2017 Montgomery County Championships

The 2017 Montgomery County Wrestling Championship

By Robert Yi

The 2017 MCPS County Tournament showcased Damascus's dominance with 232 team points, 5 champs (Obendorfer, Lawrence, JA Furgeson, T. Furgeson, Pukey), John McLaughlin-2nd, Patton-3rd, Creegan-3rd, Baisden-3rd, Bradshaw-3rd. Congrats to Dmass Nation for your accomplishment on the road to hopefully nabbing another state tournament title.

Despite losing the services of Chris Ervin (don't know) and Anthony Slaughter (shoulder), on the second day of competition, Chuchill put up 169 points and crowned 3 champs (Lucas Young. Jack Connelly, and Andrew Welch). Awesome, congrats coaches.

Northwest had 3 in the finals (Patterson, Harris, Owens) and put Yonas Harris at the top of the podium. 3rd place in the team standings.

People wondered who might be considered a tournament team more so than a dual team, that was Clarksburg and Poolesville for sure. The Coyotes sent 4 to the semifinals and crowned 2 champions (Gonzalez, Oh), Along with Alex Carbonell's 2nd, Poolesville dominated the conso round with placements from Truppo (5th, Savage (3rd), Kinzie (6th), Szafranski (5th), Trent (5th).

One of the more eventful matches of the first day was from Wooton's Jacob Luterman vs Poolesville's Colin Savage at 126 lbs. Luterman tried a big move early which didn't work and put him down early. But Luterman would manage to lock up a cradle which Savage fought through. Not sure if it was broken up by the scream rule or not. Afterwards, Savage hit a whizzer roll, got caught underneath but bridges thru for a pin.

Look out for flying heavyweights as BCC's Tosin Aroyewon took a header into and under the table in his first round match. And Paint Branch Hwt Javan Mendzies found himself going full force into the lap of WJ coach FitzPatrick, which caused him to hit a roll himself.

I plopped myself between Baron and Coyote nation, the last 2 two teams I coached. I couldn't see 2 scoreboards but did have the benefit of Trackwrestling. Which was highly effective and did make up for the fact that the brackets weren't available all week.

106- Echeona's drop down to 106 had an immediate impact as he beat Colton Holdsworth to reach the semis. Chris Ervin's rematch with Silas Patton started well for Ervin, until he took a crossface to a head & arm to his back. He got put in a cradle for no backs and very nearly popped his head out for a reversal, but had it stalemated and lost 6-4. In the semis.

Yonas Harris managed to catch a turk on one of his takedowns that eventually lead to back points over Silas Patton in his semifinal and a trip to the finals.

On the other side of the bracket, Alex Carbonell got the first 2 and rode Echeona out for most of the rest of the match, a reversal later would seal the deal and send Poolesville's lone finalist through

In the finals, Carbonell got a iffy merkle takedown to go up 6-3 over Harris. Harris would get a reversal, to cut it by one, 6-5, but Alex would get an escape to go up 7-5. But a risky reshot late by Carbonell lead to a Yonas go behind to tie it up 7-7 and send it to OT. Yonas would spin for 2 more in sudden victory to collect a title.

113- Northwood's 7 seed David Miller, received a forfeit into the quarters and then knocked off 3rd seeded Anthony Slaughter 4-0, to advance into the semis before losing to CJ Cramma (MAG), Slaughter injured his shoulder early in the match and now appears done for the season. Wootton's 12 seeded Jake Gross earned a pigtail at regionals next week with a 5th place DQ win over Northwest's Sarvastani .

In the finals, Cramma and Balmorris started their final like we hoped. Quick shot after quick shot, back and forth. But once Cramma hit a Peterson (no backs?), Cramma took control. CJ would hit 2 whizzer hip throws and 2 tilts for a commanding 13-3 win. Cramma will be tough to beat if he keeps wrestling like that.

120- Lucas Young's 5-2 victory over John McLaughlin might have been the upset of the tournament. Young's run started with a win over top seed Eli Guttentag in the semis. But when Young got a reversal in the 3rd period to go up 4-3 on McLaughlin, that's when the fun started. The common thread here that keyed Young's run was his ability to ride legs. As he spent the majority of the last 2 periods with boots in on top. By the 3rd period, he was crab riding and almost finding himself with a self pin numerous times, but managed to hold on and pull of the upset. This should make for quite the region tourney, as Guttentag only got by Crosby (CLK) 2-1, for 3rd place. Throw in Brian Truppo and we have ourselves a competition.

126- Jack Connely proved to be the class of the field with a convincing 10-0 win over Chase Wilson in the finals highlighted by a match opening takedown to a near fall (which was pretty literal, since Wilson just narrowly missed being pinned in the first 15 seconds). The drama came in the semifinals when Connelly beat Savage 6-2, after a controversial stoppage, when Connelly high hipped on top of Savage for what looked like a possible pin. Savage and Glory for third place didn't quite meet my expectations for excitement when Savage showed why his wingspan and Glory's height were a recipe for repeated cradles. Wooton's Jacob Luterman fulfilled my predictions by wrestling above his 12 seed with a pin over Nauman Funyas of Blair for 5th place

132- It was Obendorfer, FitzPatrick, and everyone else. Granted, I'll give Alejandro Lopez his due, as I believe he was 75 percent in for a spladle on Obendorfer, during their semifinal. But Scotty would win that safely 7-3. In the finals, Obendorfer was in control for most of the match, after opening the match with a Russian to an inside trip. He would score on 2 more takedowns and an escape before JD would get a late takedown to make it 7-5. Congrats Scotty on your 4th straight county title. I thought I also heard in the finals intro that you had 170 wins? That means you are either one or two from breaking Mikey Macklin's Montgomery County All time career wins mark of 172., sometime next week.

138- I'm proud to say that I got a chance to coach Nick Gonzalez in his freshman year and can easily say he deserved this championship due to his dedication to the sport. Talk about someone who lives this sport. His performance in the semis vs Creegan and Falconer in the finals was impressive. Be interesting to see how the region seeds shake out with Creegan having to come from the 12 and Falconer the 6 seed.

145- BCC's Patrick Kirlin gave Nolan Smith of Paint Branch a run on the semis when he lost 4-3. Patrick was tied 2-2 in the third period when Kirlin tried to lock up a cradle and got reversed. Kirlin would finish the tournament strong with a 6-0 win over Jamar Williams of Magruder for 3rd place. But the story was Ryan Lawrence's dominance. It might have been a 1-0 decision, last time they hooked up, but this time in the 145 finals, Lawrence dominated with an 8-0 major. Even when Nolan hit an awesome inside trip takedown on Ryan, Lawrence scrambled and still got the 2.

152- John Allan Furgeson Jr got a couple takedowns and traded scrambles with Seamus Selmi, but the last scramble that Furgeson won put Selmi on his back for a couple more. Too much to come back from. In talking about lower seeds finishing higher than their seeds, Poolesville's 11 seeded Paul Szafranski placed 5th over 8th seeded Kirk Brenneman of WJ.

160- Damascus's youngest county champ Timmy Furgeson connected on 2 merkle takedowns, a tilt, and never let Luke Patterson get his patented feet to back shots going. Coming out of the 8 hole, QO's Brett Williams had some ups and downs, as he knocked off the 1 seed Higazi from Sherwood, fell victim to Patterson's shot to backs in the semis (7-2 loss) but came back to take 3rd, with a 9-2 win over the surprising Alex Berardo (way to get swoll) of Clarksburg.

170- Churchill's Andrew Welch won his rematch vs Khalil Owens of Northwest via ankle pick in OT. This weight class was mostly chalk with Springbrook's John Clifford winning 1-0 OT thriller over Alex Pfeiffer of Sherwood for 3rd place.

182- As per usual Damascus's Paul Purkey came out like a man on a mission with a quick shot that drove Paint Branch's Abu Abdullah backwards, but Abdullah kicked over and somehow whipped Purkey to his back and a near stick. Purkey would get out and catch Abdullah in a throw that ended the match. I could have sworn when I looked over at the Daniel Olympio/Fio Tranquill 3/4 match, Olympio was winning by several points in the 3rd period, but in the end Tranquill would hold his seed and take 3rd.

195- Rockville was looking for their first county champ since 1996 (Tim Miller) and they had 2 cracks at it. Sorry for the jinx. The much anticipated Cameron Hoppman vs Gabe McAndrew match came through with good action as McAndrew caught Hoppman in a head & arm for 4 points when Hoppman tried to jack up a bearhug. Cameron would close the lead to 8-6 before McAndrew would get one more takedown and a second county crown to the McAndrew mantle (big bro Marcelo won last year). Elijah Baisden of Damascus comfortably took 3rd with a 12-0 win over Whitman's Zaki.

220- Although the match was slow moving early, it ended with a thud, as John Luke Igesias's pin of Junior Pimmental of Rockville, created a lot of fuel for the Rockville boys to look to get it back next week at regionals.

Hwt- Congrats to Daniel Oh of Clarksburg for being the Coyotes second champ of the night with a 6-4, TB win over Leo Saucedo of Walter Johnson in OT. First Korean Champ since David Chee of QO in 1995? I know that maybe a random fact, but it makes sense that it's coming from yours truly. He also likes to believe he is the lightest champ in some time (209 lbs). Proud of both guys and Tosin Aroyewon of BCC for his 3rd place win over Jesse Turcios of Springbrook.

So the coaches meet again today and we shuffle the brackets based on how counties went. Hopefully they won't hold the brackets out from us again. Although it's like doing this all again next weekend, 3 huge differences will be changes from who is on which side of the brackets (different semi pairings), only 8 man brackets, and the biggest difference being that there are wrestle backs to 3rd, which make all the difference in the world, since it's all about making top 4, to get to states.