Requiem for North Carroll High School Wrestling

Requiem for North Carroll High School Wrestling

From time to time a school district in Maryland will open or close a high school, and a high school wrestling program will be born or will die. This year will be the last year that North Carroll High School in Carroll County will compete in the MPSSAA wrestling championships.

The school has had a remarkable history in the state. While it never had the dominating run of Beall High School which won state titles in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1987, before being combined and consolidated over a series of years into what is now Mountain Ridge High School, it still produced a host of individual state champions and a dozen top finishes in the state.

One particularly remarkably strong team the school produced was the 1994 3A/4A state dual meet champion team that did not contain a single individual state champion or runner up.

The team competed in several state classifications.
In 1983 they finished second to Beall in class BC. In 1984 they finished 3
rd to Beall again.

Reclassified to AA-A they finished in 3
rd place in 1986.

They were runners up in 3A/4A in 1989

They were 3A/4A State dual meet champions in 1994

In 2006 they were second in 3A/4A.

Over the years North Carroll produced at least these state champions (my records are not complete)

1983 126lbs Bryan Zepp – BC

1984 98lbs Danny Thomas—BC

1985 138lbs Doug Thomas—BC

1986 119lbs Danny Thomas –AA-A
145lbs Doug Thomas – AA-A

1988 UNL Bill Ferencz- AA-A

1989 275lbs Bill Ferencz 3A/4A

1990 145lbs Dave Foster 3A/4A

1991 152lbs Dave Foster 3A/4A

1995 135lbs Tom Kiler 1A/2A

1998 106lbs Fran Jackson 3A/4A
171lbs Adam Boog 3A/4A

1999 125lbs Fran Jackson 3A/4A

2006 140lbs Tyler McLeod 3A/4A

2009 125lbs Mason Goretsis 3A/4A
145lbs Kyle Lemmon 3A/4A

2014 170lbs Eddie Merrill 1A/2A

2015 132 Owen Rill 1A/2A