2006 posted

2006 Now Posted

Some junior league stats and a start on 2006

I have put up some results from the Maryland Junior Wrestling league even though I know that there may be some mistakes in the results. Anyone who follows the stats for high school records knows how sketchy and incomplete they can be. That is even more so for the recreational leagues. However I think it is important to show where some of our state champions got their starts-- and in many cases how long they have been wrestling before their four years on the stage in high school. As I pull together the results from the more recent Age-Weight Championships run by the MSWA I will get them up as well. If you see any errors please forward them to me and I will get them corrected.

The next challenge will be stepping back a few years and getting 2006 finalized.

2010 Finished

I believe I have finally finished the records for 2010. If you notice anything amiss, let me know and i will make the corrections or additions. Only one and half months until the 2011 season kicks off. Read More...

Prince Georges corrections 1982 and 2007

Prince Georges County additions

2010 Regional Duals

It looks like the regional duals are set to be wrestled this weekend. The weather has not been cooperating and several quality teams were left out of the dual s because they did not get the minimum 11 duals in before the weekend. But weather claims a team or two every year, and this year is no exception. It looks like the first round duals to determine the eight regional champions may be postponed due to snow this Wednesday. The MPSSAA site has not been updated yet with the teams officially in the duals but so far this is what it looks like.

The format for the duals is the top seeded team is the host and wrestles the 4th seed. The second seed will wrestle the third seed. and finally the winner of 1 vs 4 will wrestle the winner of 2 vs 3.
Because of the unavailability of Whitman’s gym, Clarksburg will host the 3A/4A West dual.

1. Patterson 11-0
2. Urbana 10-1
3. Hereford 12-2
4. Parkville 12-2

1. South River 13-0
2. Reservoir 11-1
3. Stephen Decatur 10-1
4. Old Mill 11-2

1. La Plata 13-0
2. CH Flowers 12-0
3. Leonardstown 12-1
4. DuVal 10-2

1. Whitman 12-0
2. Clarksburg 11-1
3. Quince Orchard 12-2
4. Magruder 11-2


1. Owings Mills 14-0
2. Dundalk 9-4
3. Sparrows Point 9-5
4. City College

1. Glenelg
2. Oakland Mills
3. Hammond
4. Poolesville


1. Southern Garrett 12-0
2. South Carroll 12-1
3. Liberty 11-2
4. Smithsburg 10-2