Final MSWA Rankings for Maryland High School Wrestling 2013

I took the whole season into consideration when compiling these. That means some folks may be behind someone that didn’t place as high at the state tournament as they did.
i.e. Beck and Eckenbarger being ahead of Hayden, even though he placed ahead of them. The reason being they never met at the state tournament. Beck beat Hayden two weeks in a row and is 2-0 vs. him. In a situation like this 2 and 3 is not that different so the edge goes to Beck on H2H wins.

Eckenbarger is there because he beat Beck, something Hayden has never done.

At 285, both Kail and Gbale have wins at the county/league tournaments over 1A/2A state placers that are behind them in the rankings.

There are logical reasons for everyone being where they are. If you disagree with something, take the calm approach and don’t throw a fit. I’ll gladly explain the reason for all the rankings.

Team rankings were done the same way, particularly the tournament rankings. Going by the final state tournament standings is not indicative of the best teams. I factored ALL tournaments in. The state tournament was not the deciding factor, just a part of the whole picture.

Overall Teams
1-Good Counsel (50)
2-McDonogh (48)
3-John Carroll (45)
Tie-Winters Mill (45)
5-Spalding (41)
6-Georgetown Prep (39)
7-Urbana (37)
8-Damascus (35)
9-River Hill (33)
10-Glenelg (32)
11-South River (26)
12-Northern Calvert (25)
Tie-Wootton (25)
14-Owings Mills (22)
15-North Point (20)
16-Hereford (18)
17-Huntingtown (17)
18-Bethesda-Chevy Chase (16)
Tie-La Plata (16)
Tie-Oakdale (16)
21-Catoctin (12)
22-Bel Air (7)
Tie-Mt. St. Joe (7)
24-North Carroll (6)
25-Thomas Stone (4)

Dual Meet
1-Good Counsel (25)
2-McDonogh (24)
3-John Carroll (23)
4-Winters Mill (22)
5-Damascus (21)
6-Spalding (20)
7-Georgetown Prep (19)
8-Urbana (18)
9-South River (17)
10-River Hill (16)
11-Glenelg (15)
12-North Point (14)
13-Bethesda-Chevy Chase (13)
14-Wootton (12)
15-La Plata (11)
16-Northern Calvert (10)
17-Huntingtown (9)
18-Hereford (8)
19-Bel Air (7)
20-North Carroll (6)
21-Oakdale (5)
22-Owings Mills (4)
23-Reservoir (3)
24-Kent Island (2)
25-Stephen Decatur (1)

Others to watch: Middletown, Fallston, North Hagerstown, DeMatha, Walter Johnson, Wilde Lake, Manchester Valley, St. Mary’s Ryken, Queen Annes, Oakland Mills, Mt. Hebron, Parkdale, Catoctin, Loyola, Arundel, Mt. St. Joe, Curley, Tuscarora, Northwest-Mont., St. Paul’s, Rising Sun, Bohemia Manor, Thomas Stone, Broadneck

1-Good Counsel (25)
2-McDonogh (24)
3-Winters Mill (23)
4-John Carroll (22)
5-Spalding (21)
6-Georgetown Prep (20)
7-Urbana (19)
8-Owings Mills (18)
9-Glenelg (17)
10-River Hill (16)
11-Northern Calvert (15)
12-Damascus (14)
13-Wootton (13)
14-Catoctin (12)
15-Oakdale (11)
16-Hereford (10)
17-South River (9)
18-Huntingtown (8)
19-Mt. St. Joe (7)
20-North Point (6)
21-La Plata (5)
22-Thomas Stone (4)
23-Bethesda-Chevy Chase (3)
24-Northwest-Montgomery Co. (2)
25-Oakland Mills (1)

Others to watch: Wilde Lake, Parkdale, Williamsport, Loyola, St. Paul’s, Curley, Gilman, Fallston, Kent Island, Mt. Hebron, Stephen Decatur, Middletown, North Hagerstown, DeMatha, Manchester Valley, Century, Springbrook, Walter Johnson, South Carroll, Reservoir, Bel Air, Broadneck, Catonsville, Tuscarora, North Carroll, St. Mary’s Ryken

1-Nick Miller (Williamsport) JR
2-Mikey Macklin (Damascus) SO
3-Michael Beck (River Hill) JR
4-TK Megonigal (McDonogh) FR
5-Adam Whitesell (Good Counsel) JR
6-Ryker Eckenbarger (Westminster) FR
7-CJ Skokowski (John Carroll) SO
8-Jeff Hayden (Mt. Hebron) SO
9-Jake Rendelman (Owings Mills)
10-Jarrett Arnold (Chopticon) JR
11-Jake Makosy (Urbana) FR
12-Camden Fischer (Snow Hill) JR
13-Cody Matthews (Mountain Ridge) SO
14-Garrett Buckley (Catoctin) SO
15-Tim Null (Glenelg) SO
16-Owen Rill (North Carroll) SO
17-Joe Juergens (Rising Sun) JR
18-Denis Robles-Gomez (High Point) SR
19-Michael Doetsch (Severn) FR
20-Isaiah Brooks (South Hagerstown) FR
21-Logan Wilson (DeMatha) FR
22-Nick Malinowski (Boys Latin) FR
23-Chae Neale (Curley) FR
24-Josh Grossnickle (Middletown) SO
25-Flavio Valdez-Cortez (Winters Mill) SR

***Jake Vosburgh (St. Mary’s Ryken) was #1 before his season ended.

1-Nick Miller (W)
2-Jake Rendelman (N)
3-Camden Fischer (E)
4-Cody Matthews (W)
5-Garrett Buckley (W)
6-Tim Null (S)
7-Owen Rill (W)
8-Joe Juergens (E)

1-Mikey Macklin (W)
2-Michael Beck (E)
3-Ryker Eckenbarger (N)
4-Jeff Hayden (E)
5-Jarrett Arnold (S)
6-Jake Makosy (N)
7-Denis Robles-Gomez (S)
8-Isaiah Brooks (W)

1-TK Megonigal
2-CJ Skokowski
3-Adam Whitesell
4-Michael Doetsch
5-Logan Wilson
6-Nick Malinowski
7-Chae Neale
8-Turner Wilson (Mt. St. Joe) SO

1-Brant Leadbeter (Northern Calvert) SR
2-Ryan Friedman (St. Paul’s) SO
3-Steven Simpson (St. Mary’s-Ryken) SO
4-Tim Nordan (Catoctin) SR
5-Colin Kowalski (Georgetown Prep) SO
6-Anthony Genco (Hereford) JR
7-Naiheem Knight (Snow Hill) SR
8-Austin Shaffer (Southern Garrett) JR ***Norwich University
9-Stevan Smith (Kent Island) SO
10-Austin Smith (John Carroll) FR
11-Jack King (Gilman) SR
12-Justin Chenault (Pallotti) SO
13-Nick Davis (Northwest-Mont) JR
14-Dominick Summers (North Point) JR
15-Tyler Makosy (Urbana) SO
16-Cole Wetzel (Westminster) FR
17-Tyear Castle (Bohemia Manor) JR
18-Chris McAleer (Manchester Valley) SR
19-Taylor Logue (Winters Mill) SR
20-Paul Hutton (Good Counsel) FR
21-Taariq Mohammed (River Hill) SR
22-Quron Carter (W.E.B. DuBois) FR
23-Brandon Bekar (Owings Mills) SO
24-Nate Rosenblatt (Stephen Decatur) JR
25-Jason Fox (Parkside) SO

***Timmy Taylor (Elkton) was #9 when his season ended due to injury.
***Sam Pellerito (Carver A&T) was #18 before his season ended due to injury.

1-Tim Nordan (W)
2-Naiheem Knight (E)
3-Austin Shaffer (W)
4-Stevan Smith (E)
5-Tyear Castle (E)
6-Chris McAleer (W)
7-Taylor Logue (W)
8-Quron Carter (N)

1-Brant Leadbeter (S)
2-Anthony Genco (N)
3-Nick Davis (W)
4-Dominick Summers (S)
5-Tyler Maksoy (N)
6-Cole Wetzel (N)
7-Taariq Mohammed (E)
8-Nate Rosenblatt (E)

1-Ryan Friedman
2-Steven Simpson
3-Colin Kowalski
4-Austin Smith
5-Jack King
6-Justin Chenault
7-Paul Hutton
8-Jack Eberhard (Spalding) FR

1-Kevin Budock (Good Counsel) FR
2-Marty Margolis (La Plata) SO
3-Anthoney Savage (Oakdale) JR
4-Morgan Way (Urbana) SO
5-Chris Brown (Perryville) JR
6-Zach Hensley (Oakland Mills) SR
7-Wolfie Bradley (Spalding) SR
8-Tanner Chaplain (Arundel) JR
9-Zach Dwyer (John Carroll) SO
10-Malik Woody (Mt. St. Joe) SO
11-Naron Gilmer (Curley) SO
12-Lamont Brickous (Parkside) SR
13-Logan Garland (Manchester Valley) FR
14-Randy Watson (Sparrows Point) SO
15-Dylan Ruiz (Dulaney) JR
16-Ben Montayne (Franklin) JR
17-Jeremy Morrow (Northeast-AA) SR
18-Michael Wilkerson (Damascus) SO
19-Blake Matthews (Bullis) FR
20-Dane Lemmon (Leonardtown) SR
21-Kyle Gascon (North Point) JR
22-Noel Rodriguez (North County) JR
23-Noel Spencer (Edgewood) SR
24-Kyle Bollinger (Quince Orchard) SO
25-Tony Arrington (Mervo) SR

***Michael Still (Spalding) was #9 before his season ended in late Dec. due to injury
***Wallace Smith (Thomas Stone) was #5 at 113, but wrestled at 120 in the Northern Calvert Tournament. He injured a shoulder and his season ended.

1-Anthoney Savage (W)
2-Chris Brown (E)
3-Zach Hensley (S)
4-Lamont Brickous (E)
5-Logan Garland (W)
6-Randy Watson (N)
7-Noel Spencer (E)
8-Parker Griffie (Glenelg)(S) FR

1-Marty Margolis (S)
2-Morgan Way (N)
3-Tanner Chaplain (E)
4-Dylan Ruiz (N)
5-Ben Montayne (N)
6-Jeremy Morrow (E)
7-Michael Wilkerson (W)
8-Dane Lemmon (S)

1-Kevin Budock
2-Wolfie Bradley
3-Zach Dwyer
4-Malik Woody
5-Naron Gilmer
6-Blake Matthews
7-Hunter Cotsoradis (Boys Latin) JR
8-Griffin McWilliams (Pallotti) SR

1-Jack Mutchnik (St. Paul’s) JR
2-Jhared Simmons (Good Counsel) SR
3-Thierno Diallo (DuVal) SR ***Binghamton
4-Jaiveion Turner (Cambridge-South Dorchester) JR
5-Zach Smith (Kent Island) SO
6-Tyshawn Williams (Curley) SO
7-Zeke Salvo (Mt. St. Joe) JR
8-Colby Janowitz (Manchester Valley) SR
9-Sam Martino (McDonogh) FR
10-Tanner Saluter (Thomas Stone) SR
11-Joe Kuegler (Liberty) JR
12-Austin Alley (South River) SR
13-Malachi Edmond (North Point) SR
14-Connor Joyce (Broadneck) JR
15-Travis Hubler (Aberdeen) SR
16-John Papanicolas (La Plata) SR
17-Zach Shackelford (Glenelg) JR
18-Alfred Martinez (Dundalk) SR
19-Mitch Fenton (Walt Whitman) FR
20-Cory Obendorfer (Damascus) SO
21-Tyree Gibson (Joppatowne) SR
22-Chris Rose (Winters Mill) SR
23-Bryan Davis (Williamsport) JR
24-Nick Montayne (Franklin) JR
25-Jimmy Allen (Urbana) SO

***Sean Cohen (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) was #11 when his season ended due to injury.
***Lewis Riggs (DeMatha) was #20 when his season ended due to injury.
***Austin Seivold (Calvert Hall) was #21 when his season ended.
***Kevin Simmel (Catoctin) was #24 when his season ended due to injury.
***Mike Pearson (Spalding) was #25 when his season ended due to injury.

1-Jaiveion Turner (E)
2-Zach Smith (E)
3-Colby Janowitz (W)
4-Joe Kuegler (W)
5-Zach Shackelford (S)
6-Alfred Martinez (N)
7-Tyree Gibson (E)
8-Chris Rose (W)

1-Thierno Diallo (S)
2-Tanner Saluter (S)
3-Austin Alley (E)
4-Malachi Edmond (S)
5-Connor Joyce (E)
6-Travis Hubler (E)
7-John Papanicolas (S)
8-Mitch Fenton (W)

1-Jack Mutchnik
2-Jhared Simmons
3-Tyshawn Williams
4-Zeke Salvo
5-Sam Martino
6-Nate Malinowski (Boys Latin) FR
7-Joey Eberhard (Spalding) SO
8-Alec Boyle (Georgetown Prep) SO

1-Scott Strappelli (John Carroll) SR
2-Daniel Sanchez (Georgetown Prep) SR
3-Cameron Harrell (Broadneck) SO
4-Charlie Perella (Catoctin) SO
5-Matt Pente (Spalding) JR
6-Adam Martz (Mountain Ridge) SO
7-Matt Kelly (Good Counsel) JR
8-Mason Kilcarr (Reservoir) JR
9-Logan Meister (McDonogh) SR
10-Billy Krop (St. Paul’s) SR
11-Tyler Morgan (North Point) JR
12-Will Witkop (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
13-Casey Shea (Liberty) SR
14-Colton Smith (Kent Island) JR
15-Tejon Anthony (Western Tech) JR
16-Chris Gonzalez (Snow Hill) SR
17-Matt Wagner (Calvert Hall) JR
18-Daniel Velez (Aberdeen) JR
19-Chris Minor (Sherwood) JR
20-Larry Lopez (DeMatha) JR
21-De’Andre Norman (Suitland) JR
22-Nick Higgs (La Plata) SR
23-Michael Perdomo (Parkdale) JR
24-Michael Budock (Glenelg) JR
25-Karran Costley (Carver A&T) JR

***Corey Huntley (Curley) was #7 when his season ended due to injury.
***Justin Couto (DeMatha) was #13 when his season ended due to injury.

1-Charlie Perella (W)
2-Adam Martz (W)
3-Casey Shea (W)
4-Colton Smith (E)
5-Tejon Anthony (N)
6-Chris Gonzalez (E)
7-Mike Budock (S)
8-Karran Costley (N)

1-Cameron Harrell (E)
2-Mason Kilcarr (E)
3-Tyler Morgan (S)
4-Will Witkop (W)
5-Daniel Velez (E)
6-Chris Minor (W)
7-De’Andre Norman (S)
8-Nick Higgs (S)

1-Scott Strappelli
2-Daniel Sanchez
3-Matt Pente
4-Matt Kelly
5-Logan Meister
6-Billy Krop
7-Matt Wagner
8-Larry Lopez

1-Alfred Bannister (Bishop McNamara) JR
2-Xavi Ramos (McDonogh) SR ***Duke
3-Travon Wright (Pikesville) SR
4-Charlie Banaszak (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
5-Matt Capobianco (Middletown) SR
6-Austin Kraisser (Centennial) FR
7-James McCord (Georgetown Prep) SR ***Davidson
8-David Mohler (Loyola) SR
9-Stanley Proctor (Annapolis) JR
10-Nick Frank (Urbana) SR
11-Seth Rowell (Mt. St. Joe) SR
12-Jake Trybus (Bohemia Manor) JR
13-Connor Furst (Patuxent) JR
14-Owen Brooks (Damascus) SO
15-Ryan Carter (Glenelg) SR
16-Liam St. John (Towson) SR
17-Chris Long (Sparrows Point) JR
18-Nic Przybocki (Oakdale) JR
19-Shane Wilson (DeMatha) JR
20-Artie Milner (John Carroll) SR
21-Gabe Pastirik (St. Mary’s) SR
22-Kevin Thomas (Parkdale) JR
23-Gene Balcita (North Hagerstown) JR
24-Detric McCoy (Bowie) SR
25-Nelson Phillips (Rising Sun) SO

***Steve Jernigan (John Carroll) was #19 before his season ended due to injury.

1-Travon Wright (N)
2-Matt Capobianco (W)
3-Jake Trybus (E)
4-Connor Furst (S)
5-Ryan Carter (S)
6-Chris Long (N)
7-Nic Przybocki (W)
8-Nelson Phillips (E)

1-Charlie Banaszak (W)
2-Austin Kraisser (E)
3-Stanley Proctor (E)
4-Nick Frank (N)
5-Owen Brooks (W)
6-Liam St. John (N)
7-Kevin Thomas (S)
8-Gene Balcita (W)

1-Alfred Bannister
2-Xavi Ramos
3-James McCord
4-David Mohler
5-Seth Rowell
6-Shane Wilson
7-Artie Milner
8-Gabe Pastirik

1-Jack Clark (McDonogh) JR
2-George Weber (John Carroll) SR ***Gardner-Webb
3-Cole Graves (Spalding) SR
4-Wes Cook (Winters Mill) SR
5-Michael Sprague (Georgetown Prep) JR
6-Larry Cannon (Chopticon) SR
7-Demetrius Johnson (Owings Mills) SR
8-Ben Swanson (C. Milton Wright) SR
9-Travis Chidebe (Meade) SO
10-Malik Jackson (Wilde Lake) JR
11-Colin Alley (South River) SR
12-Chase McKenzie (Southern-AA) SR
13-Walter Johnson (Loyola) JR
14-Jason Noss (Patterson Mill) SR
15-Josh Loveless (Oakdale) SR
16-Colt Constantino (Huntingtown) JR
17-Jacob Asher (Dulaney) JR
18-Garrett Coburn (Fallston) SR
19-Justin Elwell (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) JR
20-Ori Shimony (Pikesville) SR
21-Mitch Lake (Patuxent) JR
22-Cody Dorsey (Poolesville) SR
23-Pat Guilday (Catoctin) JR
24-Chad Ellis (Linganore) SR
25-Alex Schiffer (Stephen Decatur) SR

***Hunter Sutton (Winston Churchill) was #3 when his season ended due to injury.
***Mitchell Zio (Paint Branch) was #12 when his season ended due to injury.

1-Wes Cook (W)
2-Demetrius Johnson (N)
3-Chase McKenzie (S)
4-Jason Noss (E)
5-Josh Loveless (W)
6-Garrett Coburn (E)
7-Ori Shimony (N)
8-Mitch Lake (S)

1-Larry Cannon (S)
2-Ben Swanson (E)
3-Travis Chidebe (E)
4-Malik Jackson (E)
5-Colin Alley (E)
6-Colt Constantino (S)
7-Jacob Asher (N)
8-Justin Elwell (W)

1-Jack Clark
2-George Weber
3-Cole Graves
4-Michael Sprague
5-Walter Johnson
6-Jack Krall
7-Daniel Medcalf (Severn) FR
8-Anthony Wyler (Boys Latin) SO

1-Toby Hague (McDonogh) JR
2-Logan Breitenbach (Spalding) JR
3-Cody Sharkey (Winters Mill) SR
4-Sam Ziff (Severna Park) SR
5-Max Smith (Charles E. Smith) SR ***Naval Academy
6-Joe Kendrick (Mt. Hebron) SR ***Millersville
7-Sam Willingham (South Carroll) SR
8-Antwan Reddick (Owings Mills) SR
9-Billy Fritz (North Carroll) SR
10-Chris Almony (John Carroll) SO
11-Bryce Pappas (St. Mary’s) JR
12-Erik Meyer (Curley) SR
13-Colton Rowe (Huntingtown) SR
14-Jamie Fitzpatrick (Walter Johnson) SR
15-Sam Rowell (Reservoir) SO
16-Ryan Sharp (Thomas Stone) SO
17-Dylan Gray (Hereford) SO
18-John Cross (Bel Air) JR
19-Jonathan Jones (Eleanor Roosevelt) SR
20-Mereico Green (Surrattsville) SR
21-Wade Bishop (North Caroline) JR
22-Troy Walter (Glenelg) JR
23-Jack Calder (Walt Whitman) JR
24-Andrew Loher (North Point) SR
25-Tucker Ziegler (Middletown) SO

***CJ Austin (Fallston) was #4 when his season ended due to a back injury.
***Joe Zoller (Glenelg) was #15 before his season ended due to injury.

1-Cody Sharkey (W)
2-Sam Willingham (W)
3-Antwan Reddick (N)
4-Billy Fritz (W)
5-Mareico Green (S)
6-Wade Bishop (E)
7-Troy Walter (S)
8-Tucker Ziegler (E)

1-Sam Ziff (E)
2-Joe Kendrick (E)
3-Colton Rowe (S)
4-Jamie Fitzpatrick (W)
5-Sam Rowell (E)
6-Ryan Sharp (S)
7-Dylan Gray (N)
8-John Cross (E)

1-Toby Hague
2-Logan Breitenbach
3-Max Smith
4-Chris Almony
5-Bryce Pappas
6-Erik Meyer
7-Brooks Lucier (St. Paul’s) SO
8-Jarett Witzal (Landon) SO

1-Myles Martin (McDonogh) SO
2-Josh Llopez (St. Mary’s-Ryken) JR
3-Eric Hoffman (Northern Calvert) SR ***Wyoming
4-Anthony Cimorosi (Rising Sun) SR ***Ellsworth (Iowa)
5-Bryan Overton (Hammond) SR
6-Collin Schildt (Catoctin) SR
7-Anthony Cable (La Plata) JR
8-Jaron Smith (Oakland Mills) SO
9-Clyde McBride (CH Flowers) SR
10-Logan Smith (North Harford) SR
11-Malik Kelly (Paint Branch) SR
12-Kellen Staton (Seneca Valley) SR
13-Andrew Borradaile (Stephen Decatur) JR
14-Justin Peacock (Kent) JR
15-Brendan Coyne (Georgetown Prep) SR
16-Greg Louzan (St. Paul’s) SR
17-Fred Johnson (Curley) JR
18-Arizona Oxendine (Winters Mill) SR
19-Brandon Buckingham (Century) SR
20-Colin McCoy (Walter Johns0n) SR
21-Lalito Trevino (Old Mill) SR
21-Colin Schirf (North Point) SR
23-Pat Mullens (Atholton) SR
24-Cameron Hall-Hurtt (Pikesville) SR
25-Nyonbou Farley (Kenwood) JR

1-Anthony Cimirosi (E)
2-Collin Schildt (W)
3-Jaron Smith (S)
4-Justin Peacock (E)
5-Arizona Oxendine (W)
6-Brandon Buckingham (W)
7-Cameron Hall-Hurtt (N)
8-Devontay Thomas (Lake Clifton)(N) SR

1-Eric Hoffman (S)
2-Bryan Overton (E)
3-Anthony Cable (S)
4-Clyde McBride (S)
5-Logan Smith (E)
6-Malik Kelly (W)
7-Kellen Staton (W)
8-Andrew Borradaile (E)

1-Myles Martin
2-Josh Llopez
3-Brendan Coyne
4-Greg Louzan
5-Fred Johnson
6-Christian Scott (John Carroll) SO
7-Donovan McAfee (Good Counsel) SO
8-Jimmy Malone (Spalding) SR

1-Hunter Ritter (John Carroll) SO
2-Troy Murtha (Georgetown Prep) SR ***Princeton
3-William Holder-Moore (Bel Air) SR
4-Conan Schuster (Loyola) SR
5-Tola Morakinyo (Wilde Lake) SR
6-Chase Cullison (Winters Mill) SR
7-Matt Gancayco (Patuxent) SR ***Princeton
8-Philip Robilotto (Good Counsel) SR
9-Garrett Pfeifer (Gilman) JR
10-Eddie Merrill (North Carroll) JR
11-Jake Pooton (South Carroll) JR
12-Anthony Pagnotta (Glenelg) SR
13-Stephen Potemken (Wootton) SR
14-Luke Britton (Linganore) SR
15-Billy Mills (Tuscarora) SR
16-Darrian Hollings (Oxon Hill) SR
17-Evan Dohler (Boys Latin) JR
18-Wes Beattie (Reservoir) JR
19-Caleb Baisden (Damascus) SR
20-LK Lyles-EL (Parkdale) JR
21-Juan Coronado (Meade) SR
22-Dave Doring (Perryville) SR
23-Theo Duncan (McDonogh) SR
24-Sean Bieschke (Curley) SR
25-Brandon Pitts (Northwest-Balt. City) SR

***Connor Wagh (St. Paul’s) was #9 before his season ended due to injury.

1-Chase Cullison (W)
2-Matt Gancayco (S)
3-Eddie Merrill (W)
4-Jake Pooton (W)
5-Anthony Pagnotta (S)
6-Dave Doring (E)
7-Brandon Pitts (N)
8-Shawn Kluchinsky (Edgewood)(E) JR

1-William Holder-Moore (E)
2-Tola Morakinyo (E)
3-Stephen Potemken (W)
4-Luke Britton (N)
5-Billy Mills (N)
6-Darrian Hollings (S)
7-Wes Beattie (E)
8-Caleb Baisden (W)

1-Hunter Ritter
2-Troy Murtha
3-Conan Schuster
4-Philip Robilotto
5-Garrett Pfeifer
6-Evan Dohler
7-Theo Duncan
8-Sean Bieschke

1-Garrett Lineberger (Thomas Stone) SR ***Notre Dame College
2-Tyler Patrick (McDonogh) SR ***Duke
3-Steven Schmitz (South Carroll) SR
4-Alex Pullen (Wicomico) SR ***Millersville
5-Jacob Parker (Spalding) SO
6-Clay Conaway (DeMatha) JR
7-Mike Virnelson (Urbana) SR
8-Chen Han (Wootton) SR
9-Jesse McNeil (Bethesda-Chevy Chase) SR
10-Malik Smith (North County) JR
11-Nick Miller (Good Counsel) SO
12-Dakota Wilhelm (La Plata) SR
13-Abraham Pishevar (Georgetown Prep) JR
14-Jake Nordhausen (Loyola) SO
15-Komil Juraev (Owings Mills) SR
16-Adam Fitzwater (Brunswick) JR
17-Nathan Cook (Harford Tech) SR
18-Kevin Snyder (Century) FR
19-Sean Kinney (Calvert) SR
20-Garrett Lewis (Liberty) SR
21-Jared Rodriguez (Howard) JR
22-Nathan Nenortas (Towson) SR
23-Amont Hawkins (North Hagerstown) SR
24-Doug Thier (C. Milton Wright) JR
25-Brian Kirby (River Hill) SO

1-Steven Schmitz (W)
2-Alex Pullen (E)
3-Komil Juraev (N)
4-Adam Fitzwater (W)
5-Nathan Cook (E)
6-Kevin Snyder (W)
7-Sean Kinney (S)
8-Garrett Lewis (W)

1-Garrett Lineberger (S)
2-Mike Virnelson (N)
3-Chen Han (W)
4-Jesse McNeil (W)
5-Malik Smith (E)
6-Dakota Wilhelm (S)
7-Jared Rodriguez (E)
8-Nathan Nenortas (N)

1-Tyler Patrick
2-Jacob Parker
3-Clay Conoway
4-Nick Miller
5-Abraham Pishevar
6-Jake Nordhausen
7-Morgan McColgan (Curley) JR
8-Jerome Cosby (Mt. Carmel) SR

1-Spencer Neff (Good Counsel) SR ***Duke
2-Cory Daniel (River Hill) JR
3-Ralph Bernardo (Wootton) SR
4-Matt Olauson (Queen Anne’s) JR
5-Zach Abey (Spalding) JR
6-Dan Hawkins (Mt. St. Joe) JR
7-Mike Smith (McDonogh) SO
8-Casey Wokocha (Eleanor Roosevelt) JR
9-Anthony Rossi (South River) SR
10-Ridge Myers (Fallston) SR
11-Scott Cooper (Southern Garrett) SR
12-Payton Beachum (Western Tech) SR
13-Matt Schleckser (Winston Churchill) SR
14-Terry Nance (Parkdale) SR
15-Robby Happy (Oakland Mills) JR
16-Aaron Savage (Dunbar) JR
17-Deon Hector (W.E.B. DuBois) SR
18-Austin Keadle (Williamsport) SO
19-Brock Turnbaugh (Hereford) JR
20-Andrew Spencer (Loch Raven) SR
21-Mike Laury (Lackey) JR
22-Tarrence Henry (Catonsville) SR
23-Paul Triandifilou (Georgetown Prep) SO
24-Roger Boyce (St. Paul’s) SO
25-Kyle Lamond (Northern Calvert) JR

***Chuckie Blankenship (Curley) was # 3 when his season ended due to injury.
***James Krug (Sparrows Point) was #13 when his season ended due to injury.

1-Matt Olauson (E)
2-Ridge Myers (E)
3-Scott Cooper (W)
4-Payton Beachum (N)
5-Robby Happy (S)
6-Aaron Savage (N)
7-Deon Hector (N)
8-Austin Keadle (W)

1-Cory Daniel (E)
2-Ralph Bernardo (W)
3-Casey Wokocha (S)
4-Anthony Rossi (E)
5-Matt Schleckser (W)
6-Terry Nance (S)
7-Brock Turnbaugh (N)
8-Tarrence Henry (N)

1-Spencer Neff
2-Zach Abey
3-Dan Hawkins
4-Mike Smith
5-Paul Triandifilou
6-Roger Boyce
7-Dan Kelble (John Carroll) SR
8-Taran Taylor (Maryland School for the Deaf) SR

1-Kyle Snyder (Good Counsel) JR ***Ohio State
2-Luis Beteta (Northwest-Mont.)
3-Shane Cockerille (Gilman) SR ***University of Maryland
4-Logan Kirby (River Hill) JR
5-Ryan Simonica (Oakdale) SR
6-Ryder Cavey (Century) SR *** Brown University
7-Connor Tilton (Quince Orchard) JR
8-Mike Tremper (Southern-AA) SR
9-Mac Meehan (DeMatha) JR
10-Ryan Hassan (Mt. Hebron) JR
11-Mike Sullivan (Reservoir) JR
12-Mike Swiger (Hereford) SR
13-Wyatt Griffith (Easton) SR
14-Eddie Gillin (Queen Annes) SR
15-Marlon Jones (Wicomico) SR
16-Yamil Cristobal (Pallotti) SR
17-Patrick Stewart (Georgetown Prep) JR
18-John Holland (Springbrook) SR
19-Travis Wood (McDonogh) SR
20-Austin Kenney (Manchester Valley) SR
21-Eric Eckstein (Patterson Mill) JR
22-Scott Cross (Northern Calvert) SO
23-Jordan Reynolds (Catonsville) JR
24-Jacob Fazio (Tuscarora) SR
25-Jordan Gale (Chesapeake-BC) SR

***Ryan Baublitz (Spalding) was #13 before his season ended due to injury.
***Bailey Hoesch (Overlea) was #24 before his season ended due to injury.

1-Ryan Simonica (W)
2-Ryder Cavey (W)
3-Mike Tremper (S)
4-Wyatt Griffith (E)
5-Eddie Gillin (E)
6-Marlon Jones (E)
7-Austin Kenney (W)
8-Eric Eckstein (E)

1-Luis Beteta (W)
2-Logan Kirby (E)
3-Connor Tilton (W)
4-Ryan Hassan (E)
5-Michael Sullivan (E)
6-Mike Swiger (N)
7-John Holland (W)
8-Scott Cross (S)

1-Kyle Snyder
2-Shane Cockerille
3-Mac Meehan
4-Yamil Cristobal
5-Patrick Stewart
6-Travis Wood
7-David Gurski (Mt. St. Joe) SR
8-Finn Mehigan (The Heights School) SR

1-Matt Green (Perry Hall) SR
2-Sean Twigg (Glenelg) SR ***University of Maryland
3-Jemal Averette (Good Counsel) JR
4-Jake Utz (Winters Mill) JR
5-Brion Blades (North Caroline) JR
6-Dalonte Holland (Huntingtown) JR
7-Justin Nestor (River Hill) SR
8-Nick Keller (Urbana) JR
9-Bola Adeboyku (DuVal) SR
10-Adrian Arevalo (Sherwood) SR
11-Cliff Armentrout (Northern Calvert) SR
12-Ryan Kail (Stephen Decatur) SR ***University of Maryland
13-Steven Gbale (Milford Mill) SR
14-Robb Donovan (Kent) JR
15-Roy Kadje (Oakland Mills) SR
16-Wayne Maddox (Dundalk) SR
17-Innocent Okocha (Walter Johnson) SR
18-Josh Strauss (Wootton) SR
19-Antonio Santoro (Pallotti) JR
20-Shane Lowman (Mt. St. Joe) JR
21-Ne’co Jones (Wilde Lake) SR
22-Stephen Reyes (Gwynn Park) SR
23-Sheldon Johnson (Gilman) JR
24-Kevin Sigwart (Curley) SO
25-Greg Smith (Randallstown) JR

1-Sean Twigg (S)
2-Jake Utz (W)
3-Brion Blades (E)
4-Robb Donovan (E)
5-Roy Kadje (S)
6-Wayne Maddox (N)
7-Stephen Reyes (S)
8-Greg Smith (N)

1-Matt Green (N)
2-Dalonte Holland (S)
3-Justin Nestor (E)
4-Nick Keller (N)
5-Bola Adeboyku (S)
6-Adrian Areval0 (W)
7-Cliff Armentrout (S)
8-Ryan Kail (E)

1-Jemal Averette
2-Antonio Santoro
3-Shane Lowman
4-Sheldon Johnson (Gilman) JR
5-Kevin Sigwart (Curley) SO
6-Dan Maltsev (McDonogh) SR
7-Melvin Gowl (Spalding) JR
8-Matt Johnston (Landon) JR

Billy Buckheit