Springbrook Wins the 2020 4A State Wrestling Championship

By Robert Yi

The Barons waited a whole year for this rematch. Unfortunately, it was not occurring in the 4A Final. With Springbrook’s 3 losses, the 1 and 4 match looked imminent. But when Annapolis upset South River, it appeared that Springbrook might bump up to the 3 seed, thus changing the semifinal matchup. I thought that Springbrook would get the tiebreaker since Springbrook placed higher than Annapolis at last year’s state duals. But it turns out that Springbrook and Annapolis had a common opponent: Southern of Anne Arundel. Annapolis beat them by 33, while Springbrook won by 27.

Well that set the stage for what some thought as THE match.

But before I get to the matches, let me talk a bit about the 2 time champion Blue Devils.

I had the fortune of watching the finals with an old coaching adversary, Coach Rob Wendel. This was happening while I was getting my leg banged into by shirtless toddlers that belonged to Coach Whittles and lineup verification from Mrs. Whittles.

Coach Wendel, intimated to me how impressed he was with the job Coach Whittles has done and continues to do. And who can argue, considering how he has he made Springbrook High School, off New Hampshire Ave, a wrestling Mecca.

The sport of wrestling thrives in Southern Garrett, by the beach in Berlin, MD. And nothing emanates more in Damascus, MD (except maybe football). But what Coach Whittles has done with wrestling and how the cultural diversity in that school has been spun into the fabric of that program and has continued (starting with Coach Wendel) to prosper has been amazing. I know they have some Junior leaguers now, but much of this is done without that benefit (granted, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt with recruiting, that Coach Wendel and Damascus Coach John Furgeson work there).

Springbrook vs B-CC

160- Sagbe Sieh vs Wassman

The Barons started off on the right foot when Wassman built up an 8-0 lead before getting the stick on the younger Sieh.

Bcc 6-0

170- Oladapo vs Peralta

It appeared that Peralta pulled Oladapo on top of him while countering a shot, giving up 2 takedown and 2 backs. But after a long deliberation, it went from 4-0, to 3-2 Oladapo. Emmanuel seemed to be controlling the match from neutral, but he was holding on for dear life on top 7-6 with about 12 seconds left. Oladapo had received a questionable stall call earlier for pushing Peralta out while trying to return to mat and then gets called for his second stall with about 12 seconds left to tie it at 7-7. OT 1 went scoreless and Peralta would escape in TB 1 and rideout Emmanuel in TB 2 for the win.

BCC 6-3

182- Bowers vs Nguyen

Nguyen would use an escape in the 2nd period to score the match’s only point.


195- Scott vs Gomez

A go behind for Gomez would put him up 2-0. Gomez would take top and score 2 backs from legs for a 4-0 lead and eventual 4-1 win.

Springbrook 9-6

220- Blondes vs Bauer

After a scoreless first 0-0. They would be tied again at 2-2, but Bauer would score a
takedown to backs to make it 7-2. Bauer would eventually get a half to go for a pin.

Springbrook 15-6

Hwt- Badje vs Kouyate

Another match that ended up with an OT conclusion, came about through a couple locked hands from Badje. At 3-3 in OT, Badje would let Kouyate up in TB 1 for the 4-3 win.

Springbrook 15-9

106- Simpson vs Smith

It took 3:22 but Simpson finally got a butcher to go for a pin over Smith.


113- Moffitt vs Reynolds

In a swing match that the Barons were really depending on, Reynolds managed to lock up a cradle for the pin. That took the sails out of their momentum and made the Barons prospects that much tougher.

Springbrook 21-15

120- Guttentag vs Kilby

Ike caught a Kilby shot and whammed him for 2-0. Kilby would get a reverse to tie it at 2-2. But Ike would get a reversal himself and run a bar for 3 nearfall, 7-2. This cut the lead back to 3.

Springbrook 21-18

126- Jean vs Moffitt

So Pierre finally made the drop to 126 (don’t know how since the kid seemed to have no body fat when he was wrestling 132). Jean got out to a 4–1 lead at the end of the first, but then poured it on to a 14-3 major. Moffitt actually fought tough to keep it to a major, 14-3.

Springbrook 25- 18

132- Wendel vs Lorenzo

But this stretch of studs would prove to be too much. Grayson hit a slide by 2-0, then cradled up for a 4-0 lead. He then followed that up with a reinforced tilt to make it 7-0, and then eventually to a pin.

Springbrook 31-18

138- Nettey vs Fabio

The Barons needed this to keep hope and the math alive. After a scoreless first period, Armon would score first with a reversal. But Fabio would stay in it with a reversal himself and tie it at 2-2. The two would trade escapes, but Nettey would seal his match and the overall match with a takedown making it 5-3.

Springbrook 34–18

The Blue Devils would forfeit the last 2 matches.


Annapolis vs Springbrook

170- Sfakiyanudis vs Nguyen

Sfakiyanudis would get the first takedown for Annapolis 2-0. He would build a 4-1 lead, before Nguyen would score 3 straight to tie it at 4-4. Sfakiyanudis would escape to go up 5-4, but Nguyen would score on a hi-c to take a late 6-5 lead. But Sfakiyanudis would get one last reversal for the 7-6 win.

Annapolis 3-0

182- Simpson vs Gomez (8 in 4A/3A)

Anthony would get it back for the Blue Devils with a takedown to backs and a 4-0 lead. Gomez would get a reversal and lock up a cradle for the pin.

Springbrook 6-3

195- Jackson vs Tran

Ryan would get a takedown at the at buzzer 2-0. Tran would score on a front headlock and an ankle pic to an eventual 7-2 decision.

Springbrook 9-3

220- Leming vs Berrada

Annapolis would tie it back up as Kyle would the first period pin.

Tie 9-9

Hwt- Ditto vs Bauer

After a 0-0 first period,
Bauer scored the first 2 points of the match from a locked hands and 2 stalls called against Ditto. But when Ditto turned into Bauer from the bottom position,Matt took him right to his back and the stick.

Springbrook 15-9

106- Van Beslen vs A. Smith

Ayden put on double leg takedown and tilt clinic to a 17-5 major decision.
Credit to Van Beslen for fighting off numerous pin attempts to keep it to a major.

Springbrook 19-9

113- N. Antonelli vs Reynolds

Although Reynolds would get the first takedown, scrambles would continue to happen and one lead to an Antonelli pin.

Springbrook 19-15

120- F. Antonelli (5 in 4A/3A) vs Kilby (4 in 4A/3A)

An early scramble lead to a 2-0 lead for Matt Kilby. But this match became a scramble fest, leading to a bunch of reversals. The last reversal happened from Kilby’s leg riding, but it resulted in a pin for Antonelli and their only lead of the match.

Annapolis 21-19

126- Helm vs Jean (5 in 4A/3A)

But the Blue Devils would reel off the next 5, starting with Pierre dominating this one to a 16-1 tech fall. Aiden did an amazing job staving off pin after pin attempt.

Springbrook 24-21

132-Tate Scott (OTW) vs Wendel

Grayson kept the ball rolling and pitched a 7-0 shutout to extend the Blue Devil lead.

Springbrook 27-21

138- Ditmars (8 in 4A/3A) vs Nettey

Armon ran out to a 4-0 lead on a takedown in the first and a reversal in the second. He would give up 3 points, but held on for the 4-3 win.

Springbrook 30-21

145-Erwin (8 in 4A/3A) vs Sieh (3 in 4A/3A)

Safore ran a double leg clinic to a score of 11-2. This locked it up for the Blue Devils.

Springbrook 34-21

With the math in hand, I left to beat the traffic.

It looks like Sam Monser put the cherry on top with a pin over Gabe Luna.

Springbrook forfeited 160.