2006 posted

2006 Now Posted

The 2006 season has been posted. Regrettably some of the stats for this years are sketchy. The MPSSAA stats are mostly compete with the exception of the regional brackets of the 2006 West Regional brackets for 3A/4A which I can not find. Many of the county results are fragmentary as well and I am looking for information to fill in the many blanks.

One thing I will note as a general observation is that 2006 was a tremendous year for Maryland wrestling. In this year there were three of Maryland's four time state champs wrestling at the same time as Mack Lewnes, Josh Fitch, Josh Asper were all active wrestlers. Additionally two other wrestlers who many expected to get four championships had just won their third titles in VInce Taweel, and Eren CIvan.

In the years National Prep Tournament Maryland had seven finalists and two champions.