Damascus Wins 2020 3A State Wrestling Championship

Damascus defeats Manchester Valley to win 3A State Wrestling Championship
by Robert T. Yi

So you tell your wrestlers all the time, “Stop looking at the forum and believing all the crap that it says”. The matches are won on the mat, not on the forum. No team exemplifies the notion of the whole being stronger the parts, than the Damascus Hornets. Although, the Blue Devils won their second 4A state team dual title, the story at North Point High School were the now 8 time consecutive dual meet state champions, Damascus Hornets.

This year’s story was different from the rest in that, the year started with expectations of being the favorites but quickly changed to the realization that starters, Silas Patton, Nick Biava, Brodie Douglas, Isaiah Bell, and Andrew Creedon were not returning. And for the first time, the Hornets were vulnerable. But even with the last 3 returning to bolster the lineup and big reassuring wins over Springbrook late in the season and defeating a tough Linganore team to capture the 3A West Dual crown, I thought the Hornets were still the underdogs heading into state duals.

Good thing, Furgeson and the gang had me to use as bulletin board material/motivation to stir the then 7 time consecutive champs to show the Maryland wrestling world that when the champs step into North Point High School, their confidence, will, spirit, and embedded culture take over. Where you saw it tonight was time and time again, when the Hornets needed those bonus points with late takedowns in matches they were already winning, coming up clutch vs tough opponents, or not giving up that extra bonus point that the other team needed. Congratulations to Hornet Nation for your amazing feat.

Chesapeake vs Damascus

106- Ritter vs Gruner

Gruner tied it at 2-2 in the second period, but Ritter would run off the last 9 points for the major decision, 11-2.

Chesapeake 4-0

113- Taifouri vs Khan

Khan would get Damascus on the board with a pin.

Damascus 6-4

120- Shifflett vs Clark

Shyler would get up early with a cross knee pick to a cradle and a 5-0 lead. Shifflett would get it as close 5-2, but Clark would extend the lead to 14-6 and the major decision.

Damascus 10-4
126- Lisorti (7 in 4A/3A) vs Devalle

Lisorti would get the first takedown, 2-0, but Devalle would tie it up when Lisorti got too high with the cross body ride, 2-2. Colton would take the lead at 5-4, but would give up a takedown late and a 6-5 decision.

Damascus 10-7

132- Yost vs McKneely

McKneely seems to come up big on this stage. A takedown and a cradle pin later,

Damascus 16-7

138- Schmidt vs Emerick

Emerick would score the first on a merkle 2 position and would soon gain the pin at 1:22 to extend the Hornet lead.

Damascus 22-7

145- Laumann (8 in 4A/3A) vs Douglas

Although Laumann was in control of this match, Douglas stayed tough on bottom and kept the loss to only a 5-1 margin.

Damascus 22-10

152- Rosenbloom vs Holt

Holt made it down to 152, and ran out to a 5-0 lead early with a takedown and a butcher 5-0. Seth would extend the lead to a 15-4 major.

Damascus 26-10

160- Lisorti (3 in 4A/3A) vs Jamarillo

The heavier Lisorti would get Annapolis as close as 10 with a pin here.

Damascus 26-16

170- Hoover vs Creedon (6 in 4A/3A)

Hoover got out to the 2-0 lead, but Creedon 3 backs and then a back trip tilt from standing for a 5-2 lead. After 3 more points, Andrew notched the pin,

Damascus 32-16

182- Desalvo vs Bell

Isiah would make his return and did so by building a 7-1 lead and then getting the pin with a stack. That sealed it,

Damascus 38-16

195- Booker vs Beall (2 in 4A/3A)

A bunch of blast doubles and a tech fall later……..

Damascus 43- 16

220- Hardin vs Furgeson (1 in 4A/3A)

A :26 pin later……

Damascus 49-16

Hwt- McDuffie vs O’Brian (3 in 4A/3A)

Sam would run a bar to close it out with a pin.

Damascus 55-16

Manchester Valley

113- Siepp vs Gruner

Siepp got Man Valley on the board first with a 3:13 pin.

Man Valley 6-0

120- Boog (OTW) vs Clark

Boog got out to a 6-1 lead, before blowing it open with a reversal to backs and an 11-1 major decision,
Man Valley 10-0

126- Green (9 in 4A/3A) vs Devalle

Colton had quite the pivotal moment in last year’s championship match and seemed to get the ball rolling here. Green took a 3-0 lead, but in the 3rd period, Devalle locked up a standing cradle and brought it back for a 3-3 tie. The match would go into OT at 5-5, and Devalle would come through again with a takedown for the win and put the Hornets on the board.

Man Valley 10-3

132- Hernandez vs McKneely

If Colton’s win was big, Joe’s win might have been even bigger. The takedown to a cradle pin in a swing match that the coaches needed to have. But the bonus points gave the Hornets even more life.

Man Valley 10-9

138- Zeigenfuse vs Hyre

Hyre’s early dump set the tone 2-0, and another takedown to backs increased Chris’s lead to 8-2. But the string of clutch late match points that resulted in bonus points kept coming with one more set of backs, 11-2. This also put the Hornets ahead.

Damascus 13-10

145- Schaeffer (9 in 4A/3A) vs Emerick (2 in 4A/3A)

Big talented individual matchup here. After a scoreless first, Emerick would escape and hit a sweet double that lifted Schaeffer off the mat, 3-0. A standing tilt would make it 5-0 and Emerick would on for the 5-1 win.

Damascus 16-10

152- Chenoweth (6 in 4A/3A) vs Douglas

Thomas would score on two fireman dumps and would continue to extend the lead to 21-7, but Brodie hung tough and fought off his back numerous times to save Damascus a point but more importantly kept the morale high and the momentum going.

Damascus 16-14

160- Safely vs Holt

Holt would get the first takedown 2-0, score backs to make it 5-0, right before the end of the first. Holt was up 10-4 late in the 3rd, and much like his teammates before him, Seth would score a takedown late in the match to make it 12-4, and add another bonus point for the major.

Damascus 20-14

170- Mattson (4 in 4A/3A) vs Creedon (6 in 4A/3A)

Man Valley really needed the win here and they got it when Mattson would step over on a neck whip, pin Creedon, and tie it up.


182- Colacioppo vs Bell

After not getting a takedown on the edge at the end of the first period. Bell would just get Colacioppo to go over on a half for the stick. Giving the Hornets the lead heading into the strength of their lineup was huge. But the Mavericks still had a couple state ranked studs too.

Damascus 26-20

195- Livingston (4 in 4A/3A) vs Beall (2 in 4A/3A)

Level change fakes were the name of the game here, as Beall hit 2 sweet doubles and a go behind to go up 7-0. Livingston would cut it to 9-3, but not to re-iterate my theme too much, but Aiden would hit a late takedown to make it 11-3 and another major decision.

Damascus 30-20

220- Warner (4 in 4A/3A) in Furgeson (1 in 4A/3A)

It would only take 1:20 for Timothy to seal it for the Swarmin Hornets with a pin. Continuing to add onto the history and the dynasty.

Damascus 36-20

Hwt- Brathuhn vs O’Brian

Another cradle would get it done for Sam, at 2:19.

Damascus 42-20
Damascus would forfeit at 106.