5-Dylan Young (Curley) FR
6-Julianne Moccia (John Carroll) JR
7-Peter Thang (Maryland School for the Deaf) SR
8-Tank Spelta (Georgetown Prep) FR

1-Brady Pruett (Spalding) SO
2-Joe Couch (Mt. St. Joe) SO
3-Jacob Brenneman (Northern Garrett) FR
4-Alex Dufour (Owings Mills) SR
5-Joel Brown (McDonogh) FR
6-Isaac Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO
7-Kielin Huff (North Point) JR
8-Jhondy Fuller (Tuscarora) JR
9-Ryan Athey (South Carroll) SO
10-Eric Liau (Wootton) JR
11-Christopher Albo (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
12-Ryan Money (Severn) SO
13-Justin Knapp (Southern-AA) SO
14-Nolan Lunsford (South River) SO
15-Matthew Oh (Leonardtown) SO
16-Elijah Mills (Old Mill) SO
17-Shamar Baines (Stephen Decatur) SR
18-Riley Bozeman (Lansdowne) JR
19-Brandan Myers (Williamsport) SR
20-David Ridneour (Glenelg) SR
21-Jimmy Douglas (Loyola) SO
22-Will Donahoe (Broadneck) SO
23-Caleb Kearney (Wise) JR
24-Ky-El Ali (Woodlawn) FR
25-Trevor Lorin (Bel Air) JR
Tie-Matt Haines (Eastern Tech) SR

1-Jacob Brenneman (Northern Garrett) FR (W)
2-Alex Dufour (Owings Mills) SR N
3-Ryan Athey (South Carroll) SO (W)
4-Justin Knapp (Southern-AA) SO (S)
5-Shamar Baines (Stephen Decatur) SR (E)4-Riley Bozeman (Lansdowne) JR N
6-Brandan Myers (Williamsport) SR (W)
7-David Ridneour (Glenelg) SR (W)
8-Matt Haines (Eastern Tech) SR

1-Isaac Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SO (W)
2-Kielin Huff (North Point) JR (S)
3-Jhondy Fuller (Tuscarora) JR (W)
4-Eric Liau (Wootton) JR (W)
5-Nolan Lunsford (South River) SO (E)
6-Matthew Oh (Leonardtown) SO (E)
7-Elijah Mills (Old Mill) SO (E)
8-Will Donahoe (Broadneck) SO (E)

1-Brady Pruett (Spalding) SO
2-Joe Couch (Mt. St. Joe) SO
3-Joel Brown (McDonogh) FR
4-Christopher Albo (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
5-Ryan Money (Severn) SO
6-Jimmy Douglas (Loyola) SO
7-Ethan Vaughn (Bishop McNamara) SO
8-Ian Moccia (John Carroll) FR

1-Cooper Flynn (McDonogh) JR
2-NaSir Wilkinson (Bullis) JR
3-Constantinos “Staki” Gourgoulianis (C. Milton Wright) JR
4-Frank Antonelli (Annapolis) JR
5-Sean Vosburgh (Leonardtown) SR
6-Gage Owen (South Carroll) FR
7-Jagger Clapsadle (Stephen Decatur) SR
8-Jacob Wright (Mt. St. Joe) SO
9-Tyriel Jefferson (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
10-Matty Walsh (Loyola) SO
11-Conor Lozupone (Good Counsel) SR
12-Alex Gonzalez (Clarksburg) JR
13-Sean Rinebolt (Boonsboro) SO
14-Morgan Vandergrift (Hereford) SO
15-Wayne Brooks (Sparrows Point) SO
16-Andrew Ruel (Southern-AA) SO
17-Connor Huff (North Point) FR
18-Trey Kratko (Chopticon) SO
19-Aiden Schwab (Southern Garrett) SO
20-Garhett Dickenson (Linganore) FR
21-Kyle Pulket (Patterson Mill) JR
22-Tae Gowe (St. Michael’s) JR
23-Jeremy McBain (Lackey) JR
24-Matt Kilby (Springbrook) JR
25-Brandon Lee (La Plata) JR

1-Gage Owen (South Carroll) FR (W)
2-Jagger Clapsadle (Stephen Decatur) SR (E)
3-Sean Rinebolt (Boonsboro) SO (W)
4-Morgan Vandergrift (Hereford) SO N
5-Wayne Brooks (Sparrows Point) SO N
6-Andrew Ruel (Southern-AA) SO (S)
7-Aiden Schwab (Southern Garrett) SO (W)
8-Kyle Pulket (Patterson Mill) JR (E)

1-Constantinos “Staki” Gourgoulianis (C. Milton Wright) JR N
2-Frank Antonelli (Annapolis) JR (E)
3-Sean Vosburgh (Leonardtown) SR (E)
4-Alex Gonzalez (Clarksburg) JR (W)
5-Connor Huff (North Point) FR (S)
6-Trey Kratko (Chopticon) SO (S)
7-Garhett Dickenson (Linganore) FR (W)
8-Matt Kilby (Springbrook) JR N

1-Cooper Flynn (McDonogh) JR
2-NaSir Wilkinson (Bullis) JR
3-Jacob Wright (Mt. St. Joe) SO
4-Tyriel Jefferson (St. Mary’s Ryken) JR
5-Matty Walsh (Loyola) SO
6-Conor Lozupone (Good Counsel) SR
7-Ryan Holt (DeMatha)
8-Cedric Tyson (Boys’ Latin) SO

1-Meyer Shapiro (Bullis) FR
2-Chris Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-James Riveira (C. Milton Wright) JR
4-AJ Rodrigues (South Carroll) FR
5-Landen Harbaugh (Willamsport) SO
6-David Panda (Atholton) SR
7-Andy Weinstein (Gilman) SR
8-Koda DeAtley (La Plata) SO
9-Brogan Kealy (Southern Garrett) JR
10-Jeffrey Leonard (Perryville) JR
11-Zach Kirby (Winters Mill) JR
12-Pete Lemmons (Queen Annes) JR
13-Jonah Richardson (River Hill) JR
14-Pierre Jean (Springbrook) SR
15-Jacob Lipscomb (Lansdowne) SR
16-Hunter Green (Manchester Valley) SR
17-Malik Wright (Old Mill) SR
18-Rodrigo Cornejo (Quince Orchard) SR
19-Gerrard Johnson (McDonogh) FR
20-Chase Listorti (Chesapeake-AA) SO
21-Colton DeValle (Damascus) JR
22-Wilfred Vergera (Great Mills) JR
23-Cameron Ashby (South Hagerstown) JR
24-Adrian Triguero (Curley) SR
25-Jeremy Wright (Pallotti) SR

***Evan Eldridge (St. Mary’s Ryken) SO was No.4 overall, and No.3 in the PS when his season ended.
***Richard Fedelan (McDonogh) SO was No.5 overall, and No.4 in the PS when his season ended.
***Keneth Rios (Hammond) SR was No.18 when his season ended due to injury. He was also the #6 2A/1A wrestler.
***Nate Eig (Rockville) SR was No.19 when his season ended prior to states. He was also the No.8 4A/3A wrestler.

1-AJ Rodrigues (South Carroll) FR (W)
2-Landen Harbaugh (Willamsport) SO (W)
3-Koda DeAtley (La Plata) SO (S)
4-Brogan Kealy (Southern Garrett) JR
5-Jeffrey Leonard (Perryville) JR (E)
6-Zach Kirby (Winters Mill) JR (W)
7-Pete Lemmons (Queen Annes) JR (E)
8-Jacob Lipscomb (Lansdowne) SR N

1-James Riveira (C. Milton Wright) JR N
2-David Panda (Atholton) SR (E)
3-Jonah Richardson (River Hill) JR (E)
4-Pierre Jean (Springbrook) SR N
5-Hunter Green (Manchester Valley) SR (E)
6-Malik Wright (Old Mill) SR (E)
7-Rodrigo Cornejo (Quince Orchard) SR (W)
8-Chase Listorti (Chesapeake-AA) SO (S)

1-Meyer Shapiro (Bullis) FR
2-Chris Barnabae (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Andy Weinstein (Gilman) SR
4-Gerrard Johnson (McDonogh) FR
5-Adrian Triguero (Curley) SR
6-Jeremy Wright (Pallotti) SR
7-Ryan Eby (Loyola) SR
8-Duncan Kammar (Calvert Hall) FR

1-Clayton Gabrielson (McDonogh) FR
2-Nathan Porter (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Lorenzo Lopez (Landon) SR
4-Nico D’Amico (Stephen Decatur) JR
5-Blake Jury (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
6-Thomas Monn (North Hagerstown) SO
7-Richard Davis (Sparrows Point) JR
8-Amondre Wooden (Owings Mills) FR
9-Camerin Deville (Dunbar) JR
10-Caleb Chaves (Arundel) JR
11-Siavesh Sarvestani (Northwest-Mont) SR
12-Isaac Barber (South River) SR
13-Dainon Kappes (Bowie) SR
14-Grayson Wendel (Springbrook) SO
15-Austin Rohn (Urbana) SR
16-Brian Bieshlet (Leonardtown) SR
17-Colby Unkart (Winters Mill) SR
18-Jack Mulligan (Kent Island) SO
19-Jake Rippeon (South Carroll) JR
20-Cole Jones (John Carroll) SR
21-Thomas Casasola (St. Andrew’s) SR
22-Drew Baublitz (Spalding) SO
23-Owen Dixon (Loyola) FR
24-Colby Keilholtz (Catoctin) SO
25-Reilly McIntyre (North Caroline) SR

***Kolton Lee (Southern Garrett) FR was No.23 overall and No.7 in the 2A/1A rankings after regions where he was injured in the finals.

1-Nico D’Amico (Stephen Decatur) JR (E)
2-Richard Davis (Sparrows Point) JR N
3-Amondre Wooden (Owings Mills) FR N
4-Camerin Deville (Dunbar) JR N
5-Colby Unkart (Winters Mill) SR (W)
6-Jack Mulligan (Kent Island) SO (E)
7-Jake Rippeon (South Carroll) JR (W)
8-Colby Keilholtz (Catoctin) SO (W)

1-Thomas Monn (North Hagerstown) SO (W)
2-Caleb Chaves (Arundel) JR (E)
3-Siavesh Sarvestani (Northwest-Mont) SR (W)
4-Isaac Barber (South River) SR (E)
5-Dainon Kappes (Bowie) SR (S)
6-Grayson Wendel (Springbrook) SO N
7-Austin Rohn (Urbana) SR (W)
8-Brian Bieshlet (Leonardtown) SR (E)

1-Clayton Gabrielson (McDonogh) FR
2-Nathan Porter (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Lorenzo Lopez (Landon) SR
4-Blake Jury (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
5-Cole Jones (John Carroll) SR
6-Thomas Casasola (St. Andrew’s) SR
7-Drew Baublitz (Spalding) SO
8-Owen Dixon (Loyola) FR

1-Joe Fisk (Spalding) SO
2-Clement Woods (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Damon McGee (Bullis) JR
4-Matt Lawrence (McDonogh) JR
5-Maximus Bentley (Easton) SR
6-Michael Emerick (Damascus) JR
7-Matt Mitrega (John Carroll) SR
8-Caleb Everhart (South Hagerstown) SR
9-Jaran Fernandors (Fairmont Heights) SR
10-Armon Nettey (Springbrook) SR
11-Caron Tull (Old Mill) JR
12-Michael Crisitello (River Hill) JR
13-Jamal Everette (Franklin) JR
14-Jerome Vonziah (Overlea) SR
15-Kevin Fultz (Poolesville) SO
16-Rylan Moose (South Carroll) FR
17-Malaki Cunningham (Williamsport) SO
18-Kyle Elliott (Stephen Decatur) SR
19-Anthony Marsico (Liberty) JR
20-Hunter Charles (Queen Anne’s) SR
21-Matt Lewis (Parkside) JR
22-Luke Hoenig (Sparrows Point) SR
23-Kaleb Wellford (North County) SR
24-Adam Lake (Arundel) SO
25-Kooper Clark (Tuscarora) SR
Tie-Navid Ighani (Gaithersburg) SR

***Matt “Chewy” Fouts was the No.14 wrestler overall and No.6 in the 2A/1A before the two-time state placer’s season ended bc of injury.
***Deon Jackson (Frederick Douglass-Balt) JR was No.23 overall when his season ended prior to states.

1-Maximus Bentley (Easton) SR (E)
2-Jaran Fernandors (Fairmont Heights) SR (S)
3-Jerome Vonziah (Overlea) SR N
4-Kevin Fultz (Poolesville) SO (W)
5-Rylan Moose (South Carroll) FR (W)
6-Malaki Cunningham (Williamsport) SO
7-Kyle Elliott (Stephen Decatur) SR (E)
8-Anthony Marsico (Liberty) JR (W)

1-Michael Emerick (Damascus) JR (W)
2-Caleb Everhart (South Hagerstown) SR (W)
3-Armon Nettey (Springbrook) SR N
4-Caron Tull (Old Mill) JR (E)
5-Michael Crisitello (River Hill) JR
6-Jamal Everette (Franklin) JR N
7-Kaleb Wellford (North County) SR (E)
8-Adam Lake (Arundel) SO (E)

1-Joe Fisk (Spalding) SO
2-Clement Woods (Mt. St. Joe) JR
3-Damon McGee (Bullis) JR
4-Matt Lawrence (McDonogh) JR
5-Matt Mitrega (John Carroll) SR
6-Kyree Day (Loyola) SO
7-Matt Amitay (Landon) SR
8-Jack Nuermberger (Gilman) SO

1-Gene Qoudala (Bullis) JR
2-Nick Paolucci (Spalding) SR
3-Noah Reho (Stephen Decatur) SO
4-Sayfore Sieh (Springbrook) SR
5-Cole Myers (Loyola) SO
6-Marshall Hammond (St. Paul’s) JR
7-Jackson Cramer (Huntingtown) SR
8-Jeo Martinez (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
9-Kaeleb Jones (Magruder) SR
10-Jackson Cohenour (Old Mill) SO
11-Craig Erwin (Annapolis) SR
12-Daylon Duncan (Kenwood) SR
13-Finn Eskeland (Leonardtown) JR
14-Matthew Miller (Kent Island) SR
15-Nathan Perry (Francis Scott Key) SR
16-Lloyd Riley (Boonsboro) SR
17-Rhian Sisley (North Caroline) SR
18-Eric Smith (Queen Anne’s) SR
19-Hunter Merson (Winters Mill) SR
20-Stephen Hurst (Century) SR
21-Dylan McCullough (River Hill) FR
22-Dean Laumann (Chesapeake-AA) SR
23-Shayan Kassiri (Howard) SR
24-Michael Altamarino (Atholton) SR
25-Josh Mitchell (North Harford) SR

***Matthew Jun (Mt. St. Joe) SR was No.4 in both the overall and PS rankings when his season ended due to injury.
***Brad LaBella (Severn) SR was No.3 in both the overall and PS rankings when his season ended due to injury. He was a two-time state placer.
***Lucas Ognissanti (North County) SO was No.18 when his season ended prior to states.

1-Noah Reho (Stephen Decatur) SO (E)
2-Matthew Miller (Kent Island) SR (E)
3-Nathan Perry (Francis Scott Key) SR N
4-Lloyd Riley (Boonsboro) SR (W)
5-Rhian Sisley (North Caroline) SR (E)
6-Eric Smith (Queen Anne’s) SR (E)
7-Hunter Merson (Winters Mill) SR (W)
8-Stephen Hurst (Century) SR (W)

1-Sayfore Sieh (Springbrook) SR N
2-Jackson Cramer (Huntingtown) SR (S)
3-Jeo Martinez (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR (W)
4-Kaeleb Jones (Magruder) SR (W)
5-Jackson Cohenour (Old Mill) SO (E)
6-Craig Erwin (Annapolis) SR (E)
7-Daylon Duncan (Kenwood) SR N
8-Finn Eskeland (Leonardtown) JR (E)

1-Gene Qoudala (Bullis) JR
2-Nick Paolucci (Spalding) SR
3-Cole Myers (Loyola) SO
4-Marshall Hammond (St. Paul’s) JR
5-Jakob Redman (Good Counsel) SR
6-Mohammed Ndiaye (McDonogh) SR
7-Gavin Drucis (St. Mary’s) SO

1-Chris Roybal (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Phil Smith (Owings Mills) SR
3-Owen Butler (La Plata) SR
4-Ethan Bohan (Marriotts Ridge) SR
5-Jake Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SR
6-Trevor Gagnon (Arundel) SR
7-Isaac Ruderman (Bullis) SR
8-Josh Aybar (Loyola) SR
9-Thomas Chenoweth (Manchester Valley) SR
10-Bryce Kampert (Mt. Hebron) SR
11-Earl Shepherd 3rd (Frederick Douglass-PG) JR
12-Darby Bryant (Boonsboro) SO
13-Gavin Lloyd (Havre de Grace) JR
14-Drew Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR
15-Jaden Selby (Winston Churchill) SO
16-Connor Ott (Good Counsel) SR
17-Mitch Garretson (Spalding) SR
18-Rami Tadros (Gerstell) SR
19-Will Riley (Curley) SR
20-Brandon Jordan (Lackey) SR
21-Cameron Pires (Fallston) JR
22-Jacob Westfall (Queen Anne’s) SR
23-Jackson Barney (Poolesville) SO
24-Robert Ireland (Huntingtown) JR
25-Seth Holt (Damascus) SR
Tie-Micah Nowlin (Hammond) SR

***Alex Koulikov (Stephen Decatur) SO was No.7 overall & No.5 in the 2A/1A going into states where he attempted to wrestle with a knee injury to no avail.

1-Phil Smith (Owings Mills) SR N
2-Owen Butler (La Plata) SR (S)
3-Jake Sweitzer (Southern Garrett) SR (W)
4-Earl Shepherd 3rd (Frederick Douglass-PG) JR (S)
5-Darby Bryant (Boonsboro) SO (W)
6-Gavin Lloyd (Havre de Grace) JR (E)
7-Cameron Pires (Fallston) JR (E)
8-Jacob Westfall (Queen Anne’s) SR (E)

1-Ethan Bohan (Marriotts Ridge) SR (E)
2-Trevor Gagnon (Arundel) SR (E)
3-Thomas Chenoweth (Manchester Valley) SR (E)
4-Bryce Kampert (Mt. Hebron) SR (E)
5-Drew Guttentag (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR (W)
6-Jaden Selby (Winston Churchill) SO (W)
7-Robert Ireland (Huntingtown) JR (S)
8-Micah Nowlin (Hammond) SR (E)

1-Chris Roybal (Mt. St. Joe) SR
2-Isaac Ruderman (Bullis) SR
3-Josh Aybar (Loyola) SR
4-Connor Ott (Good Counsel) SR
5-Mitch Garretson (Spalding) SR
6-Rami Tadros (Gerstell) SR
7-Will Riley (Curley) SR
8-Jordan Scarbrough (St. Mary’s Ryken) SO

1-Harrison Trahan (McDonogh) JR
2-Connor Strong (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Will Vaxmonsky (Marriotts Ridge) SR
4-James Parana (Stephen Decatur) JR
5-Dylan Lewis (Spalding) SO
6-Nicholas McCarthy (Richard Montgomery) JR
7-Nick Kelbaugh (South Hagerstown) SR
8-Victor Listorti (Chesapeake-AA) JR
9-Kaleb Neal (Southern-AA) SR
10-Collin Savage (Poolesville) SR
11-Jason Mohler (La Plata) SR
12-Jarius Cannon (Overlea) SR
13-Paxton Wertz (Fort Hill) JR
14-Steven Harrell (Oakland Mills) JR
15-Antonio Bradford (South Carroll) JR
16-Kimon O’Sullivan (Oxon Hill) SR
17-Anthony Sekulow (Parkville) SR
18-Mark Rodgers (North Point) SR
19-Vince Barnaba (Winston Churchill) SR
20-Trae Hughes (Edgewood) JR
21-Hayden Parkhurst (Linganore) SO
22-Joe Colony (Kent Island) SR
23-Jacob Ham (Lackey) SR
24-Clayton Gaskill (Snow Hill) JR
25-Jaydon Bowden (Arundel) JR

***Damon Nelson (Loyola) FR was No.5 overall and No.4 in the PS rankings when his season ended prior to National Preps.
***Hunter Wilhelm (Northern Garrett) SR was the No.8 overall wrestler and No.4 in the 2A/1A rankings when he was injured at regions.

1-James Parana (Stephen Decatur) JR (E)
2-Kaleb Neal (Southern-AA) SR (S)
3-Collin Savage (Poolesville) SR (W)
4-Jason Mohler (La Plata) SR (S)
5-Jarius Cannon (Overlea) SR N
6-Paxton Wertz (Fort Hill) JR (W)
7-Steven Harrell (Oakland Mills) JR (W)
8-Antonio Bradford (South Carroll) JR (W)

1-Will Vaxmonsky (Marriotts Ridge) SR (E)
2-Nicholas McCarthy (Richard Montgomery) JR (W)
3-Nick Kelbaugh (South Hagerstown) SR (W)
4-Victor Listorti (Chesapeake-AA) JR (S)
5-Kimon O’Sullivan (Oxon Hill) SR (S)
6-Anthony Sekulow (Parkville) SR N
7-Mark Rodgers (North Point) SR (S)
8-Vince Barnaba (Winston Churchill) SR (W)

1-Harrison Trahan (McDonogh) JR
2-Connor Strong (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Dylan Lewis (Spalding) SO
4-Philip Bourque (DeMatha)
5-Gavin Proutt (Boys’ Latin) SO
6-Rocco Ruppert (Gerstell Academy) SO
7-Kyree Gregory (Silver Oak Academy) SR

1-Josh Stokes (Huntingtown) SR
2-Greg Griffith (Chopticon) JR
3-James Conway (Loyola) JR
4-Xavier Kresslein (Poolesville) SR
5-Dustin MacDonald (Mountain Ridge) SR
6-CJ Polesovsky (John Carroll) SR
7-Jake Rallo (Sparrows Point) JR
8-Micah Bourne (Stephen Decatur) JR
9-Tony Zancan (Mt. St. Joe) SR
10-Eli Sellinger (Parkside) SO
11-Zavion Woodard (New Town) SO
12-Lonnell Owens-Pabon (South River) SO
13-Adam Mattson (Manchester Valley) SR
14-Liam Kammar (Calvert Hall) JR
15-Peter Slear (Good Counsel) SR
16-Nolan Deshields (Hammond) SR
17-Tyreak Carey (Edgewood) SR
18-Kelvin Mendez (Harford Tech) SO
19-Cameron Stuart (Lackey) SR
20-Josh Brull (Middletown) SR
21-Nick Kingsbury (Glenelg) JR
22-Taemar Rollins (Carver A&T) SR
23-Noah Dow (Dulaney) JR
24-DJ Hoover (Chesapeake-AA) JR
25-Gavin Whittington (Northern Calvert) SO

***Jaedyn Harris (Gaithersburg) SR was No.4 overall and No.3 in the 4A/3A when he suffered an injury at states and couldn’t continue.
***Valentino Pryor (Arundel) JR was No.20 overall and No.7 in the 4A/3A when his season ended prior to states.
***Earl Shepherd II (Frederick Douglass-PG) JR was No.21 overall when his season ended due to injury at regions.

1-Xavier Kresslein (Poolesville) SR (W)
2-Dustin MacDonald (Mountain Ridge) SR (W)
3-Jake Rallo (Sparrows Point) JR N
4-Micah Bourne (Stephen Decatur) JR (E)
5-Eli Sellinger (Parkside) SO (E)
6-Zavion Woodard (New Town) SO N
7-Kelvin Mendez (Harford Tech) SO (E)
8-Cameron Stuart (Lackey) SR (S)

1-Josh Stokes (Huntingtown) SR (S)
2-Greg Griffith (Chopticon) JR (S)3-Jaedyn Harris (Gaithersburg) SR (W)
3-Lonnell Owens-Pabon (South River) SO (E)
4-Adam Mattson (Manchester Valley) SR (E)
5-Nolan Deshields (Hammond) SR (E)
6-Tyreak Carey (Edgewood) SR N
7-Noah Dow (Dulaney) JR N
8-DJ Hoover (Chesapeake-AA) JR (S)

1-James Conway (Loyola) JR
2-CJ Polesovsky (John Carroll) SR
3-Tony Zancan (Mt. St. Joe) SR
4-Liam Kammar (Calvert Hall) JR
5-Peter Slear (Good Counsel) SR
6-Ezekiel Gayle (St. Mary’s Ryken) SO
7-Micah Gonzalez (Glenelg Country School) SR
8-Aidan Hurdle (McDonogh) SO

1-Dominic Solis (McDonogh) SR
2-Drew Sotka (Glenelg) SR
3-Aiden Beall (Damascus) SR
4-Jeremiah Aybar (Loyola) SO
5-Austin Brown (Bullis) SR
6-Teddy Stinson (North Harford) SR
7-Yoann Olympio (Northwest-Mont) SR
8-McClain Butler (Liberty) SR
9-Hunter Sanders (Southern Garrett) SO
10-Anthony Gomez (Springbrook) SR
11-Micah Reddish (James M Bennett) JR
12-Quentin Day (Severn) JR
13-Trenton Hillard (North Caroline) SR
14-Kyree Briscoe (Lansdowne) JR
15-Chase Schultz (Linganore) SO
16-Connor Livingston (Manchester Valley) SR
17-Trevon Jordan (Great Mills) SO
18-Matt Parker (Spalding) SR
19-Trevor Lintz (Curley) SR
20-Conner Pace (Rockville) JR
21-Peter Jauquet (Western Tech) SR
22-Cayden Beard (Winters Mill) SR
23-Jaden Holman (Randallstown) JR
24-Tyrone McCue (Woodlawn) SR
25-John Ross (Mt. Hebron) SR

1-Drew Sotka (Glenelg) SR (W)
2-Teddy Stinson (North Harford) SR (E)
3-McClain Butler (Liberty) SR (W)
4-Hunter Sanders (Southern Garrett) SO (W)
5-Trenton Hillard (North Caroline) SR (E)
6-Kyree Briscoe (Lansdowne) JR N
7-Peter Jauquet (Western Tech) SR (S)
8-Cayden Beard (Winters Mill) SR (W)

1-Aiden Beall (Damascus) SR (W)
2-Yoann Olympio (Northwest-Mont) SR (W)
3-Anthony Gomez (Springbrook) SR N
4-Micah Reddish (James M Bennett) JR (S)
5-Chase Schultz (Linganore) SO (W)
6-Connor Livingston (Manchester Valley) SR (E)
7-Trevon Jordan (Great Mills) SO (S)
8-Conner Pace (Rockville) JR (W)

1-Dominic Solis (McDonogh) SR
2-Jeremiah Aybar (Loyola) SO
3-Austin Brown (Bullis) SR
4-Quentin Day (Severn) JR
5-Matt Parker (Spalding) SR
6-Trevor Lintz (Curley) SR
7-Charles James (Bishop McNamara) SR
8-Gavin Dixon (Mt. St. Joe) JR

1-Jack Wimmer (McDonogh) SR
2-Timothy Furgeson (Damascus) SR
3-Parker Warner (Mt. St. Joe) SR
4-Dustin Radford (Spalding) SR
5-Lexx Carr (Sparrows Point) SR
6-Adam Pfeiffer (Sherwood) SR
7-Aiden Weber (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
8-Justyn Briscoe (Woodlawn) SO
9-Johnny Hofman (Stephen Decatur) JR
10-Jay Miller (Mountain Ridge) JR
11-Cian McCauley (Winters Mill) JR
12-Nate Lednum (La Plata) SR
13-Justin Richter (Southern Garrett) JR
14-Alfred Murdock (Western Tech) JR
15-Michael Schifano (Urbana) JR
16-Saxx Redick (North Hagerstown) SR
17-John Beyers (Aberdeen) SR
18-Robbie Franklin (Loyola) SR
19-Matt Conroy (Bel Air) SO
20-Tony Blunt (Wild Lake) SR
21-Garry Gorham (Chopticon) SR
22-Troy Gibson (James M Bennett) SR
23-Ryan Jones (Quince Orchard) SR
24-Kyle Leming (Annapolis) SR
25-Connor Morton (Patterson Mill) SR

***Garrett Butt (Curley) was No.8 overall when his season ended due to injury. The senior was also the No.5 private school wrestler.

1-Lexx Carr (Sparrows Point) SR N
2-Johnny Hofman (Stephen Decatur) JR (E)
3-Jay Miller (Mountain Ridge) JR (W)
4-Cian McCauley (Winters Mill) JR (W)
5-Nate Lednum (La Plata) SR (S)
6-Justin Richter (Southern Garrett) JR (W)
7-Alfred Murdock (Western Tech) JR (S)
8-Connor Morton (Patterson Mill) SR (E)

1-Timothy Furgeson (Damascus) SR (W)
2-Adam Pfeiffer (Sherwood) SR N
3-Justyn Briscoe (Woodlawn) SO N
4-Michael Schifano (Urbana) JR (W)
5-Saxx Redick (North Hagerstown) SR (W)
6-John Beyers (Aberdeen) SR N
7-Matt Conroy (Bel Air) SO N
8-Tony Blunt (Wild Lake) SR (E)

1-Jack Wimmer (McDonogh) SR
2-Parker Warner (Mt. St. Joe) SR
3-Dustin Radford (Spalding) SR
4-Aiden Weber (St. Mary’s Ryken) SR
5-Robbie Franklin (Loyola) SR
6-Tade Omisore (St. James) JR
7-Will Abramson (Landon) FR
8-Sam Koyfman (Gerstell) SR

1-Kyonte Hamilton (Georgetown Prep) JR
2-Ty Broadway (Severna Park) JR
3-Mattheus Carroll (Gilman) JR
4-Jackson Bonitz (McDonogh) SR
5-Brandon Oyster (Williamsport) SR
6-Grant Warner (Manchester Valley) JR
7-Chris Kalambihis (Joppatowne) SR
8-Sean Blackwell (Queen Annes) JR
9-Jeremiah Trotman (Curley) SR
10-Sam O’Brian (Damascus) JR
11-Mervin Mancia (Montgomery Blair) SR
12-Alijah Bivans (Parkside) SR
13-Jylah Bah (Glenelg Country School) JR
14-Lucas Suri (Glenelg) JR
15-Wyatte Johns (Francis Scott Key) SR
16-Matt Bauer (Springbrook) SR
17-Isaiah Dorsey (North Hagerstown) JR
18-JoJo Herring (Southern-AA) SR
19-Eric Ward (James M Bennett) JR
20-Walid Elsayed (DuVal) SR
21-Nate Fleming (Old Mill) SR
22-Perryn Publico (Eastern Tech) SR
23-Miles Crook (Oakland Mills) SR
24-Nick Warner (Harford Tech) SR
25-David Nwachukwu (Kenwood) SR

***Hadyn Blanchard (Kent Island) SR was No.8 overall and No.3 in the 2A/1A division when he was injured at regions. He is a two-time state placer.
***Kaylen Perez (St. Mary’s Ryken) SO was No.11 overall & No.4 in the PS rankings when his season ended prior to National Preps.
***Mason Isaac (Boys’ Latin) SR was No.14 overall & No.6 in the PS rankings when his season ended prior to National Preps.

1-Brandon Oyster (Williamsport) SR (W)
2-Chris Kalambihis (Joppatowne) SR (E)
3-Sean Blackwell (Queen Annes) JR
4-Alijah Bivans (Parkside) SR (E)
5-Lucas Suri (Glenelg) JR (W)
6-Wyatte Johns (Francis Scott Key) SR N
7-JoJo Herring (Southern-AA) SR (S)
8-Perryn Publico (Eastern Tech) N

1-Ty Broadway (Severna Park) JR (E)
2-Grant Warner (Manchester Valley) JR (E)
3-Sam O’Brian (Damascus) JR (W)
4-Mervin Mancia (Montgomery Blair) SR N
5-Matt Bauer (Springbrook) SR N
6-Isaiah Dorsey (North Hagerstown) JR (W)
7-Eric Ward (James M Bennett) JR (S)
8-Walid Elsayed (DuVal) SR (S)

1-Kyonte Hamilton (Georgetown Prep) JR
2-Mattheus Carroll (Gilman) JR
3-Jackson Bonitz (McDonogh) SR
4-Jeremiah Trotman (Curley) SR
5-Jylah Bah (Glenelg Country School) JR
6-Bailey Brunner (Loyola) SR
7-Jacob Dugas (St. James) JR

1-Isaac Righter (Magruder) SR
2-Garrett Kappes (McDonogh) SR
3-Mike Collins (Parkside) SR
4-Zach Brady (Middletown) JR
5-Dylan Altman (Reservoir) SR
6-Dion Crews-Harris (Dunbar) SR
7-Scott Hummel (Linganore) JR
8-Brandon Roberts (Good Counsel) SR
9-Terrence McCauley (St. Mary’s Ryken) SO
10-Brennan Wicks (Bishop McNamara) SR
11-Shemar Lewis (DeMatha)
12-Nick Schiefelbein (Dulaney) JR
13-Jack Baxter (Marriotts Ridge) JR
14-Elijah Fontem (DuVal) SR
15-Joseph Stanalonis (Leonardtown) SR
16-Nate Kloss (Arundel) JR
17-Will Klein (North Hagerstown) SR
18-Max Larkin (Williamsport) SO
19-Zeke Dennis (Snow Hill) JR
20-Angel Figuerora (Milford Mill) JR
21-Mason Sprinkel (Patterson Mill) SR
22-Keegan Kidwiler (Boonsboro) SR
23-Fola Kolawole (Joppatowne) SR
24-Mathis Adjingbaruk (Northwood) JR
25-Edwin Galo (Gaithersburg) SR

***Terrell Jackson (Bullis) was No.11 in the overall rankings when he suffered a season ending injury. The junior was also the No.5 Private School wrestler.

1-Mike Collins (Parkside) SR (E)
2-Zach Brady (Middletown) JR (W)
3-Dion Crews-Harris (Dunbar) SR N
4-Max Larkin (Williamsport) SO (W)
5-Zeke Dennis (Snow Hill) JR (E)
6-Angel Figuerora (Milford Mill) JR N
7-Mason Sprinkel (Patterson Mill) SR (E)
8-Keegan Kidwiler (Boonsboro) SR (W)

1-Isaac Righter (Magruder) SR (W)
2-Dylan Altman (Reservoir) SR (E)
3-Scott Hummel (Linganore) JR (W)
4-Nick Schiefelbein (Dulaney) JR N
5-Jack Baxter (Marriotts Ridge) JR (E)
6-Elijah Fontem (DuVal) SR (S)
7-Joseph Stanalonis (Leonardtown) SR (E)
8-Nate Kloss (Arundel) JR (E)

1-Garrett Kappes (McDonogh) SR
2-Brandon Roberts (Good Counsel) SR
3-Terrence McCauley (St. Mary’s Ryken) SO
4-Brennan Wicks (Bishop McNamara) SR
5-Shemar Lewis (DeMatha)
6-Gavin Bage (Mt. St. Joe) FR
7-Ben Couling (St. James) SR
8-Judah Conaway (Curley) JR