2019 MD-Virginia All Star Dual

While the MD senior all star wrestling match between the Privates, 1A/2A and 3A/4A top placing seniors has been discontinued, the Senior All-Star meet between Maryland and Virginia has been revived.
In this years tilt Virginia got the win.


120 Riley Parker (First Colonial) 1st 6A - 2× Champ pin 5:15
Axel Giron (Landon) 4th N Prep

126 Yousuf Hammad (Woodbridge) 6th 6A dec. 5-3
Ryan Wagner (Eastern Tech) 5th 2A/3A

132 Beau Curtis (Battlefield) 1st 6A pin 2:24
Jacob Gaskin (Liberty)

138 Shawn Nonaka (Hylton) 3rd 6A dec. 8-5
Jacob Bernstein (W. Johnson) 4th 3A/4A

Chris Sanchez (Sherwood) 1st 3A/4A dec. 14-8 Cole Stoddard (First Colonial) 1st 6A

152 Guiseppi Inserra (North Stafford) 1st 5A pin 4:35
Machiavelli Amaya (Owings Mills) 6th 1A/2A

160 Loranzo Rajaonarivelo (Wakefield) 1st 5A pin
Joel Turner-Rodgers (Woodlawn) 3rd 3A/4A

Deamonte Wright (Edmonson Westside) 3rd 3A/4A dec. 5-4 Trey Passmore (Herndon) 3rd 6A

Justin Henry (MSJ) 1st MDIS pin Tristan Hoskin (Robinson) SQ

195 Earl Brewer (Fairfax) 2nd 6A dec. 8-6
Austin Smith (Paint Branch) 2nd 3A/4A

Elijah Solomon (Franklin) 1st 3A/4A dec. 3-2 Thomas Mukai (Robinson) 1st 6A - 3x Champ

Christian Bryant (E. Roosevelt) 3rd 3A/4A dec. 5-0 Seth Elsmore (Woodbridge) 1st 6A